Christmas message from Master Morya

  • 2010

The four elements, fire, air, earth, water and divine energy, give life. Feel gratitude towards all of them.

Breathe a little feeling them. Feel the water that we are, which is in our body, the air that we need every day to breathe, the earth that gives us food, that nourishes us with all others, and fire, that redeemer, that part of redeeming, of creating, of destroying, and the one that encourages everything at once. Feel also how the moon and the sun enter into you.

It is a beautiful Christmas message, also feeling the whole component of this earth globe, our planet Gaia, or this blue planet, or simply the Earth.

Everything has a change, and that change is manifested on Earth. The blue will change, and the synthesis will be even more powerful. Why will it change? Because we will change too. We will not be such a blue planet, we will be even more blue, more powerful.

And one can think, well, what a Christmas message! A little weird right? The symbolism will come true.

That which man one day created, or that Jules Verne thought or created for him, or that many beings before us ... like Nostradamus too, like Freemasonry, like Christians who were mistreated, whipped, crucified.

The Earth changes, and changes, and changes, and this change is already inevitable brothers, friends, divine beings, as you allow me today to send this simple message, this great message for us from the White Brotherhood, and mainly from the teacher El Morya .

Those of you who were crucified ... it's over. Nostradamus ... it's over. Saint Francis of Assisi ... has passed. Elijah's car ... no. The red moon ... no. The new change ... no. The new metastasis that this planet has to create, to which it is carried, has not changed yet; and I speak of metastasis. Many will have to go through great diseases as you are going through. Remove those metastases that were left in a part of you. Remove those annihilations that are there, which are making you partly destroy your soul, because you do not allow it to manifest itself.

Much has already been written about all this, and I am not going to create much more rhetoric, because sometimes it is a simple rhetoric. Yes I will say for those who want to listen ..

The Phoenix, dwells in each one of you. The Phoenix is ​​resurfacing very quickly. Many fields of powerful Light with force that are already inhabiting the Earth, many, many. Many since sixth are manifesting.

There may still be in your minds 7, 52 fractures as sometimes even the channels that transmit to us who is perfect? I need to keep evolving. The teacher El Morya as you know me here. In other planes I don't have that name. And on other planes I need to go up to other planes, to other planes. How much joy he gives me and gives us !, when you recognize us as servants, as collaborators together. Oh brothers, collaborators, teachers !, sometimes many who are on Earth, you are great elders who still give us lessons here, and we have to learn from you; and you are there embodied in bodies, in bodies of blood, in bodies of that dense matter.

It is a gift, that from the Father-Mother God has wanted it to arise again, that you go back down to the new seed, to sow the new seed ... the energy of synthesis.

I'm not going to extend much, but if you want to celebrate something big this Christmas, it's AMAOS. LOVE, because love is coming, and endless waves of energy that sometimes you don't let in, because you don't recognize it as it is. Not like that sweetie that sometimes you believe.

Look what LOVE is. LOVE is not accountable, LOVE does not need demands, LOVE does not need to be that you recognize what I am doing. LOVE does not need to be praised, LOVE does not need to be recognized, LOVE does not need to be exalted except by itself. Look at your hearts.

Christmas will not be very happy. There is not much energy of joy in your fields. You know that, it's nothing new, but I want to remind you a little more. But there can be.

Sing! Meditate! Ask the spirit of Christmas to wrap you up! Ask that child that one day he was born in that manger, to be present in you! That is humility, that is love, that is to feel that you are the Son of God. That man takes form, in being recognized the Son of God. Also you, also you, become his firstborn. Be like that child who was born in the manger, who didn't need anything, but smiled, loved, shared.

Let your light come out. Do not wait any longer for others to give you and give you. Do not wait any longer for the Earth to give you, for the air to give you, for the fire to give you, for the water to give you.

Let those seeds that are in your gut come out of you, which is the essence of life. You are that tree, you are that laugh of a child, you are that croaking at times, of that little ant that also makes its sound in its form. You are that croaking of that great bird, which crosses the skies with its flights. You are that great… what could I tell you? You are everything, everything. Allow that to enter you.

You are laughter, you are happiness. Be grateful for all that, is what I come to say and remember a little more.

Meditate, meditate, and let all those important sequels enter into you. And I say sequels, what do I mean by sequels? Wounds have been hurt on something as magical, as divine as LOVE, as is the TRUTH. Take away those consequences that may be there of pain, of pain, of pain.

Smile to life. May this Christmas be a new year for you full of fraternity. I would say a little more, full of strength, of the force of Life. Let those atoms within you, come out with that programming that you have of life. Dare to be happy! Dare to give up the fears that are preventing you from being happy! Let that inner child come out, let that innocence come out, let that hug to others be real, but first you will have to give it yourself ... to yourself.

You have to return home, and from there, from there, you will feel so full, so full, that there you can really give. Fall in love with Life, because your life is changing, your planet is changing. Until that wheat, that little flower of the field is changing, that seed is changing. But for a positive and most wonderful change you can imagine ... Fourth dimension, joy. The joy that for many you have been looking for eons of time. In part one could also say, the promised Land, the eternal rest of the one who knows, of the one who understands, of the one who knows what his I AM is in complete union with his mind, his feelings, and everything that represents each cell, each atom, each level of the seven main bodies that you have here.

Call on your I AM, your truth. May your angel take care of you. We are always there.

May the infinite love of the FATHER-MOTHER expand upon you.

Christmas message from Master Morya

The team of the Virtual City portal of the Great White Brotherhood

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