Jofiel's message: love and authenticity

  • 2019
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I am Jofiel, the archonel of guides, therapists and instructors. My yellow ray carries knowledge and floods your whole being. After several decades of the supremacy of the ego, the time has come to be authentic .

You should know that your romantic relationships are defined by this postulate: for years you got carried away by false appearances to participate in the game of seduction and then live in the relationship. But today I offer you the opportunity to be yourself and establish in your interior a deeper authenticity.

Jofiel brings wisdom in the yellow ray. Source: Pixabay

Jofiel: love is consciousness and energy

Love is a feeling, an emotion, but it is also an energy that protects and connects them as a couple. Begin, dear children of Gaia, by sending this energy to yourself, to all your bodies, to each of your cells, especially if your body is suffering.

Love is conscience . You can follow the path of this energy in your body and observe how each cell feeds on that energy. This flow of energy activates the regenerative capacity of cells and promotes the development of the process of self healing, at the same time, the energy of love that you send to yourself nourishes your self-esteem.

When this vibration crosses your entire body, communication between your organs and your cells is strengthened. In the body, the movement of the vibration of Love is consciousness and also transmits information.

The first of your concerns should be to take care of yourself . The more you establish yourself inside this energy, the more clearly you will know the tools to take care of yourself.

Jofiel: let love flow throughout your being

The second essential information is related to the interconnection between your cells and your organs. Everything in your incarnation works like a system of billions of living beings. You are a whole system.

Interconnection is also present between your different bodies, whether physical, mental, emotional or energetic. Everything is one in your incarnation, as with the universe. The flow of love that flows in you also carries this information.

Love as the path to healing

Dear children of Gaia, all of you have gone through some difficult experiences in life and it is likely that these trials have left deep traces in your heart. By sending love to your heart, you give yourself the opportunity to heal those old wounds.

The vibration of love leads to soul healing.

Brothers, the current global turmoil invites you to be very simple, to separate yourself from your social image and share your internal riches beyond material attributes. Happiness is at your fingertips, as long as you feel more and think less.

Jofiel: you are the true creator of your own reality

Do not forget, dear children of Gaia, that you are the creators of your reality. What you vibrate is what you are going to materialize. And since everything is one, the reality that you believe influences the reality of the other.

Currently contacts between different worlds and universes occur daily, your material world in 3 dimensions is no longer the only reference. If you want to access the most subtle worlds, you just have to radiate the vibration of love in you and around you. In this way, you increase your ability to feel in a common wavelength with the other and feed this frequency.

Humility and gratitude

Message channeled by Alain Titeca, August 20, 2019

TRANSLATOR : Fanny Zapata, editor and translator in the big family of

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