Message from Saint Teresa of Lisieux: She has Purity Lilies

  • 2019

These delusions of purity are transmitted to us, so that purity transmutes these old energies, dissolves them and releases them to reach a cosmic vibrational threshold of transformation and liberation . In an energy of love, power and beauty, you cannot imagine everything she has already achieved in the past for humanity and especially for those who serve religions, nuns and priests.

This energy comes from the mother Santa Teresa de Lisieux

This has a presence of love so big and powerful that she asks you should only ask for her help and she will help you. It only asks you to develop a harmonious cosmic energy to allow all souls and beings who have worked in the service of Christ and in the service of the church to recover the freedom of the heart and consciousness of Christ in themselves, to release its experimentation stage separate from the source.

These beings often suffer greatly and regret having lost the purpose of their different incarnations by exercising power over their peers. We will not go into details of what has happened in this regard, but it is a matter of understanding that each of us has also somehow had this guilt of having lacked awareness, of clarity in relation to their own experiences. In other words, many beings in this world still have guilt memories about different beliefs, doctrines or religions.

To dissolve and transmute all this suffering, not only in the hearts of beings but also in certain places on earth that are still impregnated with suffering, will be through many experiments, since being in love, the power of your body of light, is in consciousness with the triple flame, immeasurable power of love that brings us to unity, with the I AM THAT I AM AND THE ONE WHO CALLS OF THE ELOHIM.

You must call your heart with the sacred fire of purity of the Violet flame, the love of Christ, the Love of Mary, the Angels and the Archangels.

Do not have limits in the call of these energies that are in your heart, accept the power to really project that energy with Strength and Power to the beings that will be able to benefit from this transformation and this purification of the veins that cover consciousness. Before projecting that energy, anchor yourself in the heart of Mother Earth, since she loves all her children, no matter what has been achieved or manifested in the past or present.

Visualize the energies through your own calls to the Beings of Light, the Angels and Archangels, along with Buddha, Kwan Yin, Sri Thatata and the Crystal Light beings that are next to the prophets Elijah, Enoch and Moses, all beings that you are accustomed to call and for all those for whom you feel love, so that these beings who have suffered can feel all your love.

To multiply this energy, you must do it majestically, making all that love that Thérése de Lisieux can direct towards all places, together with all those souls and those beings that have allowed their liberation, cosmic . May all those free energies be directed to places, monuments, houses, hospices and all those spaces where sadness and suffering have been present to release all the guilt that is concentrated.

See now the energy of the Dove, the Holy Spirit, The peace of Christ, the peace of all the saints, that of Mary and that of YAHWE that covers all places, together with all the souls of greatness, which have a splendor of love for everyone.

Feel now that energy that Teresa de Lisieux still raises through her own vibrations of love, she possesses purity lilies, transmitting all that energy to fight the old and the bad, dissolving everything negative to reach a cosmic threshold of transformation and liberation universal.

Some places and buildings have witnessed much suffering, all the earth must be purified so that it receives all the healthy energy from Mother Earth. By purifying these places, the lords of the four elements, fire, water, air and earth, participate to give a new look according to the elemental bases of purification of Mother Earth.

You will be surprised with all the energies that reside in these places, the light of the lords of the Elements can release all the negativity of these places. Since many of these places have incarcerated sufferings in amounts that you cannot imagine and to free them from this, you have to help by projecting all love from the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame and the Divine Astrea .

Be aware of this ability you have to transmute, release and forgive

Teresa de Liseiux stands up and thanks these energies together with that of Christ, Mary, Mary, Kwan Yin, the Buddha, Sanat Kumara. You are working in a planetary way, that is, not only for you, but for all those beings on the planets and those who are on the other side of the Veil so that they finally receive the energy of Forgiveness and can feel peace and release.

It is also necessary to project all the energies of Love in all places where beings lived for many lives, including in the body of Mother Earth. Because Akasha's recordings are always present and purification is necessary when preparing a Dimension of Ascension. Toes the grace to participate in the purification of these places, with these souls and beings since you are in a dynamic of Love and Light to be able to perform and transmute all these vibratory places.

An energy now descends from Ain Soph Gold, which purifies these places with a light that descends through the walls, floors and basements. This light transmutes and releases all those consciousnesses for eons, since they have been buried in the earth aspiring to find the light in liberation.

Believe me, beloved, these energies are transmuted and released, performing an interior cleaning within the walls. Energy is now welcome in the heart of Mother Earth, which, through the Lords of the Elements, transmutes, dissolves and releases . Making a release to religious leaders who are responsible for hiding this from the consciences of the masses.

Now the growing planetary consciousness also allows them to recover light and forgiveness. The energy lodged in your heart together with the entire Heavenly hierarchy allows this realization . It is as if these beings had immersed themselves in a deep sleep and were reviving themselves to the superior understanding of Love. This is how this energy, through the Forces and Powers of the Emotional body of Mother Earth, comes through of air, wind and fire, purifying and transmuting everything around it.

Greater clarity already reigns around Mother Earth over all these places, the old energy is now transformed and released, thanks to all of you, Beloved Hearts of Light with your power of love projected through positive manifestations.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Bernard Fuchs

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