Message from Lady Portia: “You Wear The Ball” by Kathryn E. May

  • 2014

Lady Portia speaks:

“St. Germain and I take turns talking to you in these last moments before the world takes a complete turn. We love talking to you, and we have both been very busy working with government officials and global financial leaders that we have been left, like an insect in your ears, fully involved in the day-to-day operations of Prosperity Programs that Are developing.

Of course, we have told you that we can be in many places at once, but it is also sometimes more effective if together we release much of our energy for a short time to concentrate as intensely as possible on a single person or group. Adamos and I like the combination of our vibratory energy by applying the violet flame when necessary, or to send huge waves of right love right into the heart of a recalcitrant being whose actions are important for the common good.

It is becoming more and more effective when we join forces with you on the ground, sending such Love and Compassion to your brothers and sisters . We observe the flow of loving energy in the environment in the same way that you would see a drop of dye in a glass of water. The swirling waves of color and light move through the atmosphere like ribbons of Light. We see the energy that is being sent especially to the Middle East, to conflict zones, as well as to the leaders of banking and finance, many of whom in the past have aligned themselves with the cabal. His vibrational messages of Love are literally taking them by surprise. Keep up the good work !

Their planned meditations are especially effective when they send their energy at 11 minutes of each hour. We love it when they combine their energy with ours to create a golden wave of cheerful and stimulating vibrations. Accelerate the changes we all want to implement, and we can't do it without you. It is part of the contract that we have agreed with you from the beginning: we cannot send more energy than you to achieve change. This creates a fair balance, and it means that we can never achieve any change that you have not begun to create yourself. In this way, you are always guiding the design and manifesting the world that you imagine . Then we can throw our energies back to help them.

You see, we must always allow you to have at least 51% of the influence of your planet's conditions. It is part of the Universal Laws, since we cannot intervene in the local affairs of a planet and in day-to-day activities. The only exception has been if people are involved in the construction of nuclear weapons, because as we have already said, it is dangerous for the entire Multiverse.

It was decided in the Councils that their military fans would never be allowed to make nuclear explosions, either for testing or in combat.

Of course, they have now designed the missiles that can be created from small amounts of depleted uranium, the waste product of nuclear power plants. The use of nuclear energy to generate electricity was a foolish idea from the beginning, as scientists had no idea how to dispose of waste or how to control powerful reactions if there was a small error or a leak. It was a truly reckless idea, which was sold to people as a panacea, but in reality it was simply another of the profitable and massive experiments due to the enormous expense in the construction and maintenance of extremely dangerous plants, and the impossibility of having waste

Needless to say, there is no good way to get rid of a substance with a half-life of thousands of years, and there is no known way in your world to neutralize its toxic effects. Of course, the builders were aware of this when they convinced their political friends to approve their irresponsible plans, but they all understood at the time that waste products could be a useful source of weapons of war, as they have become . You have seen the effect of this factor in the discussions of Iran's nuclear potentials and the waste of its reactors. It is a time bomb worldwide.

For these reasons, it was determined that the Ashtar Command would begin a program to clear nuclear waste, the use of advanced technologies brought by its galactic brothers and sisters to remedy the problem. There has been an effective intervention in many parts of the world, in line with the activity on the ground to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the dismantling of nuclear power plants. It has been a shame that since the spills and accidents in nuclear power plants and that have been mostly protected, there has been an indifferent attitude on the part of people. It is the common belief that, since the plants have not exploded all over the world, there should not be much danger.

There has been little information in the media about parts of the world that have been massively contaminated by the Fukushima accident; There has hardly been major news about “ entire coastline ” that has been devastated by the movement of ocean currents that transport radioactive waste. They have been told that they were completely cleaned by the Galactic, but unfortunately it has not yet been achieved, although there is great will on their part and they will gladly finish the job. They require their continued participation and their energy contribution to intervene in a very dramatic way to complete the work.

I want to ask everyone to join St. Germain and me, the other Teachers and the Brothers and Sisters from across the galaxy who wish to help restore the oceans of Mother Terra to their pristine condition. It is a huge task, but it will be solved quickly with the concerted efforts of all of us together .

We ask you to join us for a powerful explosi nn-expansi of the Violet Flame energy to cancel and clean all toxic waste from nuclear weapons power plants around the world, and to accelerate the dismantling of the 435 nuclear power plants currently operating worldwide. In addition, there are 71 under construction, 29 of them in China, all approved for construction from Fukushima. Why this roulette immersed in the environment has been allowed by the peoples of the world?

