Message from Lady Nada ~ Peace At All Moments

  • 2014

His thoughts have always had great power. Can you imagine how more evolved, satisfied, happy, calm and successful they would be if they never had a negative thought of anyone or anything?

When you are finally able to discover and come to realize that peace and happiness do not come from anything external but from a deep place within you, then you will begin to release more and more of your authentic self, a self that can live not only in the peace he has found within him but in peace in the midst of, and with others .

It is important, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, to let go of the debilitating habit of comparing yourself to others. Every time they allow themselves to be compared to another beloved being they are belittling at that moment their own esteem and the wisdom that they have obtained by persevering themselves through their own game of challenges. You are wiser than you give credit. We know that they want to know what will come next, we see it in this hurry and this push to strive every day, but what they discover is just what they are supposed to know for that same moment. Whatever the future you can see is just one of the infinite possibilities. God has great plans for each of you and you will get to know each step you take as you go through what you have in front of you. Crying and letting tears of frustration run does not bring them closer. Beautiful and Bright Hearts, believe that they are destined to fulfill their dreams and realize their ambitions. The only person they really have to prove something is to themselves because after all it is you who have to come to accept how they have managed their day to that point.

Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, we also realize how easily you get caught up in the opinions that other people have of you. Are these opinions so important that you alter your own divine course and mission? Do not become your own enemy of your own trajectory. Other people cannot live their dreams, they cannot realize their goals nor can they respond to the consequences of what you choose. You are responsible for everything you do and say.

All the answers about where they should go in life are already inside. Some things take time to manifest, but time does not have to be the bad boy. When you are given the time to take the right actions by choosing the right thing, you develop the right passion and determination to take all the steps that lead to the new ones and that will continue to bring you closer to the result you have been visualizing. Think in retrospect about something you have accomplished and what you worked hard to achieve. They put all their energy, put their heart into each step until they achieved it. The reward was not really a compliment they could have received from their family, friends or work colleagues, but the feeling of satisfaction that one gets after having completed something they have worked hard to achieve. Sometimes mistakes are made along the way, but they only come to show them that there is another way. The mistakes are not to hinder their progress, but to show them and provide them with another opportunity to choose differently and obtain different conclusions and results.

Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, there is peace all around and within. All the joys, peace, and happiness that you seek are now within your reach. You do not require any book that tells you how to be happy, because you already have that knowledge. Each moment they are given an opportunity to realize that peace is their companion. If you feel a true peace that comes from within, then nothing that happens externally will disturb this peace.

Peace is achieved when they recognize that life is not about winning, losing, capturing, or yearning. It is about loving the person you are, just as you are naturally - accepting your whole self with every imperfection and strength. When you are able to accept your whole being, you are able to accept others just as they are, without the temptation of wanting to change them to what you want them to be.

Their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful. Each and every dear being is equally important and necessary, and each of you comes with a unique life story; none is more important than the other, they are only different with different challenges and obstacles to overcome. The best part of all this that is similar, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, is that you grow from differences to help educate you, to get rid of ignorance, to forge understanding, compassion, and of course, inner peace. .

Within each of you there is a unique version of your I, this supreme and dynamic part of you that is always at peace, although you sometimes forget this or ignore it incomprehensibly. You are destined to spread love, peace and compassion. . .to share the Love of God in everything they touch and with all the words they express. You were born as a child of the Light, Blessed by God to travel the path before you, and this path, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, will guide you to the beauty that you are from within and that unifies you with the Bright Light of God and his Infinite Love.

And so it is ...

I AM the Ascended Master The Lady Nothing ...
... via Julie Miller


received by Julie Miller

Message from Lady Nada ~ Peace At All Moments

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