Adama's message: Discover your sacred center in the maze of your life

  • 2018

I am the regenerating, uplifting Light, radiating eternally, invigorating you, enriching you with your own action of constant elevation and transmutation. Yes, the Light is and always will be, the action of all transmutation towards the Kingdom of the Source .

There are two contradictory forces, but intimately united by the will of the Father-Mother Creator, the force of evolution and the force of involvement. One moves you away from the Source, the other brings you closer and closer to this beneficial energy of Reunification .

This Light penetrates each of your cells, cleans them deeply to transmute them and elevate them to higher dimensions.

Light, Love and Freedom radiate within you

The divine destiny of each man on this planet, that state of man by the awakening of your consciousness and by that of the Christic atom established in the center of your Being, allows you to grow in the consciousness of the eternal path of wisdom and love, to merge with the great consciousness of Everything .

The establishment of this Light within you as an individual conscience, makes you join the great family of the children of the Most High .

That duality dominated by the forces of involution, which despite the end that awaits you in the domination of the Earth plan, tries to maintain its power of separation and suffering, makes it difficult for most of your brothers and sisters to understand truly their roles, the destiny of their lives and the fundamental discovery of belonging in a Divine State.

It is by the force of the action, by your work, Brother and Sister, often called " the enlightened ones ", that they will be the revelation on Earth. Everything is there. That search led you to the labyrinth of your life to discover your secret and sacred center, your center of Light that opens the door of Revelations.

No, no one is elected or has to believe elected

All the sons and daughters of the Most High choose whether or not to find this way of the Lord. Everyone must bow down before this Divine Treasure, that unlimited spark of life, so humble and so radiant of revelation, of belonging to the awakened state. It all starts from yourself, from this discovery, from this secret atom of revelation that allows the release of your All Power.

It all starts from the force and radiance of this atom-life that expands around you, generating chain reactions in your cells that ignite and expand that secret fire, transforming your energy into Flaming Central Light. Therefore, and upon discovering this treasure that is within you, upon discovering your own liberation, you will become that sun of love capable of transmuting and elevating everything around you.

Someone said: "Give me a lever and I will lift the world"

That lever is that of light and love that is within your reach, inside and in the center of you. No one gives it to you, nor can you find it for you. Seeing each of these hearts on Earth awakened by the discovery and expansion of his Divine Atom, fills us with so much joy and happiness.

In this way, the transformation of the world is carried out through this gigantic and simple work of individual and collective consciousness of your divine state, freeing you from the still powerful chains of the duality of that world. Open yourself to this Love, to this freedom that comes from you and that lifts you towards us, allowing intimate marriage and the fusion of our energies, in an action that will accelerate the awakening of your Planet.

Peace and love in you, always.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Dominique Fihey

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