Message from Mother Mileila: Learn to restart. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes.

  • 2017

Welcome to this moment, joyful to meet you all ...

Let's talk about learning to restart,

Many times we consider that things cannot change and in this understanding that they do not change, we lose a little hope that our circumstances are different. We learn too much to consider that things are only one way and that they cannot be another; the mind is accustomed to give a little square to each of our actions and our thoughts. If we learn to release a little this part of being so rigid with our thoughts we can release a little everything that often presses the mind.

What can pressure the mind? time, people, emotions, material situations, situations of place, situations that occur in conflicts with other beings.

Restarting means that everything that every day we think of as a great burden, we already know, we have thought of it in different ways, even everything that we cannot reach, we already know perfectly why we do not reach it. Many times we consider that it depends on the time, that depends on the circumstances to be able to even achieve them.

Restarting seems to restructure our thinking again; Think about it differently than we have been thinking. If, as we have been thinking about it, we do not find a specific solution, we must change the idea of ​​how we think things. Things are already one way, if we change the way we see those things it is very possible to find other types of situations and other types of exits to all our realities.

Restarting also means accepting our pessimism, that is, also accepting that there are deficiencies in us in order to understand things because many times we become cloudy only with what we have in front of us; we deal with what we only have here, but not the true meaning and essence of things. Many times we consider that well-being is to attend to what is now but not where these conflicts or situations and even diseases really come from. Remember that the disease is named but really should only be defined as something that is transitory in our lives. If the mind accepts the word disease, there is the first serious conflict that human beings have.

Remember that illness is not the problem, but it is all that you want to know about it, everything that you delimit from it; It is then that they need to think differently, not as a disease but as a passing situation. If you change the way you think things would be much more favorable situations, much more problems you have; there would be less those who call problems and much less those situations that are suddenly complex; there would be more transitory situations and you could solve them.

The mind is also used to making matters difficult, sometimes it seems that the mind likes to live in crisis, likes to think about illness and problems, even accustoms the mind so much that in the dream, which is the process when they sleep, they think about it, and even give more catastrophic possibilities to what they think and then consider them to be premonitions and not simply purifications of their mind.

If the mind were a little more intelligent and cunning in this regard, many of the situations they consider as problems, they would realize that they are not problems and that they are only bad interpretations of reality. Learn to interpret your reality as it suits you, the strategy of life is in it, in learning to define things as they are, how it suits us but above all how they would be easier for us.

Human beings are accustomed to listening to others, rather than assumptions, because they consider in the mind that others are more right because they see it from outside. It is true that others are seeing something that we do not see but none will be able to understand the mind like us. If we do not understand the mind, be assured that others will understand your mind better.

Every day the greatest mission of life that the human being has is to fight with the mind, with what he has learned; fight with the mind that considers things as possible and impossible.

Restarting means accepting everything you live but changing the idea, changing that situation and changing the definitions of your existence. If you give yourself the opportunity to restart each of your situations, you will realize that there is strength in each of you, that there is also an opportunity for change and that above all, there is that will to transform and that interest It's for being better.

Restarting means that with everything that already exists we can change the idea, and if the idea is changed the facts of our truth are changed. Remember that whoever thinks about it builds in a different way what is going to be their reality. Thoughts are the energies that in the end will end up being materializations of their deeds.

Be cunning, be smart, be noble with your thoughts, be simple in your strategies, see life as easy as possible because then, so it will be, as is life.

I will be working with all of you.

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot be quantified, therefore without observing at what moment of reality forever enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. 20 de

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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