Message from Jesus: Death is only a transition and should not be feared

  • 2018

Channeled by John Smallman, January 10, 2018

2018 is here and well established, and much needed changes are taking place across the planet. Love is penetrating the hearts of even those most dominated by fear, because the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify as more and more of you propose and maintain the intention of being only love all day and every day, without Whatever comes up.

That intention is powerful ! Please continue to renew it when you make your journey to your interior daily, to your holy altar where Love resides eternally, holding and hugging you at every moment. That is why you are incarnated at this moment in time. You bravely decided to be on Earth to help in the process of awakening humanity, knowing very well that it would be difficult, demanding and sometimes very painful.

It is time to accept you fully.

You are extremely honored in the spiritual realms, as you will discover with joy when you wake up. Even now they can glimpse it if they allow themselves to be fully accepted . The time for self-dismantling and negative self-judgment has passed, and your conscious and constant intention to be completely self-acceptable makes it much easier for Love to flow within you.

In this way they can feel His warm embrace, and that love, after crossing them, will come out to interact more positively with the energy fields of all those with whom they are in contact in any way. And that is why they are here, so enjoy the fact of being alive, and in that state you are doing the essential job of helping to awaken humanity.

Life is eternal and is a divine gift that most of you do not appreciate because you are trapped in the human being and all that this implies - taking care of your bodies with food, shelter and clothing, and making sure that you can provide the essentials for You yourselves, your loved ones and dependents going to work and paying bills - and while that is taking your attention life flows virtually unnoticed .

Notice the little things in your daily life.

Make the attempt to notice the little things you enjoy in your daily life - being warm in winter or lightly dressed in summer, the first drink of coffee or tea in the morning, a smile or a greeting from a friend or loved one - because d And that is really about life, and all too often they don't realize them.

BUT, Life is Consciousness so, be aware! Choose to live with attention, and keep reminding yourself of that choice until it becomes automatic. Being aware of this current moment, instead of getting lost in the worries, anxieties and deadlines of everyday human life, will bring you a sense of peace and satisfaction, thus helping you deal more easily and effectively with any problem that arises throughout the day.

You are divinely assisted at every moment because there is only One, from which separation or disconnection is impossible. However, as human beings, they have turned away from the knowledge that they chose to experience separation, and that by believing they are alone and separated, they try to solve their problems with their extremely limited human intelligence, instead of allowing divine knowledge - their intuition, not their ego-based thinking system - guide them lovingly to a resolution that is for the highest good of all involved.

Let yourself be guided by the Source, by God.

Being alone is not an option that is available to you, such a state does not exist, but you can and in fact chose to ignore your unbreakable connection with the Source, your unity with the Source, while experiencing life as a human being .

This choice has not only made the illusory world of form seem intensely real, but it has also led them to believe that their life as a human being is a one-time event, finally ending, and without their choice. in the matter, at the time of physical death.

However, death is only a moment of transition, the point at which one puts his physical form and returns to his natural state of being fully awake and aware of his unbreakable connection. with the Source, Love, Mother / Father / God.

Death is just a transition.

Many of those who have had near-death experiences have shared what they learned about death very widely, and yet it is difficult for individuals to release their doubts about their own personal immortality, and their fear at that point. of termination that apparently endangers life - Death - remains.

In truth, death is no more than a transition and should not be feared . Life as a human being, during which they get involved with their family, friends and coworkers, provides them with valuable experiences and relationships that they don't want to end, but their relationships don't end with death.

To those who remain human after their death, it will seem that the relationship they had with you is over because they can no longer experience their physical presence or be in contact with you, and by That grieves.

You will be at home, in peace, surrounded by those who have already made the transition.

But when they make the transition they will meet and be greeted by a multitude of friends and relatives who have already made the transition, or who have decided to interrupt the cycle of human life experiences and remain in their natural state in One with the Source. They will be at Home, embraced by joy, and fully at peace as they fully understand the meaning of Life.

And, of course, you will always remain fully aware of those with whom you have had any kind of relationship while in human form, and will continue to be able to interact with your energy fields, although you may well ignore your loving presence.

You are eternal beings created in joy for all eternity, while you are currently experiencing by your own choice an unreal but seemingly very real sense of separation from the Source. However, within you know that you remain One with the Source, always.

Go daily to your sacred inner space, connect with your intuition, connect with God.

So go every day to your sacred inner space, and join the Love that resides there and allow yourself to feel that it is a loving and edifying embrace.

This will strengthen their faith that they are One with God forever, and their ability to sustain the intention to always love whatever arises . Then you will notice the little things that can inspire you and you will be inspired and elevated as you perform your daily human tasks and duties in a state of awareness and openness, inspiring and elevating those with whom you interact in any way.

And in doing so, in fact, they will be fulfilling God's divine Will at all times, just as they have always wanted it.

Your beloved brother, Jesus.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: John Smallman (2018) Jesus: Death is But a Transition, and Should Not Be Feared. 01/12/2018. Love Has Won

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