Light message from the Pleiadian collective

  • 2016

Buenas Very good night dear Uranians sent you a tender and warm hug full of light and love. We want to greet you harmoniously in this time of now and we have come to tell you a good news, we have designed a plan of support and help for you. We know and know their predicaments and we are helping them in these times of profound transformation. I know that some of you have deeply wanted to establish a face-to-face and telepathic contact with us and that time will come, but for now we are communicating with you during your dream hours and rest when the mind is more open and willing to release its most entrenched proposals and beliefs. We have come from a set of sister stars whom you have called the seven sisters and it is our greatest honor to be here and support you during your transition from a semi-conscious state to a more conscious or awake one. You are the messengers of dawn. The builders of a new reality.

We have come many times and our work, he and he of my crew is to help them in medical and scientific advances of high quality to ensure the full healing of the current DNA template and to wake up from the twelve layers of the same and its Stellar body of light is this of a Pleiadian origin or another star system. I and my beloved sister Commander Albina are leading an advanced project, we want to speak to the minds of their purest scientists and deliver new medicines based on their world vegetable and mineral, also with a photonic origin whose main task is to re-order the DNA codices and thereby rewrite the history of its similar structure. We will not lie to you, the process will last a couple of years but I am happy to inform you that the seed of this work has been planted in young minds, scientists without much prejudice and ancient Pleiadian souls in service of their planet and solar system. We are glad to inform you also that the bases for the cleanliness of your planet's nuclear energy have been established, even if you don't believe it, we have agents in your most orthodox government systems and attached to the old ways of thinking and we tell you * we are talking to their world leaders on natural methods to reduce the destructive action of their nuclear energy to zero *. Your governments have known us for a long time that we contacted you should not come as a surprise to any of you.

I am a Pleiadian light ambassador and I have come with a primary objective to facilitate the healing methods that your bodies poisoned with mercury, plutonium and nuclear energy urgently need. They are a controlled society; and not because of a foreign tyranny from the lizards. NO! you are controlled by your secret government systems and your old energy military forces . You are Manipulated to behave, think and feel in a very determined way and this has already long, your power structures know how to do it; unfortunately they were trained for it and the Pleiadians have our hands in it. We play to be gods slowing their evolution and transforming them in a particular way, we gave them part of us but we slowed their access to that stellar part of you and now we have returned to you and Activate what you are good are DIVINE BEINGS and CHILDREN OF THE STARS.

It will seem like an illusion, a delirium of the messenger but it is not so, if you look closely at the message and feel you will perceive a subtle but powerful energy that surrounds this communication because here I am dispensing with my sister Albina and my Pleiadian brothers a series of codices that well they will help you to see your reality better, I assure you, they should not fear the changes that their morphological fields are undergoing, they are only in the minutes before the chrysalis break. Although they do not believe it, the old energy of control begins to disperse and many more are called to assume the leading role they came to play. It is not easy to know that we are subject to such complex rules as those of their mistaken belief systems, but we assure you that things are about to change, we have come because the elders of the interstellar council have called us to serve and we do it gladly, we are their Fathers molded them from the primordial mud and gave them their first and long steps and with this we also castrated them, so we have returned their divine right back. We no longer want to leave them more isolated from their multidimensional reality, we need them to take the step that brings them closer to us once again. We have a lot of work ahead of us, I ask you not to be afraid to ask for the assistance of my space fleet. We have come to assist you without causing any harm.

You can visit our ships whenever you want and whenever you want, your mere intention of contacting me will make our radars visible. Think hard:

Commander Undinne requested his permission to board his interstellar fleet during my rest hours to heal and re-encode my DNA!

It is more than enough to let us know that they intend to bring a new reality to their planet and so it is. We say goodbye in deep respect and love.

I am the Pleiadian ambassador Undinne with the Pleiadian commander Albina and we say goodbye with great respect for you interstellar brothers and so it is.

AUTHOR: Rainier Cedeño

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