In part, the answer is that governments have turned a deaf ear to the protests of citizen groups, but times are changing, Dear Ones. Think about the facts of how dangerous this technological time bomb really is, and get rid of the official governments that support them. Do the fire test for those who want in the post, and clean up irrational thieves and capitalists who only care about the benefits and who only see the financial results without having in Count the environmental hazards. Why would they want someone with that description in that position anyway? You could eliminate all these elements in an electoral cycle. He wouldn't even have to wait for the Justice Department to raise a case against them to get them out of the positions of power they now have, although many will join very soon for their crimes accumulated against the people and They will make their pa assassin's pass (perp walk) *.

(* Translator's note: Perp walk: or walking the murderer, it is a common custom of application of American law, the practice of taking a suspect arrested through a place p Public at some point after the arrest, it creates an opportunity for the media to take pictures and videos of the event. Typically handcuffed or otherwise restricted, and sometimes dressed in prisoner uniform).

So, join us and continue to visualize and create the world of our dreams: a world in which everyone is saved from man-made disasters, from diseases caused for the toxic chemicals, the dirty water, and the reckless indifference to the pain inflicted on our dear Mother Terra. Send your powerful energy of Love across the planet, flooding the entire earth with your passionate intention to heal and release all destructive energies and waste of ideas and dark actions .

Include in your Vision the complete elimination of all genetically modified food products and all chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Imagine in the eye of your mind the decline of industrial farms and slavery of animals. See them empty of animals and the closing of their doors due to the lack of demand for meat and meat products, since like all beings, land animals and humans alike evolve from carnivores to omnivores, and then herbivores, or as human beings like to call themselves vegans. As your planet rises in vibration, there will be less and less interest in eating the meat of animals that have become friends .

Have you noticed how easy it is to find organic food in your markets? Have you seen how many restaurants offer vegetarian specialties? When they go out into the world and profess their preferences in the markets and restaurants, when they get to know the farmers in their area and support their efforts for the growth of organic fruits and vegetables they will be making a great contribution to the positive change that we yearn for.

Every decision counts. Each food choice carries a moral implication. Are you going to take a turn towards the Light in every area of ​​your life? Are they going to “bet” on a healthy and sustainable Paradise as their living environment, or will they support the cabal in their food purchase options that have been grown with their deadly poisons or will they buy water in plastic bottles, What strangles and destroys the oceans and all who bathe in them?

You see, Dear ones, these are the changes that money cannot buy. RV is not necessary (monetary revaluation - although they will have it anyway) to create a massive change in the world in which they live. They just have to stop giving their money to the culprits who are encouraging their disappearance, making the whole population sick, causing birth defects and cancer, and lying about it. It's so simple, isn't it? If every person reading this withdraws their support for the polluters of the world, the world would be a different place.

Now, go to their lists of things that are toxic. Refuse to use toxic cleaning products. Eliminate all plastic bags. Do not take anything home that is made of plastic. Read the labels to make sure you are not using fluoride toothpaste or fruit drinks with sugar . Do not buy anything in cans or boxes. Ask your store to unpack the fruits and vegetables, or do not buy them. Carry your own bags, and don't feel that you have to wrap every item you buy in plastic just to take it home. It is simple to carry tights or cloth bags to wrap your food. Do it for Mother Earth and for yourself.

Loving yourself, your family and your planet is not a thing to do at some other time. You must be loyal; always be aware of the effects of their actions, themselves, their community and their beloved planet . As our dear St. Germain has said, the "Mark of a Master" is to be in complete control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Now, expand this definition to include all your actions, wherever you go, every time you make a purchase, no matter how small, whenever you plan a meal or enter a restaurant. Honor your commitments to yourself and your spiritual family, and as you do you will find yourself rising above the old habits, treat yourself with uplifting and joyful thoughts, and become healthy in the business.

Soon they will be receiving huge blessings. As you plan the ways in which you will use your funds, be aware of the request we have just made to you, remember that you are the guardians of your beloved planet. Don't forget him / her, in your excitement buying all the things you have always wanted. Instead, go to the depths of your Heart, where our pure Love flows through you and into the Heart of Terra. Honor this connection Beloved, and go out to create Heaven on Earth.

The way and how quickly global changes manifest will depend on you. We are here, always by your side, moving the energy that spins the wheel, moving forward when you do it, braking when you brake. This has of course been the reason for some of the delays they experience. We are not allowed to be "out of play" if you are not carrying the ball in the same direction as us. So, come on, let's go at full speed singing our joyful marching songs and singing praises to our loving God.

We are here with you, delighting in the triumph of these moments, and we are dedicated and delighted to be moving with you in harmony. We are the ones who always and gladly "keep our backs". You just have to be aware of what lies ahead.

Together, Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are winning the game and changing the world.

I am yours, joyfully dedicated to the Great Plan.

Your Portia


Message from Lady Portia: “You Wear The Ball” Transcribed by Kathryn E. May

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