Message from Sunat Kumara: You have brought all of your expertise

  • 2018

Sunat Kumara is the Planetary Logos as well as being known by all religions for his avataric incarnations (Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, Buddha Dipamkara, Subramanya, etc.).

Sunat Kumara : You are not simply a fragment of what you are above ... In this incarnation, you have brought to the form the fullness of your soul's design, the totality of your being.

Now, how is this different from other incarnations, from other trips they have made with me and with others on other planets? Let me start by saying that each of you has a huge variety of talents, skills and abilities .

In previous incarnations there were times when you said, well, I will incarnate and I will contribute to a greater understanding of humility and godliness. So you chose circumstances, whether economic circumstances, or lack of talent, or finding yourself in a situation where you had to practice humility, and I don't want to say you were a monk or a priest or a nun, because sometimes the Greater humility has to be practiced by kings and queens.

So you created situations in which you did not bring the fullness of everything, who you are (from whom you are “above”) , with you to build for yourself but also for the collective trying to break the paradigm of the old third dimension. You didn't bring everything from you to be able to do this and learn more deeply and teach more deeply with example and devotion.

In previous lives you may not have brought everything from you.

That is not true in this incarnation, in this Ascension period. Now, let's also be very clear, you never left the spark of your divinity at home . That is not possible.

So you, my beautiful circles of lightworkers, my bearers of love, have never left their spark of divinity of unity at home, nor has anyone else ...

And everyone is on high alert and awaiting this conclusion.

So when you arrived we told you that you are not simply becoming teachers . You have brought all of your expertise in a wonderful diversity of paths to the planet. So you are fully the reflection, the embodiment of that spark of love that is above, say in heaven, and certainly the totality of your being as you are in what you understand as the higher dimensions. They lack nothing ...

They are already teachers.

And there are some of you who hear and hear you say, “Well, this is not perfection. I'm not like that. I am sure that I am not like this in heaven. ”

The content of the package is the same and the design is perfect, for what you want to reflect. And what they want to communicate that will act as a catalyst not only for their Ascension, for their culmination, for their jump, but also for others ...

The biggest obstacle we face with you and what you face is that you accept how powerful you are, that you have this innate ability. That is why we speak of the Universal Law, of the formulas of creation, of the divine qualities, we are simply its corridors of memory. We are your assistants.

This is part of our service to the Mother because in your design you are the incarnation. You, neither Saint Germain, nor Saint Teresa, nor myself, not even as planetary logos - you are the embodiment of the fulfillment of His plan. Each one of you…

Stop doubting yourself . They don't spend much time working with the Universal Law. But what I ask of you, particularly with this Law of Above and Below, In and Out, invoke it. Because it produces that alignment. And it begins to manifest itself in tangible reality .

I invoke Sunat Kumara and Universal Law.

From Above and Below, Inside and Outside

for alignment in tangible reality.

Each of you has a magnificent mission . They may think it's a small thing, but it never looks that way from our perspective. So when they are doing this, they are fulfilling their sacred purpose, the physical desires of their human heart. The desires of his angelic heart . And they are creating the Nova Tierra and developing the plan to fulfill their ascension - all at once.

Sunat Kumara

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, translator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Sunat Kumara Discusses the Law of Above and Below, Part 1/2, channeled by Linda Dillon, August 27, 2013 at -the-law-of-above-and-below-august-27-2013-part-12 /.


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