Christmas Message from Master Jesus and Master Adama

  • 2011

Once again the Christmas spirit will fill with light and color the ornaments of the streets, of some houses and I come to give a little light to that ornament of your spirit of your house, as is the heart, as is your truth. This simple and simple (we can put it that way) message, will be impregnated with a warm emotion to everyone who is reading it, and contact him. We will create the commitment from this city, from this place, and not least will also be from Shambala, to radiate, radiate, and radiate. It is not that your requests are much more heard or arrived because of that, however it is a commitment, a closer approach to these healing energies that we are making available to all those noble souls who want to find more and with themselves and restore, rebalance your senses, or emotional or mental, or somewhere your most deviced bodies that have no balance, we will also do it and of course your physical body.

Do not always look at your physical body, do not only look at your finances, do not look only if the family is sick, do not look if the world is there as it is now; look what you want, put your strength and your breath in your final decisions that you are making, in your improvement, and look what it is for, we will not give improvements for banal needs. Look however if it is for good work, for good decisions, for an aggrandizement of your life, for being here, for extending that life that you are here, for wanting to know you more, for wanting to enter more into your personal and intimate corner Of the soul, of the soul. That very necessary Soul that wants to fly right now, wants to resurrect like that Phoenix. Look, children, brothers, beloved members of this whole human family, which is where you want to put your strength.

The 2012 ... END, and we can say that it ends many things, many things that for your mind is still incongruous. There are 12 months, 12 months, enough days ... You can still improve, you can still decide, you can still know that the bells when they ring those twelve bells ... do they ring at the end? No, they sound a very important year for Humanity, for many interstellar changes, and of course the cosmos, the universe, planetary changes and systems. Of systems like the DNA that is changing in you, like systems that the Earth will change some forms at the poles, as it is already doing, and many more that there will be, many more.

Children, brothers lying in the Light, listen to your heart, listen to your strength, listen to your sincerity. You always call us or almost always, and many times you are very angry with the whole system of the Brotherhood, of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is very wide, very wide, it is you and us. We cannot do everything for you, we cannot improve you when there is a pending karma, when there are wounds to heal, when there are some debts to end. Look at all this well.

It is a gift many times your open wounds, your bleeding heart sometimes from those tears, or from that pain. Do not stay with the disease or the entire economic process that you are living, is a denial or a plan of evil, is not so. The Light has to restore its systems, and for the new ones we give, the system that was there is expired. UNDERSTAND IT WELL, NOR BETTER OR WORSE, JUST THAT I DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT WAY TO FOLLOW EVOLUTION. The systems have changed total, interstellar, stellar, universal, cosmic.

Adama, as you can know some of me, is very very much in all this change. Captaining, one could say like this, some cities, some energies, some souls, some beings, that we will still become stronger and more visible to the Light in a very short time. We will go much further to this Council of beings that are here working at these levels, in these systems, in this commitment created from the Light, to function so close to Earth, so deeply on Earth, with so many devic beings, with so many forces devotees, we will soon be much more outside magma.

How many times in your dreams can you see me, I can look you in the eye and I can, and I transmit calm, serenity. Do not think that for everything that the Earth is going through is negative. It is an end, it is a change as we could say from home, and it must be mobilized, it must be balanced, it must be restored again.

Earthquakes? Yes, changes of government? What to tell you, will the currency be destroyed even more? in many places yes, and if you want yet another yes, I tell you.

Do not look only at your economy, look at the purpose of the Soul that it has, to look for the economy, to sow those forces again, and they have to be and this I really tell you and as it has been written long ago, LOVE, THE LOVE MUST BE UNIVERSAL. LOVE HAS COME TO YOUR HEARTS. THE "I AM" IS THERE, THAT BEING CHRISTIAN, THAT SOUL THAT HAS ALREADY REACHED HIS EVOLUTION ...

Look children ...

This is a very big challenge for every being created from the Most High, from our Creator, from The Divine Father as we can say. Oh! Oh Brothers! Do not look at me alone, or look at the beings that are on the altars, no, look at the universe, look at the Great Creator. We do, of course, of course, and I would not get tired of saying of course ... but also in this of course I tell you, and you? Do you trust your soul? Do you trust your truth? Do you trust your strength that you also have them? That divine spark? that of course you have it, That great Christ being that you are, that great Atma that you have.

Oh, ! Oh! How many mistakes you sometimes make, to look for other places, for other places, without realizing that the Great Source is yourselves. Drink of your senses, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, caress you every day, and feel how wonderful you are. May these new energies that are going down, fill you, lead you to that balance, to that unison Truth, so that the new peoples of this planet can function in a united humanity, in a humanity that knows that LOVE can do everything, that He knows that the Truth is in his heart, and not in those thoughts of needs, needs and needs. You will have them covered, because only by breathing will you have food, only by looking at you; and that you can share with your hands the one who knows how to do one thing or another, you will have your livelihood. What will happen then with the money? He will die, in great places he will die, you will see. I am not going to advance you more of all this, it is already very written…

It is a Christmas message, and what I want is to fill your spirit and that you will gain your strength, that you look at the sky and look at that child that you can worship, but above all look at you. What are you? What are you at Christmas? What dress do you wear? What union do you eat at that table with the family? What is in your hearts ... and if there is tortuousness, if there are still those incongruities of not deserving, of not wanting, of not feeling that you are deserving of so many and so many favors as our Creator gives us day by day, as is Life, as is those foods. Yes they are favors, they are favors, and you make them as a requirement, without thanking those foods, that air, that land that you step on beloved children. No, no, you don't want to go on another path that isn't.

