Message from Muriel February 2011

  • 2011

Beauty and perfection destroy themselves when they reach an excellent point and fragment into a thousand pieces because the experience is over.

Every bit of that perfection chooses to return one day to the infinite light-beauty, and that is the cycle in which you are immersed. Every time you reach a minimum of that perfection, the need for fragmentation appears to create more and more perfection.

If you look at a thousand fragments from a nucleus, feel in your heart how many pieces of perfection can appear, how much beauty can be created, meanwhile, every spark, every bit, choose for yourself to experience pain and pain. darkness until reaching repentance and being reborn in the light, then the path begins again to perfection and when that perfection is reached, it breaks and fragments again to be able to create even more beauty, because the light, the beauty, the Perfection is never complete and your love for the whole is to create more and more divinity.

That is dear sister the result and the reason of the light and the darkness, of the duality. At this time your understanding is limited to encompass the vastness of the universes, but within you is that perfection and you understand it, and when that moment arrives, all the evil that you house and you fill with light is diluted, that light will be irradiated. around you and touch the hearts of those animated beings or not that surround you. Then each of them decides what to do with himself and follows his impulses until he reaches the core of himself, going through the experiences he has decided or decides to pass.

Your task is individual and collective at the same time, because the nucleus is one and its parts are many and diverse.

Evil, darkness is a part of that nucleus because it serves to reveal everything that your soul does not have well established, if it tempts you, it is because you are not yet prepared, if you remain firm and still radiating love-light, you reach that state that you so longed for, until the cycle begins again.

Feel in your heart dear sister, the great love and dedication that are necessary for once you have achieved that end that is for you the enlightenment along the path of love, make the decision to fragment again to that there is more perfection, and so it has been so far.


Received by Montserrat Alemany

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