Message from the angels: Love is what you are, and what all beings are

  • 2019

Knowledge is a frequency with which you can agree. What to do in a particular situation? What awaits you in your day? All questions that arise can be answered by knowledge . We invite you to ask for knowledge for all your questions. In the past, we encourage you to think of the ego as a small box that was invented to experience the perception of separation. When you listen and believe the thoughts that the ego sends, you stay in the perception of separation.

When you stop listening to the thoughts of the ego, its volume weakens

When you listen more and more to the thoughts of knowledge, its volume increases strongly. You stop listening to the thoughts of the ego when you stop believing them . It means that you stop empowering the thoughts that disturb your peace. We use the image of the box to show that the ego is not a powerful enemy. However, it is an ingenious invention. It does not have a real existence, but this metaphor will help you not to make it a person or an enemy .

He is only doing the work for which it was designed. The ego sends disturbing thoughts to each personality structure that is more likely to believe it. Then, these structures become complex and elaborated by the accumulation of conflicting thoughts. When we talk about the frequency of knowledge, we refer to the frequency of love. Love is what you are, and what all beings are . With this love comes knowledge. When you begin to doubt the thoughts of the ego, knowledge seems to come to you (although it is you and never separates from you) in the form of thought.

When the thoughts of the ego are no longer heard because they are not valued, knowledge is more a flow of expression and the extension of love. By tuning the frequency of knowledge, it does not give value to conflicting thoughts and they lose their meaning . Although it is very easy to follow the thoughts of knowledge, it is undeniable that there may be moments of great struggle and anguish. The need to hold on to what is familiar can be valued more than the peace that knowledge can provide. When you are not at peace, it is time to accept healing for yourself. This is how we facilitate control over ego thoughts.

It's always you It is you who clings to them and you can let them go

Conflicting thoughts are heard when there is still confusion about what happened, then you can realize that you have chosen the ego and the perception of separation. As time seems to continue in a linear fashion, you continue to choose for the ego and the perception of separation because you fear being punished for the world of conflict you have created. But, you do not you created

Creation is completely harmonious, and what is completely harmonious cannot be disturbed or damaged. You have made an illusion and you hold on to it with fear. When you begin to question the thought of the ego, the thoughts of knowledge begin to dominate your experience . As you rely on knowledge above all else, the volume of conflicting thoughts decreases. When you trust knowledge, which is another way of saying that you trust love, you realize that you are forgiven and that there has never been anything to forgive . Once aware of this fact you can apply this lesson to the world that you think you are seeing. You see it as a healing drama that serves everyone. This is how the healing drama works. Of course, we have already told you, but since you still value the ego, you need reminders to learn to see it as insignificant.

Every time we say it, you can go further. Your ability to see through selfish thinking becomes strong. Let's say your neighbor smiles at you, you just enjoy a shared identity for that moment. If on the contrary your neighbor takes an action that irritates you. For example, hire someone to spray chemicals on the lawn. You are facing a golden opportunity. You could see through all the meaning that you attach to the physical and be more sure of yourself. Here is the most exciting part: in this same At the moment, you have the opportunity to undo this attachment to selfish thinking, and your neighbor has given you the opportunity. This is where the Namaste comes in , the bow of gratitude .

Your neighbor also helps you realize that you are attached to fear. That's why you let fear drive the healing drama. You are afraid of the spray, which means you give it harmful properties. You believe, and belief has everything to do with experiences . It's hard to hear, but it's time and it's very liberating. Collectively, you provide everything physical with all the properties it seems to have. This is also the case when scientific studies are carried out.

Scientists are trying to discover what are the defined properties of the physical, only the physical can have only the properties that are projected on it. In evoking this fear of the physical and its potential to harm not a being, but a body, you value what the ego has done through the experience of the perception of separation. You appreciate what has been designed to be damaged. The body has also been designed to die. When you identify with a body, you identify with death and forget that you are eternal life . However, when you return to everyone's experience to heal you, the body becomes a wonderful way to communicate with other beings about freedom.

A wonderful way to express love and share the good news. So, returning to your neighbor and spray, the beauty of being your neighbor, this beautiful being helps you realize a wonderful healing opportunity.

You can undo the belief in the power of the physical to harm

That is the basis of miracles. Then, when provoked, say yes to your energy team. Say yes to the correction of perception. Thanks to who provoked you. They have the key to your freedom. As you accept the freedom of cured perception, it becomes more accessible to the person who also helped you, the neighbor who sprays chemicals.

Isn't it amazing how the person who provoked you is incredibly considered? It allows you to go first awake. She let you pass that door first. He kept it open for you and said: “Don't worry about me. Everything will be fine for me. “You are sending me the joy of where you are going, and that will also make me happy.” Seeing the truth of all beings is dazzlingly beautiful, and in this state it is easy not to hear the thoughts of the ego.

We invite you to Knowledge today. We invite you to see the truth in all beings and we are always waiting for you there. Thank you for all the correction of perception that you are ready to receive today.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Julie

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