Message from Mother Mary ~ Expansion of Consciousness

  • 2015

Mother Mar a

I want first to highlight what it means for humanity to expand consciousness either in a group or individually. Consciousness is essentially the purpose of human evolution on this planet. Expanding our knowledge and rising to a higher level allows us to understand everything that surrounds the individual as an evolving soul.

Consciousness begins with the understanding of oneself in the physical and then continues on a path of expansion in areas that cannot be perceived by the human brain. It is easy to begin by visualizing what surrounds you in the dense physical world. It is not so easy to see the etheric or the spiritual spheres that surround them while living in a dense physical body.

Spheres of spirit surround each and every one. Spirit is what in essence all of us are - you on your side of the veil and we on our side - but not all human beings understand this and therefore, for the full understanding of yourself beyond the dense physique, you must venture into the area that we call spirit. They do this individually and in groups.

I cannot fully express the importance of this topic for the human race at this critical time on planet Earth. We, together, are at the moment when humanity needs to raise itself to a higher level of consciousness in a very short period of time. There is no higher goal at this time than pushing forward as quickly as possible with expanded human consciousness. This means expanding their consciousness towards those who are beyond the physical presence they see in front of themselves.

Having said that, we also want to explain that it is absolutely necessary to realize that none of you is truly alone in this world. They are truly a collection of human souls all connected and interacting with each other without fully understanding that they are essentially brothers and sisters of soul in total unity.

His work then is always in unity with the rest of humanity. They progress individually, yes, but collectively they advance as a human race and not as individuals separated by time and space.

What they reach as individuals is what they reach for everyone. Your individual progress affects all humanity. There is no escape from this fact. Thus, collectively although invisible to their external perception, their consciousness moves in all directions being sustained by all human souls.

You might want to ask about this, "How are we humans going to start a new beginning to quickly expand human consciousness and make a change in the way we live on this planet?" There is no secret in this: the information has been given to humanity even in ancient times in texts and teachings on how humanity relates to the high spiritual realms.

If you wish to speak in terms of your relationship with God, you are in fact talking about your goal as a group to close the gap between humanity and your spiritual super-soul or to obtain spiritual Unity with the super-soul that many call God. This is the last expression of love since they are coming into close contact with a high spirit that pushes them closer and closer to create the ultimate unity between the high spirit and humanity.

What can be more essential than coming together in the unity of the spirit? Humanity has always been loved and guided from above. The spirit is always giving signs to humanity on the return home as their right place in this huge universe. It is the destiny of the human family to return to the spiritual source. Nothing can prevent this advance together in unity with the spiritual source.

For too long they have lived in darkness and with much regret. His human family has lived in ignorance of the fact that in unity they are truly the sons and daughters of the highest spiritual source. As they begin to recognize that they are on the path of return to their true house in the heavens or whatever they see it, they begin to become more and more excited about this possible meeting with the Source.

They are at the point of human history when I believe that the doors are now wide open as never before for the entire human family to find those portals that will quickly lead them to a new way of life.

This new way of living is essentially the knowledge that they are that God they pray to but have forgotten this fact. It is only by acknowledging this fact in yourself and in all your brothers and sisters in the same human family that together you can reach this goal of returning home quickly and more easily than you could have imagined before.

Now is the time to accelerate your passage. Recognize that they are not alone but that they evolve and grow with the souls of their brothers and sisters. The faster they find common cause to work together in unity with others, the sooner they will discover that their path will be paved with wonderful surprises. Your day will be without paths of separation or division, without anger without hatred, without all those things that could slow down or block your rapid passage towards home. When human consciousness expands enough to recognize the unity of the human race, there will be few obstacles to achieving progress in all things.

There is still much to do so that the human family can create a physical world that will sustain a better quality of life for all. On this planet you can create a world in which no one suffers from hunger, disease, lack or anything that could hinder their way home.

Only your own actions can block your return home. We spiritual guides know very well that only you can slow down your return due to your inability to see clearly that disunity among yourself as embodied beings, not disunity of your souls, is the ultimate source of all your pain and suffering.

There is then absolutely no reason in anyone to be suffering for wanting or suffering for lack of knowledge of who they are in this great universe. You are blinded by your own actions and your own inability to see clearly that you and the entire universe are one. If this is true - and I know that it is - then they have no reason to make any excuse for separation with their own human family.

I have been extremely dedicated to assisting humanity in every way within the laws that exist. I cannot disobey the laws in my relationship with the human family of the Earth. What I can do is encourage them to trust me and trust that I seek to protect them within what the laws allow. I come to teach you what I can within the law. I ask you to come to me because there are no laws that prevent you from looking for me and all those with whom I work in the spiritual world.

Nothing hinders your path. I am here as many others are looking to assist humanity and bring them all to us as quickly as possible. Know that you are always loved and guided.

Mother Mary

Expansion of Consciousness ……… ..February 2015.

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Message from Mother Mary ~ Expansion of Consciousness

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