Message from Lord Lanto: the luminous concept of existing

  • 2016

A luminous greeting on a cordial day

It is important to find the luminosity of everything that represents your mind, it is important to find in the depth of your thoughts the true meaning of what they represent and everything that they want to shout at the world and everything that they want to shout at the universe.

The universe in a constant sound wave and in a perpetual vibration has particles and constantly sends particles to this planet Earth to be able to be captured by humans, to feed both minds and souls. That food of minds and souls is manifested in wisdom, in enlightenment, the enlightenment that each of you has in the crown, that crown that reaches each of you to mark who are the beings that can continue with The learning. All human beings have the crown ready to create a great luminous empire; We have reached a time when beings have removed their crown to belong to a world that has no constant objectives or specific objectives. They consider that what exists is the only thing that should exist and have lost the idea that lighting can exist.

They consider that little beings are enlightened, they consider that those enlightened are the ones who must do everything, they consider that those beings who belong to a group of enlightened are the ones who will save the world, when all belong to that world, but who is going to save that kingdom that lives in each one of you, but yourselves?

In the crown you have the perfect source to be able to receive that food that comes from the universe and that food that comes from the universe is spread through small particles that have to be taken from what exists, from the simplest to the most Large, complex and compound.

Enlightenment is going to base their reality and also duality, the respect they have between each other and among others, enlightenment is considered the overflow of wisdom, with the full awareness that there are other wise men who are in the process who do not need to be equal but that you are going to contribute to that acceleration of knowledge in wisdom.

Knowledge in wisdom means also approaching, knowing oneself, feeding the soul day by day, not living in competition with their peers and with those they consider to be opposites.

The lighting and luminosity are also based on considering that there is a polarity and that there is the other, between men and women, the perfect balance that they can have between both, the concrete idea of ​​what they can manifest and especially see each one of beings as someone magical; It cannot be replaced by any other because it exists in this space, because it has a crown because its crown is unique, there is no other like it, therefore it cannot disappear.

You must preserve the world, nature, beings and respect in each of your peers everything that you will not find in any other. They consider that there are many similar characteristics in beings, there may be millions, but there is no same being in another idea that can replace one.

It is then when applying luminosity is also to promote that philosophies, knowledge and all those postulates that inhabit the earth have enough respect and freedom that exist even for those who can mean the opposite.

Duality is a necessary and absolute situation for everything that exists, it is relative at the moment when the mind then arrives at the idea that something true must exist; but the absolute of the duality lies in the fact that one needs the other to be able to exist and in this luminous coexistence that exists in a given space, it is then where one idea and another are going to forge the path that each one of you is promoting.

To forge a luminous path you need to have the idea of ​​freedom, of freedom of ideas, of freedom of philosophies, of freedom of belief. Belief exists to the extent that the mind adopts it, but in the end, belief can be changed over time as the path requires.

They need to purify the mind and they need to purify those knowledge that has been excessive for their human mind, for the human brain, discards everything that generates the prejudice of reality, everything that generates a constant criticism for philosophies, governments, for beings, for men, for women, for those who are weak and classified as inferior and for those strong and powerful that constantly exist.

Duality is necessary, there needs to be those who inhabit a higher step to teach others that they can climb, not to position themselves as superiors, there is no human superiority, there is the capacity to help those beings who are inferior. Inferior ones may exist through opportunities, but those who have reached the next step will have to help those who are below and those who are below who have the will to do so, those who truly want to climb. There are other beings that just keep looking down and who consider that they are not going to climb anymore, they who are defeated, we must tell them that you can still climb more on the step, but those who liked your step, and who did not they have the aspiration to grow neither for themselves nor for humanity, they will also have to understand that there is a time of cleaning, a time of cleaning of knowledge, of human beings, where those who have not evolved alongside those who truly they are thirsty to grow, to feed themselves, to experience and to be something big in themselves, they will then have to belong to other civilizations which are also in a pro growth but perhaps with the necessary frequency for them.

Depurations are approaching where you are going to work with duality, one and the other, where you have to put in tune all that you really are, respecting the luminosity that will enter from each of you, through the head, by the ideas, for the thoughts and for the handling of his emotions made his whole body. They will transcend through belief, through their wisdom and through their experience.

The experiment of life is to dare to live constantly in what they do not know at all but are open to receive.

The freedom of knowledge in respect then lies in accepting the words of the world that may be millions, but that there will be certain and certain ones which will cause you to change and transform. You are also the nourishment of other beings through consciousness, consciousness must rise, consciousness must be proactive, consciousness must be something that is currently moment, not through cr Ethics, to raise awareness is not to criticize previous knowledge, to raise awareness is to say that what was received was just what was required at that time, but it is not what today is The being requires.

The food of the soul grows, the food of the soul increases as we have the consciousness to say I want to be bigger. There are giants, giants are those who want to grow, who know they need duality. Those men who know that they need women and women of men, those beings who share then also the concept of the same polarity sharing the same space.

The freedom of love, the freedom of reality, the freedom of positive polarities even with positive ones to grow. Polarities are then not necessarily the opposite, it can be the same and complementary. It is to exist then and find the complement through being a team of the world, if the world were unified in a purpose only of growth and not of competition, then they would truly know the meaning of transcending, to evolve; there are beings who are doing it and are working, these groups of beings are not going to do everything for those who find themselves in oblivion.

It is important to remind those who have been located in the place furthest from knowledge that there is an opportunity to continue growing, to be able to continue, that if the situations have not been presented, that if you are characteristic of all that that lies in the day, it has not reached a maximum point, it is time that they can really take it, it is a question only of taking the particle that inhabits right here, to be able to realize it in yourselves.

The luminosity materializes at the moment in which consciousness is acquired to say that the next step will be firm, respecting in the duality everything that can coexist.

Wisdom enters through you through the crown, into the crown, where each of you will feel the concrete bath of what it is to grow, because you are open to the opportunity to continue experiencing what is eternal life and reality.

In the luminous concept of existing,

eternal coexistence

Message channeled by: Fernanda Abundes (Puebla, Mexico. April 17, 2016)

Published by: Geny Castell

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