Message from the Divine Mother about Pain

  • 2013

The messenger is Connie Huebner

The transcript is from Susannah


Published on February 21, 2013, in asking the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother: People create a hardened face for the world, a stone face to hide true thoughts and feelings, and that hard face begins to close the third eye, simply with its contraction. Expansion is what we want; a soft, expanded heart, a soft and expanded face.

People tell me “If I am soft and broad I could be vulnerable to damage, therefore I have to close and protect myself. And I say to them: “Expand through any attack that might come. Stay softer, more expanded or expansive; so that the vibration of that attack energy does not penetrate through you and leave instead of vibrating in you and getting stuck, because as you close you hold it rigidly. With the closure, the opposite of what you want has been created. An explosion has been created with the pain of the attack. What I want is to let him go, let him go, flow through pain, and he dissipates. ”

In this there is a great misunderstanding, and I have to constantly remind people that they are stronger when they expand and soften because they have more access to their infinite Being.

Those who attack them come from a small, very hard place, have a hard knot, are stiff with pain and attack without even knowing it. This is what these extreme pain contractions create: they create a meaningless attack. And you can be victims of this senseless attack if you leave. Do not leave. Stay larger than this tiny and small attack. Expand through it; It is healing, it is what they must do within themselves, it is like expanding through it. If there is pain in you, because the attack can strike against the pain - dissolve, break, break, expand through it and soften. Soften through your pain so that no pain can ever hurt you again.

The defense against pain is to expand, to soften through it, so that it melts. There are so many people with pain in the world that they are attacking without thinking of others. Out of their own pain, they attack. You must be the solvent of pain, the fusion of garbage. You are too big to fall into the trap of pain (not even a little), so if your received attacks are motivated by pain that causes pain: that is where you have to heal what is stuck in you. Break, soften, expand through pain, do what must be done until it heals. It is not good for you to hire and defend your pain. It only helps them to dissolve.

You may find that you have to dissolve a lot of pain on this planet than people you don't even know. These are your destinies, these are your purposes. But as you clear this planet, we do not expect you to accumulate the pain you are dissolving, so, to expand beyond it, and become infinite. So, when a pain is thrown at you, you take it with your hand and throw it towards the infinite ocean where it melts, in which it completely disintegrates. When you see a worldwide expression of pain as demonstrated in the attack on organizations and groups, break, break. Keep the softening while saying break and break, keep expanding beyond the pain structures that the group is presenting and remain expansive. This will help the group more because their pain needs to be disintegrated; if they put pain in people and in people's lives.

Everything that is pain comes from fear. Fear creates pain. Fear collapses, and people collapse and shrink and shrink - even their infinite beings are so closely engaged with everything we experience all the time, and also with pain. And in his attempts to heal, to shake off the pain, without thinking; They throw it at other people. It is an unconscious action that comes from people who are suffering deeply, who are deeply afraid. I want you to understand this and have compassion. Having compassion, however, does not mean that you go up with him. His compassion is to heal, break his structure, send him to the Light. This is where we are now on this planet - the pain is breaking, the mandate to go to the Light must be heard everywhere and must be expanded to be greater than fear and pain.

You have to return to your Self, to your divine being who has incarnated here to heal this planet, to unite with others in the healing of this planet. Because there are not enough of you to make a significant change in the wrong way of life in which you live on this Earth, it does not mean that we must tolerate the old Earth, old ideas and old fears and much less old anger, The old terror. Break, break, heal their hearts. Love yourself. When they love themselves then they can love others. Those who hate others hate themselves. Hate is an extreme contraction - we must melt it.

You have a relationship with the pain that you have to let go. This relationship is not serving at all. Pain is not necessary. Let the relationship go, even though the relationship has defined in many circumstances. You do not need that definition. It weakens him. We must put aside the path of pain has defined his life. Try that. Intend to let it go. "

If someone cannot receive their love, it is because of their pain. It's not about them being bad or wrong. It is about your inability to receive, due to the degree of pain that you are carrying inside and do not want to love more, but you should never stop loving more.

Stop the pain on this planet

You are healing and you are helping others heal. They need them. Do not walk away when you see an injustice. Do something, either in your thoughts, or in your hearts, or in your actions. We must stop the pain on this planet.

The identification with the pain

Sometimes the identifications with pain are so sumptuous, so dramatic, that they make us feel like an important person who has overcome many obstacles, and we trust this identity. It is that identity that we are letting go. The true identity is: “I am infinite. I'm everything". Let's say inside that is what they are. “That identity of suffering is not what they are. Don't say it anymore. ”

Break the pain of fear

You are healing the fear that you have grasped and that you have clung to survive and that you have also dominated life on Earth so far. The little me feels that he must survive by enduring and trusting in what he should not trust. Therefore, he believes he is stronger and stronger, creating more and more pain. We are breaking the pain of fear, the pain of grip strength and the celebration of life in it. Pain is a result of fear, fear creates pain. Fear comes from not knowing that you are one with me. When you don't know that you are one with me; They become fear and fear generates pain. So you see, the truth is that you are one with me and there has been a mistake, you have forgotten, you have fled your home, and you have forgotten where you live.

A pain free life

I love. I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of love, which offers them a life where they can free themselves from pain. I need you to remember me and to accompany me. I need your decision to be joining my will, so that my will be done in you. I know what I can do for you. All they have to do is follow me, choose me, be with the Divine Will, and offer me all their denials, their illnesses, their pains and sufferings, and then they let them go.

Question: I have had several painful emotional experiences and I really can't seem to break this cycle of pain in which I am inside.

Divine Mother: It is your true self, honoring your true self, loving your True Self, and the joy will break the pain. Say: I am a divine being and joy fills me with joy.

The humility of the ego will continue to contract pain, will continue to cause pain. You have all seen it. They probably contract when they see it. Be your true self, honor your True Self, love your True Self, and the joy will break the pain completely. Love is inherent in joy; dissolves pain The truth is inherent in people who like what they are.

I really want you to know this and embrace it; the way to turn pain into joy is to love yourself, to love yourself constantly. Mentally, this may not make sense. Intellectually they are likely to make holes in it. But that is not what they are. You are a being of Truth. You know the limitations of the small intellect, of the ego. They feel the truth because they are true.

Inwardly, tell yourself right now: I give myself permission to love myself completely.

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