Lady Nada's Message: Where Is Your Peace

  • 2014

If peace is the demonstration of being without conflict, then why are there so many loved ones battling and fighting with themselves? There will always be distractions and temptations; They are there to take them away from their peace, keep them from being at home / comfortable with their total self. The challenge, my Beautiful and Bright Hearts, is to learn to control the emotional and mental faculties, to learn to respond in healthy ways that do not demonstrate egoic reactions. . . where they respond being able to see another dear being without judging him, regardless of the path he has traveled. We are witnesses of so many dear beings being in conflict with their inner selves because of the distractions that have diverted them from their trajectory. . . their emotions have risen and they have been allowed to control their actions, words, choices, feelings, etc. Being in true peace you illustrate what it means to be whole, accepting responsibility for where you are, who you are and where your path is leading. What they are looking for is not perfection, but they are adding excellence wherever they go; And no matter what you are doing, you do the best you can each time.

Discovering your inner peace is a considerable walk that requires being open with yourself, being faithful and honest with your whole and total self. We know that many dear beings have overcome difficult challenges and continue to live a difficult life, but the way one reacts and responds makes a huge difference. Of course there is living a victim's life, and there is living a survivor's life. Whatever obstacles have been overcome, they have strengthened them, they have never made them weaker. And if they continue to have challenge after challenge, instead of complaining and becoming pessimistic, think about how much they have learned and how wise they are becoming. Remember, Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, God, your Heavenly Father, would never present you with a challenge if you thought you could not overcome it. The best way to go through any disturbing situation is to do it calmly and peacefully. When they fight a challenge, it becomes much bigger and more complicated. Do you need more complications? Most beings would answer no.

We understand how easy it is to be distracted by emotions and heavy feelings; Sometimes they feel pleasure and sometimes pain, and they are often instantaneous. Try to remember that feelings come and go and do not describe them; They describe how they were feeling at some point. Once they let go of the feeling or emotion, they can heal and come to feel peace again. It is up to you to determine which emotion or feeling, which pleasure or pain delights or disturbs you, and how long it will last, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, Therefore, how quickly you will dissolve the conflict of negative emotions and feelings will depend on you, it will depend on how long they allow them to stay ..

The ego will always try to manipulate them, to make them see the negative of things. We encourage you to focus on love and operate from it in order to counteract any egoistic attempt to instill negative ways of thinking that encourage negative choices. You are not destined to suffer for your emotions or to feel pain because your feelings hold you hostage. Sometimes you can't avoid having physical pain, but you can avoid emotional or mental pain. The more conscious they become of their internal self and of any internal conflict, the more capable they will be to discover the original cause and overcome it. When you overcome your own internal conflicts, then you are able to experience a deeper existence, not only with yourself but with the entire universe. . . there is no feeling of separation when they are at peace with themselves and the world; instead, there is a deep feeling of belonging.

It is vital, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, to try to keep in mind that inner peace is not something that is sought externally. Whenever they go through a challenge, try to see that current challenge as an ineffective attempt to divert them from their trajectory and see it at the same time as something to learn from . Always remain in the present, learn from the past, but do not allow yourself to be lost there , and the future will inevitably come. The less they struggle with any difficult challenge, the easier it will be to not be affected by the pain or disharmony of the experience. They will grow from any experience, but some of them will bring you a deeper and more meaningful discovery, where they will learn to empower themselves from their strengths and working little by little to make their weaknesses work for you, never against . You are a work in progress, coming from your inner peace where this soothing and relieving energy envelops your whole being. Do not rush the development of your inner self, which will bring satisfaction to your whole being. Rejoice in having this fabulous trajectory, embrace the fact that even when faced with a challenge, you can choose to respond positively or negatively, or even neutrally.

When you can calm your busy mind, you take off the mask that covers your ability to shine your inner peace. You understand at a deep level that you are responsible for every thought and feeling you have and that it is up to you to determine how long you will remain there. They may not pay a fee for being there. but they can wreak havoc on their way of life and if they are allowed to lose control.

When they are able to triumphantly renounce control of their mental and emotional faculties, then they will know peace, and peace will move them from the inside to the outside. Consciousness is everything, Beautiful and Bright Hearts. The more aware they are of their inner selves, the more capable they will be of controlling any conflict that is pushing them out. Peace is never out of reach, it is always inside to be and become her. In everyday life there are circumstances happening throughout this glorious world that are great examples of people who do not live in peace, where they are living in conflict, and you cannot do much about it. The best way you can help, my dear ones, is to bring peace to your Self and share that peace unconditionally with others, no matter what your situation or struggle is . When they are at peace, they are the personification of Love.
And so it is,
I AM the Ascended Master, The Lady Nothing ...

Source :

by Julie Miller

Translated by Gloria Mühlebach

Lady Nada's Message: Where Is Your Peace

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