Message of Jesus: Open to each facet of the divine conscience

  • 2018

Dear brothers, there is an enormous commotion among the masses, among those who until now were not prepared to listen and understand the inner voices of the Spirit or to go deeper into their knowledge, about the mysteries that surround the creation, since the frequency patterns that make up the new Basic Divine Plan, which extends through the currents of change, begin to flow within their consciences.

Regardless of the place within the Path of Illumination and the Light they are in, by taking the time to understand these messages that we constantly give them and do everything they can to regain their self-control, there will be a place to you within the new Legions of Light, which are found growing around the world and while becoming more competent and able to adhere to the majesty and power of the Higher Dimensions and begin to glimpse how wonderful the existence plans designed by the Source really are, your excitement about these will begin to increase.

Don't be closed, open your hearts

One of the main parts that make up the physical interaction, it is necessary to explain the purpose of understanding everything better, is the balance between the feminine and masculine energies that inhabit all of you. The war between the sexes began periods ago, at a time when several energies emanating from the Atlantean and Lemurian races began to merge.

The Lemurians were "Illuminated from Above" through the energy radiated by the beloved Mother Goddess

That is why this energy focused on the inclusion of love / emotional nature in the physical body, as well as in the desire to create physically, while encouraging to help new spirits that were reaching the Earth planet . Likewise, the last purpose of this energy, although not less important than the others, was to implant the intuitive mental connection of all souls with the spirit, by means of the string of creation of Light and Life. And that has been exactly from the beginning, the absolute vision in the Basic Divine Plan, which the Source designed for humanity during this stage of existence.

Each of you was like little children who decided to incarnate on Earth at this time, because you knew that this would be not only a new experience but also a very big one, which would allow you to expand your knowledge and live circumstances that otherwise could not .

Beloved hearts of Light, each one of you is the sum of all those great experiences you have had and of the ancient memories that you have accumulated in each of your incarnations. They have experienced numerous lives as feminine beings, in which they have been mistreated and / or abused by men and have also lived multiple incarnations as male beings where they have had to suffer the loss of the companion they loved so much, where they were betrayed and where Somehow, they have failed to live up to it.

Each of these contradictory energies, directly encoded within the Atom of the Seed of Memory, not only within its uric fields, but also in DNA and in its brain structures, will continue to distort its perception. n about the opposite sex until healed and united.

And to heal and connect both facets it is necessary that they develop a sense of self-esteem and balanced self-esteem; Learn to trust yourself and those around you, releasing all suffering and forgiving yourself and the rest of the people .

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