Message from Sant Germain: When the dream takes place in us, everything is possible

  • 2017

We have all had dreams at some time, whether short or long term, these dreams are all those longings or illusions we have about something. Dreams are a way to crystallize or materialize all those situations or things that we believe are unattainable or unrealistic .

Dreaming helps us raise awareness about things we don't really know.

To create awareness of something, this must be given an appearance, that is, given a physical body or a form, so that it can be much more palpable, even if that happens only in our mind. Dreams emanate from things we want and become an imaginary reality . It seems quite confusing, but for someone who dreams of something, this seems really palpable .

While it is true that dreams are not real, it does not mean that they cannot become one, since achieving a dream will depend on the person who is forging the destiny of his life and making his dream fit into it is probably a of the best ways to make it happen. However, every time we try to forge our dreams, there are always threats or obstacles that arise to make us throw in the towel.

Of course, you should not worry, since angels and Divinity always have their eyes open to these kinds of threats, which prevent your dreams and your path to them from fading away. However, this divine protection will not make your dreams come true, but they will leave the path clear or clearer for it. You are the one who should focus on yourself, your life and what you want.

When you focus well on the path you want to follow in your life, then everything seems to begin to be easier and the problems that arise are easily resolved. We are children of divinity and you should know that they are very proud of what we do every day. Be proud of how great you are, because you really are.

Knowing and exceeding the limits that you place each day is what makes you closely connected to the universe.

When you begin to exceed your limits, you begin to feel incredible inner peace . This divine love will always be for you, no matter what. If you feel fear, remember that this love will always be taking care of you and your inner peace will begin to shine like a sun within you . Remember that divine love is not the only thing that will help you feel inner peace, because there are a number of things you must do to get to it. First, you must sit down and bring calm to all your dreams, even the smallest ones. Once you have done so, begin to forge a real path about how you will achieve each of these dreams.

For example, if your dream is to be a dancer, you cannot think that the way to achieve it is to go on stage and simply dance. First, you should think of a dance academy where you can develop your talent and see from there how you will begin to present your skills to others. Always work within the things you have to get the ones you don't have .

Of course, do not forget to enjoy and be happy during the process, since the experience may not be pleasant if you take it as an obligation and not as a goal of overcoming, so always keep in mind that the light and divine love are about you.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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