Good, good begins in oneself, of course it is transmitted to others. I could not be giving this message if this being does not feel that I am a Light, that I am a being of Light, I would not have allowed it. And at the same time in its form, it has also had its process of doubt and rebalancing. You are always in that, because here the conscience has not been open, it has not been in that process of knowing who you are, but there is a very clear thing in you, your heart He did not deceive you, and more and more, more and more. And above all remember this Dad and from that same receive is Love and be loved! Take care of yourself as something so divine and so beautiful and that energy will come to you! Yes, it is like that, it is the reciprocal, it is what I sow I gather, it is the harvest of so much time, of so many thousands of years, what humanity comes to feel, to incorporate into itself. He himself, to let him know his degree of evolution, the commitment to himself.

But it does not matter, the degrees of evolution do not matter much, there are some more, some less, of course there are, but the Soul that wants to move forward, we are helping it to continue, to continue, to which he took steps right now almost giant, almost giant and complete errors, or many errors. That is why there are these processes so accelerated, your karmas so strong and so intense. Do not look if your bodies stay there in the most decrepitude or disease, or have to die, if you have committed something as beautiful as it is to clean up what you had pending there .

Look, look, the disease is not bad. It is no process of darkness or discouragement, or punishment, look at it as that gift that has been preventing you from being in that clarity.

Love yourselves, love yourselves, and your body will heal. Ask the Light to help you, and we will help you, but do not ask us not to find that wonderful part as it is, if you have to clean. Your body has to get sick, we cannot remedy, I can relieve, I can help, and in that this message will be very impregnated with all that.

Seven strong rays, look what is yours. Ask for seven nights from December 21 to go to the Ray that you believe. Ask his Elohim, ask the teacher who takes him, and ask those seven Rays, that those seven teachers cover you with his strength if you don't know what yours is for seven days . Purify also well during those seven days, with good showers your body, wash well, wash well. Get out of you through the way you want the pain of your mind, the pain of your mind, and come to us to regenerate you, come to have your energies more permeated suitable for you

The planet is changing. We all want change to be the easiest and most wonderful. There will be many, many star beings helping this change as it is happening, and helping those bodies that still want to stay and give them that strength so that the new energies can enter them, and the new energies in the physical bodies are rebalanced. Physical, you have to prepare them for all this, and let those energies come out that can't be with the new energies. You cannot be with such powerful levels of Light energy that they are going down and will continue to go down, as is your soul as pure as possible and that your incandescent Light of I AM can to manifest, and to manifest in that Critical energy that each one carries.

It is a wonderful change, it is an absolutely timeless change, it happens every ... I will not put times, because it would be very difficult for your mind. This is not a coincidence, it is something wonderful, wonderful. Meter everything you can there in the "I AM" in the "I AM" in the "I AM" and that this energy vibrates in you, cleanses you, accommodates you in the new energy and takes you to that paradise that you have always Wanted to be "LOVE."

I will meet you, with many of you who are practicing all these energies and teachings, both with Saint Germain, as with the other teachers, Master Kutumi ... with everyone, with everyone, on this year out, and above all help you adjust the new energies in 2012.

Remember that the days are running, that nothing can be done against your will. Look well what you want, look well what you want. Make your decisions, keep them clear, that your soul makes it manifest to us as much as possible, for what we from the best will, and if you decide, together help you in everything that is necessary.

MEDITATION, PRAY, SING, PRAY, BLESSED, take care of your bodies with the purest food you can, with all the happiness you can, because the change is pressing, it is there, and the Earth will have to make a powerful, very powerful transfer. The fourth entry is already there, it is totally inevitable, if there is any mind that doubts, it is inevitable.

The year 2.012 will also be a bit strong, conflictive for many homes, for many families, for diseases, for very fast death processes, even for children. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, and never think that they are punishments, they are decisions, they are ways of life. Each one has chosen his own, each one has his right and his will to lead as best he creates his life and in that the planetary plan and what is the White Brotherhood, is helping everything that is necessary and everything that we need Ask, because you don't think everyone wants our help, no.

Also help together, who you think you can carry a little light, or who realizes that he has his Light, or release him from some burden, is wonderful. Help yourself We have no doubt that the whole being who is already in the Light has that feeling. Also ask for your business, ask for it to be the most possible balance in the entire planet. Balance is very important, very important.

Very grateful to the teacher Jesus. He is also from his energy, well this can be a bit complicated for you, but we are all together, although I currently represent Adama more, because it has had to be that way. Always, always, provided this is very clear, that it is with all the strength of Jesus, from the Divine Lover and Pastor who has done so much for this humanity, so much.

Received and edited by the team of the Virtual City portal of the Great White Brotherhood

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