Anael's Message: We must be aware of unitary consciousness

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Many authors have expressed their experience, translating their access to Unit 2 The Living Being and the Unit are not linked to any external action arising from any knowledge 3 So, what is this illusion? 4 Turiya is the denomination of unitary consciousness

I am Anael, the Archangel.

Beloved children of light, dear seeds of stars, may peace, love, joy and unity be in you. I am here with you, first of all, to express a certain amount of elements concerning Unity and more particularly, how can the fact of living unity within this dissociated dimension and in these very special times be translated?

Many authors have expressed their experience, translating their access to the Unit

The first to translate his perception, by the notion of energy and modification of these energies, was of course, Sri Aurobindo.

Others have experienced these states of unity of consciousness, not to mention what we call, vibrations and light . In fact, each experience is different, but it should also be remembered that before the period corresponding to one or two generations, in addition to Sri Aurobindo in the 40s and 50s, it was very difficult to obtain the vibrational manifestations related, as you know, to the Beness, to the Light and to the new structures, which appeared about thirty years ago on the face of this Earth.

Today things are different and it is that many people have experienced their awakening, enlightenment and transformation. This results, of course and by activating a series of vibratory circuits, a friend for example has long remained interested in the various yogas, presented and revealed and their perception, even vibratory, translating beyond perception, into a change in his point of view and a change in his own way of seeing life, not limited within that body, without restrictions within the daily and habitual thoughts or emotions of the human being.

Living unity today translates into a growing number of human beings who open themselves to the Truth of Unity, beyond the perceptions that I will not develop today, instead we will talk about behavior that is sometimes important. The consciousness is changing . It manages to touch moments and states where the usual limitation is found, where the usual fragmentation of the ego no longer takes place. Consciousness is discovered infinite, unlimited, being able to access experiences that until now could not be revealed in the ordinary life of the human being, even if it was in a spiritual or investigative process .

The Living Being and Unity are not linked to any external action that arises from any knowledge.

Awakening and Unity are precisely states of Consciousness where belief no longer has any weight in the manifestation of Consciousness itself. The beings that live the Awakening will thus manifest the potentials, the actions and behaviors, which are profoundly different from what is expected in a social, emotional or other mold . The experience of unlimited Consciousness, which many of you are called to live in the days and weeks that manifest in your Consciousness, will lead you, little by little to separate yourself from a certain number of situations, beliefs and above all will allow you, in the Truth, leave the Illusion.

So what is this illusion?

The first of the illusions is, of course, to believe that life is confined to this world, to this planet and to what you are living and that is what you experience, precisely when you participate in the Illusion, It is illusion . This can go very far, although within Eastern texts and traditions, this illusion is omnipresent as a description. This world is described as illusory and yet and of course, within this world is your Consciousness.

You are even locked in this body and in the illusion that you are this body, to such an extent that Consciousness is totally dependent, so when you are locked you will not be able to manifest yourself, except in rare cases and out of this Consciousness . So of course, in the consciousness of man there are three states, these three states are called the waking state, the dream state and the state of absence.

The lack of state is where there is no memory of a dream, it is the dream deep in itself. There is also an awareness of the dream, however, limited by the dream of space itself . It disappears from your consciousness as soon as you wake up in the morning or at night. The awakening of consciousness or Eve, rather, is that they manifest in your life, whatever activities you activate.

Unitary consciousness, living the awareness of the fire of the heart, of the spirit and of being, requires the appearance of a fourth state of consciousness, which is neither the dream nor the state of vigil or absence. This particular state has a very precise oriental name called Turiya .

Turiya is the denomination of unitary consciousness

Unitary Consciousness is translated primarily by a non-limitation of the perception of Consciousness itself . There is therefore a disidentification, sometimes violent, during the so-called mystical and often progressive experience, although today and in the days to come, it will acquire great importance regardless of what has been lived so far, even by awakened human beings.

The Turiya state is the Unitary Consciousness that makes you say that there is no more separation, that there is no limit, where you can be this body and the entire universe, be a grain of sand, like the sea, like the ocean. Consciousness, so to speak, is no longer located as firmly as usual in a body and spacetime. There is therefore and within the Unity Consciousness, the real and lived ability (and that you will live) to literally extract the linearity of time, to get you out of your own life without abandoning your life.

This corresponds to access to this state of Turiya. Turiya is also reflected in a series of extremely important behavioral changes. The first is, of course, what I would call equanimity and the capacity of Consciousness, at that time, to no longer be a reaction to something. This results in a kind of emptiness, this emptiness in itself that makes the human being no longer subject to the law of action / reaction .

Speaking of the law of action / reaction, this refers first of all to what I would call emotions, secondly to what I would call the mind and finally to what has been called within your conscious life in this world , the law of action / reaction or law of karma . Step by step, living in Turiya will replace the law of action / reaction with the law of action of Grace. The law of action of Grace, manifesting within the Turiya state, will then allow states of Grace to live.

The fluidity of unity, the abandonment of light and the integration of light, will manifest in your life, what is necessary to go through what you still have to go through in this world of Illusion and that it really becomes one, as he said Sri Aurobindo, Creators of his present.

The Consciousness that lives the state of Turiya is no longer conditioned by the past and even less by the future. This means that there is no longer any concern about the fear projected by the mind in any future, regardless of whether it refers to your body, your profession, your affectivity, your children or your descendants. The state of Turiya is not a state of indifference, on the contrary, it is a state of total lucidity in which the hologram of the body is inserted.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento
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