Message from the Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi

September 2, 2009

Beloved Lightworkers of the World:

I am so happy to have been invited to speak to you today. This is a very auspicious time in the history of the world you live in and I, along with other Ascended Light beings, are eager to celebrate the activities that are planned for 9-9-9 with you. It is a crucial moment in the history of the world, it is when the New Age officially begins.

The energies that are coming to Earth and everyone on it, are increasing in intensity every day and therefore it is very convenient for each of you, My Beloved, to take some time every day to raise your frequency levels as high as they are capable and if they feel that it is not high enough, ask through a decree or affirmation every time they meditate (under any discipline they practice each day) request that their frequency level be doubled and this will help them obtain the frequency level higher, so that they can take advantage of the waves of the new energy, which are pouring on Earth.

The month of September by itself, will be abundantly full of "powerful days" and activations, outbreaks of more Light energy and so, each of you will be accepting and integrating these energies as your existence on Earth and these energies, perhaps they will bring up some issues that their hearts have not yet resolved so far, so they should know and be prepared as a major cleaning activity could take place. It is a great work that everyone is doing for the good of humanity and all who are on Earth itself.

Know this My Beloved, this fabulous work will continue, this amazing work is so necessary, to clean up as much negativity as possible, old thoughts, patterns and programs that have kept Humanity in retreat as mass consciousness, this is what is being cleansed. and transmuted into higher Light vibrations and while this occurs, more Cosmic Light, more Cosmic Love, can be anchored in the crystalline center of the Earth, through each of you and this in turn, will raise the frequency level of the grid of mass consciousness that is part of every man, woman and child on this Earth. We see that this is already happening, because this grid is being transmuted and cleansed of all crystallized thoughts of the past, these crystals are breaking and being replaced with Cosmic Light and this will continue in the coming times.

Life on Earth will be saturated with ups and downs, because by integrating these energies you will feel elevated and enlightened, followed by periods of integration; which means more work transmuting and recognizing that cleaning is taking place and everything that no longer vibrates according to this new incoming energy is being released. Each of you has done a wonderful job, each one is a Radiant Being of Light with a much greater reach than you could possibly imagine.

I add my voice and support to each one, Beloved Lightworkers of the World. Know that on the high levels of existence, we all work as one and also know My Beloved, that you also work with us, every detail has been reviewed, every possibility has been contemplated and the necessary forecasts have been made.

This great beginning of 9-9-9, will continue to build and strengthen the intensity in each of the Beloved Lightworkers of the World, who are performing miracles. There are so many of you who will meet organizing events and each one or in a group will participate in this memorable occasion. Each will vibrate to a higher level. This energy will increase exponentially, this energy will grow in power on Earth, as each one adds more Light each day, in unity with US of the High Realms. This is a coordinated event, it is a coordinated step in the adventure and journey of the Earth Ascension.

I suggest that each of you, in addition to other disciplines and activities that you have planned, remember that the most important point is, My Beloved, that every morning upon waking, spend a few moments giving thanks, showing your gratitude for all that you are receiving and because they are here to be part of this glorious event. Give thanks for the wealth that is at the tip of your fingertips and for all that you are about to receive and will continue to come for days to come. This is a great job that is being done.

Know My Beloved, you only have to call me to arrive in your lives and help you in some special way, especially to send me your requests and fill your life with abundance and prosperity; Well, I'm Lakshmi and I love doing this job.

Be blessed in your daily lives, My Beloveds ..

I AM Lakshmi

© 2009 Marlene Swetlishoff Translation: Linda Wurts

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