Message from teacher Kwan Yin: The inner journey to the heart

  • 2016

Grateful for our meeting

Going into the heart is a fascinating and confusing journey, it is something that often misrepresents what are the concepts of the outside and what is in us.

We handle internal emotions: what we want, what we look for, what we transform. And the emotion of the exterior: what makes us up, many times as defined by a set of people, a set of situations, a set of beings, virtues and everything we constantly rate.

The inner journey to the heart is a maze that can be very confusing, is trying to find what we really want and trying to find what others want too.

The trip to the heart is to understand that emotions also become false emotions.

Are we really sorry?

Do we really want it?

Is it really us?

We come to act according to the circumstances, according to what others tell us to define and then believe that these are our emotions.

We are also guided by a world that is thirsty for change but does not know what to change, knows that it needs many things but does not specify what it needs first.

Many times such are our emotions, our sadness has an origin but does it really only have one origin or has several origins? Does our happiness have an origin or does it have several origins?

And it is that really no emotion can be generated from a single link, between us, the circumstances, the beings and what is projected.

I have been happy for different reasons and I can be sad for different factors, but in reality which of them makes me prioritize what I need? What do beings really want?

Then, the internal journey to the heart, being confused and also being something that generates false emotions, can determine what we are in the now, the way we act and conduct ourselves.

Of course, emotions can become a concept that frees the mind or a concept that catches him many times in remorse, attachment, sadness, anger, but many others release him by being brave, enthusiastic, happy.

How then to be enthusiastic, happy, brave?

The courage of beings is manifested when they dare to live, many times the brave only dare when they measure the road and when they know what is on the other side, however, it is brave who, without knowing what exists on the road, is given the opportunity to live it, that is, another internal journey to the heart, to dare, regardless of everything that has happened or has stopped happening.

Courage is to be happy with everything that happened, because that is when you know that the lesson of each circumstance was necessary to determine now, the value you will have to continue with much more than what you have already been able to achieve today.

How to free yourself from sadness, anger and remorse?

Remorse is the memory of everything that has happened, but that is when we understand that it is no longer present, there is no way to transform it into the now, but to understand it differently, to learn to live with everything that hurts, That hurts, that tires.

Understand that it is a concept of yesterday but that they have all the intelligence, the courage, to be able to do it differently in the now ... another internal journey to the heart .

Regardless of everything that happens, there is a way to change it because you have a now, a present, a path, that is when sadness, anger and remorse are nothing more than an opportunity to understand what they really need now.

Is the remorse of beings really an internal value or is it an external value?

False emotions are generated with all those concepts that people expect of us, a courage misunderstood for others, a happiness misunderstood for others and everything that for others is what should happen.

The internal journey to the heart must be done with transparency, understand what is really needed, what emotions, remorse is natural or is the words of third parties, the collective, the world.

The others are flawed because they also need someone else to act for them, so that they do not allow themselves to do internally, they do not have the courage to act.

Why do beings try to be changing the emotions of others? It is not an idea that they cannot change it in themselves.

Do you constantly evaluate what others do or stop doing emotionally, in regrets, in guilt, in misunderstood values?

Isn't it because you don't see what you need to release internally?

He who speaks that another must free himself to be happy, is trying to make someone do what that same being could not do.

The being who is trying to change the environment all the time for others to do and thus be happy, is not realizing that he is letting the most valuable opportunity pass that He has to change himself to be happy.

That being that changes from the inside to the outside transforms everything, transforms its environment, transforms its world and that is when the circumstances, the values, are well understood.

False emotions, therefore, are something that will always exist, but that will not exist inside.

And this confusing maze that will suddenly emerge at every moment, will then be fascinating, because it will be a daily challenge to understand which emotions are required, which are truly ours and which are also n those who belong to the world that dares not live, that only dares to define but has not been able to transform.

Then get into the most valuable thing you have, a heart of emotions, those sensitive fibers that can change the world, that can change your life and that can transform your eternity, not so let others generate, if not for what you have in each of you.

Do not forget that the inner journey to the heart is the most fascinating journey, the most confusing trip but I assure you that it is the most lasting, then make the stay happy, calm, brave and understand What it really is to be happy.

Daring to be happy is a matter of decision, of value, not of definitions.

United in eternity with you on the journey to happiness

Channeled by: Fernanda Abundes (February 21, 2016, Puebla, Mexico)

Published by: Geny Castell

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