Message from Mother Mileila: Love is the strongest weapon. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

When suddenly the energy of the world seems to be against its very nature, when the human being forgets that those he tries to attack and attack are the same as him, it means that he is attacking his own nature human; as one who suddenly stuck a dagger, this means that you are not in tune with what you are; But because a small group of beings is not in tune with itself does not mean that everyone is in the same reality.

Suddenly the human being and the human mind try to find those foci that generate uncertainty, fear and anguish in their region and in other regions and have even dared to say those minds that are getting worse.

He who defines his reality must define it as it suits him, as he is healthier for himself. If we contribute with all our energy to talk more about the same, we continue to generate that cloud of ideas that are effectively projected into the realities that inspire those minds that have slightly disrupted their idea and come to attack their very nature.

Generate ideas of change, ideas of debugging. Nature will be purified in a large “event” to purify the energy that has been contained and also by product of all the energy that has been generated at the social level, so we will also ask nature to purify the most balanced possible regarding human beings, however, several beings return home ... we will be working on it.

There are many energies of change at the universal level that cause certain somewhat complex states in the human body; It is like the one who carries a sack of fruits at a speed and suddenly has more fruits and must walk at the same speed, runs out but does not mean that he can do nothing. You will now have to level your step and the sacks. So you ... the energy and the cycle.

The actions of a group of beings harm humanity and try to discourage it in the struggle for collective well-being.

The thought of love is the strongest weapon with which a human being can fight even the most skilled warrior and the strongest army.

We live warriors of love fighting day by day the mistake of harming our own nature. Those warriors don't have no strategies, their ideal of love will always save the world.

There is evidence in the goodness of the world that there are more warriors who have no strategy but that day after day they fight with what they do best: love.

I will be working with all of you.

Until another moment ... and remember that the moment cannot be quantified, therefore without observing at what moment of reality forever there enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. August 17 and 18, 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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