Message of the cosmic white brotherhood: You are very powerful, if you want to conceive it and accept it!

  • 2018

So be it….

That the correct action directs each one of your actions . The action of your Heart awakens what is more correct, direct and sincere, because the correct action is the action of Love. Remain in the deepest part of yourself, always directed by this action of Love and Light which is that of the children of the Source, of those who have chosen the path of transformation, of earthly illusions and of the liberation of chains.

You must be in action, be movement and strength to embrace Life . The action and movement in the gestures, in the dance of the bodies, in the daily life is a carrier of benefits, they are the concretion of the correct and clear thought, they accompany and materialize the Spirit of Creation of the Father-Mother, through the relief of your Divine Presence embodied in you.

Be this communion in your Divine Consciousness, in your Soul, in your Heart and materialize it in the smallest thoughts and gestures of Love ... Everything is there! Find that balance in the center of yourself, in that right middle way, without excesses, without restrictions, in the sweetness of surrendering to your Divine Presence, because everything in you and around you will be changed, raised in the Light .

If you are fair and creative, then everything around you, in your own sphere of activity and beyond, will be transformed and transmuted. In applying this Divine Law, the great Power of your inner Being, you will flood with perfection and balance what lives around you and even in the confines of your world.

Everything is vibration, energy, your thoughts, actions, fair and balanced emanates a powerful whirlwind to open the doors of higher energies. Everything from your Divine Presence, living in you and through you, will be revealed in us, distributing the Energies of the Powerful Love of your open and receptive Heart.

You are so powerful if you want to conceive it and accept it!

The Divine Envoy said: " What I do, you will do and much more ." You knew that the Divine can inhabit it completely and give it the power to transform your reality using purity, the force of action of your state of awake men and women.

Become this Being, become the Awakened and the Awakener of this world, the one for whom everything can happen, that, for whom the Force of your Love will revolutionize the World.

Be in the action of this Love in motion. Be the action of the Divine Presence in you, son of the Earth, you who still slept in the unconsciousness of your duality.

Become the Man and Woman revealed and fiery by the Creative Force, by the Divine Force that can pierce you. Be totally and completely, the Creator of the Energy that is there now, the energy of the mighty Love opening your eyes so far closed to the Divine gaze, to the dazzling of Revelation, to the discovery of all the creation of the Father-Mother, of everything what is in you, of the dazzling encounter of the other, of your Brother, of your Sister, who will share with you all these treasures of Love discovered by you.

Be the action, the Fire of the Creator, the end of yourself, long awaited by you and that in the flash of Revelation, it is now revealed .

Only on this high note, become the dear child, dazzled by the power of this sweet light. Be this love they give you to live. Be like this forever, so radiant. As the brilliance of your Heart returns to ours, this great hope found shines from the sweetness of the Universes granted to this sublime note of Love .

We love you very much and the Father-Mother's home shines with a thousand bright lights in your honor

Keep moving, in action and in peace.

Our love for you is total.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Dominique Fihey


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