Message from Goddess Lakshmi: Our arrival among you is just beginning

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 A lot of changes are happening in your world, isn't it? 2 You must channel the presence of your I am, so that you can carry out the transformation 3 Do you know why there is so much suffering and so many mental illnesses within this amazing planet? 4 Now I say goodbye, but not before leaving a message of Christ's conscience

Namaste, I am Goddess Lakshmi.

I am here today with the purpose of confirming the arrival of some of the cosmic ships to your world, but I must announce with some pleasure, that you will also be welcomed to the ship where Christ Orion comes, who will come to your world in order to assist them during the authentic " role-playing games" or "development games ", effective here and there, so I would like to start by saying that each of the games is being supervised by the intergalactic confederation of free worlds .

A lot of changes are happening in your world, isn't it?

It is only necessary to appreciate the lights and avatars that unfold in the world according to the different dimensions because of the beings that inhabit them. All of them do an excellent job and that is why shortly, you will have the opportunity to share working methods with different beings, which will allow you to hasten your ascension process, doing it in a collective way, since you all have the power and energy necessary to achieve it inside.

Our arrival among you is just beginning and it is possible to appreciate through the progress that the light has had within the earth, who is welcoming us. During the following weeks, we will be sharing with you all several spiritual tools that will help you to catch up with the capacity that you have inside and that have not yet been able to develop to your fullest potential . First we will start talking about your anchor, we suggest that you start your day through the decrease of your white channel towards the central Sun, then anchor it in the inner core of Gaia, finally projecting it on the new crystalline grid that is around from Gaia.

In this way, they will be able to go towards their multidimensionality, staying in some way connected or re-wired, with the frequency emitted by that radiant diamond they call the Sun. This way they can receive the universal and spiritual information they need to continue advancing in their respective functions and all their projects.

They must channel the presence of their “I am”, so that they can carry out the transformation

We recommend you do it daily, since channeling the presence of your “I Am”, consists in its transformation, so that you can eliminate and protect yourself from all those energies that do not harmonize with your rhythm and vibrational state . Obviously and as their new vibratory structure is established leaving behind any negative or dark energy, they will have to continue performing it, since it is the only way they can visualize the channel every day and make it solidify.

They will agree that the way to develop and receive this help is with discipline and perseverance . They must take the time to breathe deeply and calmly, while opening up to all those free energies that are circulating around and inside their world. And in saying, "your world, " we are not referring to the universe, but to that spiritual world that each one of you carries within and of which you are guardians . Each one of you is the pillar and the one in charge of stabilizing that world, keeping in it the Peace that is needed so that Melchizedek, the Prince of Peace, can reach it and help you fulfill your mission. n.

Receive these words, which are an infusion that will be of great help to you during your development and integration process with each of your cosmic relatives.

We will also give you a reminder about some dual thoughts that often go through your mind frequently more than once. We wish to emphasize the great power that has now and try to make them know everything they need to calm their minds . Your mind functions as a hologram of thoughts, so you need to be calm to get a series of synchronizations going on that will begin creations and achievements of your mission on earth . The only obstacles that could prevent their minds from manifesting their creations are their fears and doubts, since they are negative feelings that interfere with their development process.

Do you know why there is so much suffering and so many mental illnesses within this amazing planet?

Because they are obstacles generated by negative forces, whose purpose is to prevent you from having access to all your inner power and knowing the truth, which will free you from any type of low frequency creations.

So I must ask you, do you understand the importance of the fact that you open your hearts and calm your mind, filling yourself with Peace so that Melchizec comes to you and helps you develop during this period? Keep in mind that your thoughts, in a way, are a duality generated in the ancient world which you must tear down and leave behind in order to secure your victory in the name of Christ.

Today and in the course of the following days, we will be sending you some tools that will facilitate your experiences, while also speeding not only your development, but also your ascension and transcendence process .

We advise you to become observers of your own thoughts ; look into your hearts and welcome any fear, injury or trauma, welcome each of your vulnerabilities, know them and overcome them so you can wake up and develop your inner power to the fullest . When they do this, they have to speak to their guides and cosmic family members, to ask for help in leaving behind all the negative and finding Peace to be what they should be. They must remember to ask for it aloud, since in this way, they will be able to anchor the energies of the universe to their matter. Likewise, we recommend that you work with the code “71042”: Harmony of Grégori Grabavoi, which will help you achieve harmony in this period of development and succeed in everything you undertake.

Now I say goodbye, but not before leaving a message of Christ's conscience

Each of you beloved brothers, you should know that we are here with you and that we work every day like you to strengthen and generate a greater connection between you and us. Remember that we are always at your side, to guide and welcome you, provided you are ready to accept the truth, see reality and establish a relationship of harmony . We are the conscience of Christ, we are beings of Light and we are also his cosmic relatives; We are all part of that great consciousness that lived, lives and will live in Christ, we are his incarnation and we all meet in this universe to find the meaning of this world in which we have chosen to dwell. It is about reaching a beautiful reflection before moving on to Paradise that the creative Source has conceived for all beings!

We say goodbye with love. It was a real pleasure, to be able to give them the good news.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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