Kuthumi's Message to All the Children We Carry Inside

  • 2012

This is a message for all the children we carry inside.

Sweet children, beautiful beings!

Your being, your light is being called, your being must awaken to consciousness and must do so respecting the true nature of the being of light that nests within you.

You must respect and honor the innocence of your light. Of your soul. You must allow it to emerge from its purity without evil, only with innocence and unconditionality.

You are wonderful beings of light who decided to reprogram your being by materializing it in human essence.

You must remember and not forget what you truly are: white light full of peace and love that seeks union between all beings because we all come from the same source, from the same light.

Be honest with what your being asks for. Develop your gifts and skills from consciousness, knowing at all times who you are and why you do what you do.

It makes no sense when we act erroneously moved by earthly impulses, that we seek guilty of our actions.

We must act from the conscience in order to be responsible for the way we act.

Only we are our judges and we must be aware of the consequences of our actions, without reproach.

We are beings of light, so it is important not to forget that we have come. We all have a plan drawn to perfection and all those involved in it have been chosen with thoroughness and consent.

Everyone who is directly or indirectly related to a certain life plan already knew what and why we came. Therefore, it is only our responsibility that we develop our mission or not as established. For this, we ask our guides and guardians to watch over us while we ask that they act only in case of extreme need or when we ask for it consciously.

Therefore, I tell you and remember the importance and relevance of your requests. Decree three times what you need or want but do it from the conscience knowing why you ask because all your requests are linked to consequences that you must be prepared to accept, hence the importance of asking from the heart, not from the mind or from impulses Low and desperate.

Remember that everything that happens in your earthly life is given so that you learn, grow, evolve and elevate your vibration to the state you requested.

Do not forget that everything is agreed, that everything is part of a careful and thorough plan that we call life plan or mission.

The sooner you raise awareness in your life, the sooner you will connect with your mission.

To do this, you must proceed as established and do not skip any guidelines. Remember that for your elevation it is important and essential that you connect with your true self through love. You must be able to forgive, thank and send light and love with sincerity, humility and honesty.

The connection with your low emotions (pain, anger, despair, hatred, resentment, anger ...) does nothing but anchor you to the earth not allowing your true nature of love to come to light and can manifest itself to help you ascend.

We cannot pretend to raise our vibration without first having purified our being and released it from the chains that oppress it and anchor it to the earth.

The release of these bonds is our task. As much as we seek, however much tools we may store throughout our lives, it will be of no use if we do not understand that change is only possible through our acceptance and our desire, desire to change.

The commitment to change arises from our interior, from our heart, but the change is ours, not around us.

The change in our environment will only occur when we change within ourselves.

Many of you have already experienced it. Others are in it. You should not succumb to despair because everything is possible if you wish and are willing to do so.

Remember that we came alone and we left alone. Those who accompany us only do so during our earthly journey. Hence the importance of recognizing who our travel companions are. Some are for life, others are simple companions on some journeys, others are simple messengers.

We must recognize our being and our fellow men because although we are all equal and come from the same source, we chose the ones that best suited us for the life plan we have come to do.

It is also our decision, through free will, to connect or not with our life mission. Only we decide if we want to follow her or not. Sometimes the connection with this plan is not easy, it depends on what we come to experience and will also depend on the karmas we drag.

To greater purity, greater facility to connect with your mission.

It is not easy, nobody said it was, but we committed ourselves to it and sooner or later we must be accountable either in this life or before divine justice.

Do not fear anything because there is nothing to fear. The court of justice has always existed and its mission is none other than to ensure that the actions we have done are properly assessed, not judged because we cannot and should not judge since we act as we deem most appropriate by the circumstances of the moment.

Remember beautiful beings that you must enjoy the path, you must let yourself flow, you must squeeze the moment. Make the most of your stay on earth. It is only a stop where most of you have been more than once.

Be aware of your earthly limitations and be aware that you mark the limit. Try to be generous with the limits to allow fluidity in your life. Fluency needs an elasticity which is determined by how compromising you are with your limitations.

Remember and do not forget to be generous with yourself. You must love and embrace first in order to love and embrace others and in this way they can love and embrace you as you wish and need.

Everything we expect from others must be put into practice first because we act as mirrors.

We must reflect in our mirror what we want and want to make it visible to others. So, we must ensure that our image reflects what is inside our heart: love, understanding, humility, generosity ... light.

Let the LIGHT be what others see in us and light we will receive.

Remember that we receive what we give so we will be generous and give light and love, only then will we receive what we really want and long for.

Our reality begins with acceptance and by leading by example.

Let's be honest and sincere and everything will happen.

Dear and beautiful brothers of light, I am Kuthumi and I love you!

Channeled by Montse Macanás on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 5:30 am.

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