Message from Master Lady Rowena: The sea of ​​happiness

  • 2016

Amazed by such a pleasant company ...

I always wonder why we commit ourselves in human life to many things we really do not want ?, and why do we forget those that will truly be transcendent for us? and it is that emotions take us to a sea of ​​conflict many times, but they also lead us to great happiness, we cross the river of fear, we also reach the sea of ​​happiness, we fade through the cascade of conflict and this same conflict makes us Get to a chaos of emotions. Not all the chaos, not all the conflicts have to be strictly bad, many times we learn that from everything that conflicts us we get great lessons and it is that perhaps, what hurts most suddenly, is what has made us stronger.

But why then consider conflicts so transcendent? Or why consider those great tests as the ones that really teach us? We have taught a mind to grow through conflict and evidence, we have not made it simple, they have taught us that what costs work is what prevails most, they have taught us that the one who finds it hard to be born is the one who is stronger.

Why not make life simple, when it can be? and it is that everything in life has been given to us as simple as to be able to take advantage of it, but we still want to make it complex, difficult, tedious many times and we live in a mind that is waiting for the conditions of its exterior. We live in expectation of the conditions of human beings who commit themselves to us and there is no commitment among ourselves to twinning towards the same path and towards the same end.

In the competition of every equal being, we consider that there is one that is different, then why not say that there is no competition to be all equal because we all already are; there could be no competition for a quality that is of nature, when we say: we will expect to be all the same, it means that in the present someone is different or some are.

And we are afraid of the opportunity of life, the opportunity of experience and the opportunity of creation, there is something wonderful in all of us that is goodness and goodness, we could say that it applies to everything we sometimes consider to be it does not even exist, goodness is something that is forgotten because more is said about respect, goodness is something that is forgotten because one speaks of equity, goodness is forgotten because there is talk of trying to define the same situations that precisely distance the world. Goodness is something we could manifest as a perfect soul and perfection does not lie in equating something, simply in being as it is, since there are a million perfections in the sea of ​​happiness, because in the sea of happiness each drop finds to join with another drop or with the set of the drops to make something big, that's why they have formed a sea. There is in the sand the perfect reality to say that there is something solid that is waiting for when these drops have to reach that point where they will suddenly dry up and evaporate but return to that sea of ​​happiness.

We could say that the sand is then what suddenly makes us land in a complex world, in a world where we will have to take advantage of our patience to get ahead, where it makes us understand that there is a small light, that great sun that is going to us to evaporate to return to what we truly are, a sea of ​​happiness.

Perhaps suddenly we will not immediately return to the sea of ​​happiness and take us first to a somewhat complex river to cross, with a fairly complex flow, but in the end we will return to the same, to what we truly belong.

Suddenly that great cloud takes us to a salty place or a sweet place, but we will return at the same time to join with the same drops and that is where goodness plays a very important role, the soul manifests itself in perfection, in the set of Perfection

Perfection is not an absolute, unique ideal, it means that perfection is something that lies in each one of us. The smile of a child is perfect because it is pure and the tears of an adult are perfect because at the same time they are, they are crystalline, they suddenly show the sweetness and sensitivity of the soul, they also often show the tragedy of the mind, they also show the longing for certain people who have returned to that great cloud and that for the moment are suspended but also belong to the sea of ​​happiness, those beings that are far away and we consider ourselves, but they are those great clouds that take care of us, are those great clouds that are reflected in the sea and tell us that there they are, in the same reflection of what we have always been and suddenly they arrive and suddenly they fall into that sea to be with us again, the same sea of ​​happiness .

Goodness is that which is shown as unique in ourselves, not in the ideal of the whole, goodness is something simple and at the same time complex for humanity; we could say that goodness is something simple, it is simple at the moment in which goodness is only being like each one of us, it is kind that is shown as it is, it is kind that he accepts the beings around him He accepts them because he knows they are not equal to him but they are so perfect because they are themselves. To be perfect is to be in oneself what oneself is, with the defects, with the virtues, with the qualities and is that those defects are not defects, are characteristic of the goodness of being as it is, with an ideal, going beyond the perfection of trying to be as balanced as possible with ourselves, not with the ideal of humanity.

To be kind is to touch with the soul those suddenly adverse conditions of human life, to be kind is that in our word the truly transparent soul is guided and not the mind that often judges, compares and that many times it comes to hurt the most sensitive hearts and the most sensitive hearts are those that lend us ears to understand all our speeches, that is the sensitive hearts, those who do not know how to filter what is good and convenient for us and is that in each of you lies a sensitive heart with certain beings, you open those wonderful and kind ears to hear things that hurt you, to understand things that you should not understand and those same Ears also lend themselves to flatter you, to listen to sensible and good things for you.

Sensitive hearts must suddenly be not rigid but they are ready to know what they really deserve to hear, because the world will always try to define them, not everyone behaves kindly when they qualify and not Everyone behaves kindly when defining their life . Many times it is the somewhat rigid minds that tell you that you have done well, that you have done wrong, or you yourself allow that sensitive heart to go beyond there and allow many times to show crystalline when certain tears are shed due to certain conditions.

You always be kind, always have a sensitive heart but always a filter of goodness to know that there are certain perfections that go against your own perfection and that you should not, as they say, close to listen, but yes close to understand; They must understand what they deserve and they must understand what they are really worth.

Do not ask the world to define your value because then you will find a thousand qualifications, ask for yourselves in the reflection of that sea of ​​happiness, to define as close as possible to what your existence really is.

Perfection then lies in being oneself, in not considering that an absolute ideal is unified to be the same as all because then there would be no perfection, there would be a perfect trying to match everyone, but it is not perfection, there then, lies the error .

Be kind in speaking, may your words be kind without judging others, just because they do not match your same realities. You have the same healing in kindness, the one who feels suddenly dejected by the conditions he has lived, because he considers that he has only fallen into the salty river, that he himself has taken a channel so confusing, so difficult, so sad and Many times you do not want to continue, remember that if you navigate with kindness, the same drops will evaporate and transport you to the place you really want to be.

Pink flame

And they have asked me then, to give you a gift and I will give you a wonderful gift that is with you all, a flame to transmute, a flame to heal but above all a flame of goodness, a perfect color that pleases me and it is perfect because it lies in the perfection of the one who says it, for you there is a perfect color too and there is a perfect being that is listening to me in each of you with a sensitive heart and with a kind heart. You give kindness to beings being yourselves. He who has suddenly crystallized his sadness in small drops that spill and you can observe, be kind and ask that those drops evaporate and take you to the sea of ​​happiness.

I will eradicate with each one of you, with those kind hearts, kind ears but intelligent ears too, understand what you should understand and what not, always ask that it evaporate and take you to the sea of ​​happiness.

Great aspect of nature to transmute all the time, which we decided to transmute. I will also work with the same flame in an internal healing with each of you.

No one needs healing more than other beings, but if your heart is kind, remember that you should only listen to what you truly want for yourself. My healing is with you.

Amazed at the meeting.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes (Puebla, Mexico)

Published by Geny Castell editor of the great family of

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