Message from Jesus of Nazareth. Christmas 2010

  • 2010

Today I want to reach all human beings, on this anniversary of my birth, at these important moments in the history of mankind, it will be important to call for unity through love.

Many, along the way, have forgotten their true essence, have forgotten that they are here, many still think that Jesus is the cross, and I really tell them that I am the light, the light that illuminates their path through my love and teachings and not of the cross, through their suffering, are here to be happy, forgive all who have ever hurt them, change their past, changing the meaning of each offense received, changing the way they see things, put yourself from another perspective, get off the cross and direct your life towards the light, you are your own light, that light that has remained silent, waiting for it to emerge from the bottom of your heart. Do not worry about the darkness around you, remember that you live in a world of duality, so that your brothers recognize the light, they must come from the darkness, try to be the light for all those who touch their life, if someone appears in your life, has some reason to be, don't forget it.

Trust yourself, the last teacher you will have in your life, you will be yourselves, put aside so much spiritual dressing, it is not necessary, just try to be one with God, joyful, fun, compassionate, generous, forgiving everyone and above all to yourselves, your perfection lies in your own imperfection, paradoxical, but it is real, each imperfection makes you unique and unrepeatable, do not worry about being perfect, just a little better every day, that's enough to get home . One day my father José told me that in order to become a great man, he would have to be a great son, imitating the good and learning from the negative, when someone lives lamenting what his life was like, he becomes a being without movement, stuck in its own bitterness, for what could be and was not, see what can be and not what it is at this moment.

Life is a gift from the Father, He, the will, do not misunderstand the words for not knowing their meaning, the will, is the force of action, it is not a decision of the father, so That if the will is the father's force of action, only yours is missing to carry out all that is proposed.

This Christmas I want you to celebrate life, the opportunity you have to know who you really are, illuminate your homes with love, in addition to the lights on your trees, give your peace, share your joy with the world, your own world, share what much or little they have, with whom else needs it, without expecting anything in return, just their own well-being of having helped someone else be happy. At this time, there are many sad people, bring the light of God to all, but not only one night, but all that they have.

From my light, to yours, receive a hug of love from all the higher realms, know that everyone is loved and loved, and we wish you a happy stay for as long as you decide to stay, on that wonderful planet called earth.


Christmas 2010

Channeled: Miguel Morlet

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