Message from Master Kwan Yin: "The wonder of the inner journey." Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Blessed of this encounter ...

The inner journey is deep but not only deep because it is considered to be within us but because it needs a great teaching and having had a great learning but above all to have the intention of initiating what that trip is, suddenly take the boat needed to reach what is a great destination, yourselves. They know where they are going but they are afraid to go through that lake that will be full of mystery, that lake of mystery is the doubts of life and existence, knowing who they are and where they are going. But when you go deeper into the waters of the soul, in the waters of the mind, you will understand that you are chaotic and make you reach places that you do not know, unusual, completely unknown to you and abroad. The outside will not be able to know that which is more remote from his life, nor that which is deeper in his mind, much less the simple, unique fibers of his soul, and then it will be completely unknown to be able to enter, penetrate the essence.

If you do not venture on that trip, it will be very difficult for the outside to do it, but in the end the mission of life is not designed so that it is the outside who has to live that trip but you. Inside the soul there are great dualities, those situations that are sought and those that do not want to find, seem inconsistent with the existence of a being, they want to go to places that they also hope not to find because they know that finding it would face a reality that could hardly cope, that is the truth.

The truth is raw for those who are not in the wisdom to understand that everything that complements a reality is to grow, so they seek to reach a place but they also hope not to find it and those places that arrive and suddenly do not know, are the explicit experiences of life itself to be able to understand that there is something much deeper than analyzing everything.

As you understand that the trip to the mind is complex to the extent that you do not understand yourself, you will also understand that you can help yourself from the true reflection of your existence and that true reflection of your existence only occurs in those who have the ability to admire who they really are. Who are they really? They are that concept that you have about yourself and your life, it is not what the world can tell you what you are.

There are two magical journeys in the existence of human beings, inside and outside. Once you have reached the depths of your inner existence you will know that it is time to flow, you will know that it is time to deepen but now outward, to teach the world that there is something to know, that there is something to change in you but about All with humanity. Humanity believes little in itself, believes little in those who have a side, believes that only perhaps when they decide, can they help but trust little in those who have a side, in saying that their journey has been concluded but better yet, that He's carrying it in such a sensible way that he can share it. The journey inside, inside the soul is a constant reality that you have to analyze at every moment, each existence gives us the opportunity to deepen that trip and try to find the true elements that make us say that we are in the earthly but precisely.

Earthly learning is not a simple learning, since it has enough elements to say that it has been learned. The learning of the human body as an existential wonder through being what materializes that great reality, that great existence and that great being. The trip in the mind that will try to define, to controversy everything that lives but above all, everything that it learns because even when it considers that it is learning there will be something in that inner force that will be a detractor of its same learning, the constant struggle of a perpetual polarity that is yourselves among what is believed, is sought but also not wanted to be found.

Everyone wants to find knowledge but they also hope not to find it, because if they find it, there would be confusion in that existence and of course there is also the journey inside the soul that is the most fascinating, the one who allows himself to see his soul can see and recognize in the exterior all that greatness that is in God, in divinity and in its equals, the magic of existing.

Who is that God then, who lives outside and inside? How to find God inside? but better yet, how can you see it reflected on the outside? When one speaks with greatness and with goodness he meets God; When one speaks with the wisdom of a being who knows that he still needs to learn but has the will to do it, he speaks of God. God is then all that act of love to be able to exteriorize with goodness the wonders of that being who is willing to change, to change for himself and to change for the outside.

The passage through the Earth is a magical existence of goodness and a magical existence of love, love is then the eternal key of all the doors, of all the senses, of all the chapters of this life, is also the best option to be able to carry out this divine learning and successfully conclude each of the aspects that are lived in this reality. Love is a situation that can materialize, love is a tangible reality, it is observed in every moment, it is observed in compassion and goodness, it is observed in the magic of being able to understand the soul and let it flow In that existence. Love is magic and exists in nature that allows us to live and share, which also allows us to transcend once this reality has been concluded. Love lives in everything, in nothing specific but it is all reality, who can internalize in love in each and every one of the steps that he takes, he will understand that with goodness he is living his true learning and these two Magic journeys that life has, inside and outside is when the being is and knows that he is ready to be able to project the true magic of this trip and tell others to deepen itself. He himself is no more than believing in himself and understanding that everything that has happened has to be that way to lovingly understand the lesson of life he has come to live.

All those detractors of learning on Earth will have to learn in a tune necessary for them, they are not detractors, they simply have a different idea of ​​learning, they have not yet been happy but they have not given opportunity to know themselves, because they hope to meet others. They are detractors of others because they don't know each other so much that they need to know others to be able to throw down a reality that is not theirs because they could not create it. He who believes in himself generates wonders, generates existence and generates tangibles, generates tangibles of love, generates tangibles of words but above all he is tangible in himself because his thoughts and emotions are consistent with that learning he is willing to Take in this boat to internalize.

When they arrive at those unknown islands where the learnings seem so hard that they would have preferred not to have arrived there, they will understand that they must suddenly run aground somewhere in this great sea of ​​learning in order to understand what to take out. The boat of those places is very difficult but it is not an impossible mission and even better, it is for those brave of will, brave of the heart and wise of the soul, those who have reflected in living to be able to share the true marvel abroad that they are and when they continue sailing in calm waters and in waters of peace, they will be able to understand that this is also part of life, enjoy without the need of chaos and Enjoy without knowing sadness and anger. Suddenly they will not observe what is in front of the sea and then they will consider that they are lost but it is necessary to feel a little lost to remember what is inside and then continue to carry out that method. I travel so that once you reach what you do not expect it to be, but that you are in the end, you can project with others the wonder of the internal journey.

Interiorize and deepen what you are afraid to know about yourself that will be magical for you, but better still give you the opportunity to continue working on the tangible thing of love in today, which is an earthly step through this human existence.

Blessed to have concluded one more learning with you.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ). Puebla, Mexico, November 16, 2017.

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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