Message from the Divine Mother: You are a very powerful creator, always remember

  • 2018

Dear, I AM Divine Mother and I have a message for you this day even for those who do not read this message, because everyone will be affected by the energy that I am pouring at this time on Earth. Condense the energy bubbles in these words, so you can feel and experience them.

Now, dear son, how do you want your life to be in the future? Would you like to be free and happy? Live without restrictions? Follow your passions and play as if no one was watching? It is up to you, dear son, if you believe it, you see it, you imagine it, it will manifest for you and in the future, the energies will be so high and it will manifest more mr. Quickly. Pay attention to your thoughts, do not focus on those that bother you, let the negative thoughts flow and give them no emotion. Because your emotions, thoughts, concentration and your intentions will create your reality.

Here is a message of hope for the one who suffers, for the one who is distressed. I see your pain and worry and I send you my love, dear son. We are working to improve your life. The strategic plans we have put in place to recover your freedoms for millennia are finally being fulfilled. I announce my intentions so that darkness no longer controls the Earth, because you have lived under that slavery for too long. The Earth is a planet of “free will”, that is why I had not intervened before to put an end to this slavery.

But the time has come when I can't stand this situation anymore and I put an end to it. My teams of Lightworkers, White Hats, your galactic family and many of the Company of Heaven ( Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, etc. ), have been working on this plan to return the Light to Earth.

This action plan is almost complete, many of the darkest have already been eliminated. Your Luz teams are still working to complete this cleaning process. They can surely use your love, your strength, your courage and your protection. Pray for them, send them love and healing energy! They are tired and exhausted like you. You are powerful and can help a lot by sending them your love and your light! Please do this and your New Earth will be born faster. It is also a great way to send your thanks for the hard work everyone has done. Gratitude is very powerful that carries a very powerful love.

I have the joy of seeing your love spread and flowing throughout the Earth. You are a very powerful creator and you enjoy using your power for good, bringing joy and beauty to your world. Trust that this process works and that your combined love explosions make a big difference!

I am a proud mother, feel my unconditional love, the pink light that surrounds you like a warm and fluffy blanket. Feel my love that warms your heart and all your entrails. We are connected, you and I together . Our combined love can feed the New Earth . Believe it, because it's true.

You know that I AM your Divine Mother . Thank you for being you, the divine child that I created for this purpose. You have a vocation and a mission, to be a Craftsman of Light. The White Hats, the Alliance, the Company of Heaven, Gaia, God the Father and I need your Light and Love now.

Together we will create a giant and beautiful circle of love ! Yes, it is amazing, exciting and beautiful. Thanks for your service. I AM your Divine Mother and I am very proud of you. Go with my love

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Dancing Dolphin

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