Message from Metatron: Soon a crystalline and hopeful sound will appear

  • 2018

Greetings, Masters, I am Metatron, Angel of Light, in the company of Tyberonn of the Crystal Service.

Dear Humans, of all the artistic creations offered to the souls of the Cosmos, the living Omniverse and the Omni of the Earth, none is as beneficial as the musical expression . Some forms of classical music and New Age, as you say, really stimulate and regenerate the life force and cellular synchronization in the brain and the human body. In doing so, this crystalline musical modeling drives the body, mind and soul.

It also balances and stimulates the chakra system

Humans who regularly listen to harmonious music will remain in good physical and mental health for longer than those who do not. These musical rhythms are codes of creation that revive the cells of the human body and improve the cognitive responses of the brain. Some forms of music preserve cognitive function and reduce neurological degeneration throughout the biological journey .

One of the extraordinary examples of this musical modeling is the Ode to Joy of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, not only of the harmonious flow of notes performed by the orchestra, but also of the human voices of the choir. It contains all creation codes. If music could be "seen" in its physical dimensions, this symphony would reveal, from beginning to end, the complex movement, all the colors and shapes of these codes.

Music and pure sound balance the three human parts and lead to a better alignment of the 33 chakras, better communication and a higher consciousness. Older and more advanced societies were very aware of the regenerative and healing power of harmonious music as a force of geomamatic vibration.

Natural Sound Healing

Currently, chemicals are used to treat physical and mental illnesses. We assure you that the most advanced civilizations of Atlantis, Rama and Mu used sound for this. Natural sounds create a state of well-being . You feel calmer, more relaxed, when you are at the beach listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves, you sleep better and more deeply when it rains. In nature, the mind is released and allows a deep therapy of the soul and it is that the conscious mind no longer tries to move thoughts away from anxiety, but rather triggers a liberating flow of ideas and images "as" that provide the solution, therapy, adapted to each individual scenario.

We are aware that for many of you at this time it is not easy to include nature walks in your schedule. And if this is your case, music like Ode to Joy can play the same role and also bring you other benefits that are specific to this extraordinary musical composition. When you feel anxious or depressed, classical or natural music will do you more good than any “artificial” chemical remedy .

These sounds help to reach a higher mental state to analyze problems, explore them and reach personal solutions.

Unfortunately, most humans today are programmed to believe in chemical therapies that temporarily mask problems, thus depriving each individual of the available natural treatments. Dear Human, sound therapy is powerfully beneficial and surprisingly effective because it acts in your aura field and in what can be called the Mer-Ka-Na, the Crystalline Light Body. Understanding the maintenance of the Aura in good condition is essential to achieve the dimensional elevation of the planet and achieve multidimensional awareness.

In this new time, in this dawn of the Crystalline Era, you must be vigilant and move forward with hope, because as you move towards 2038, the fifth "root race" of crystalline biology begins to transform humanity. This will require access to Sea-Ka-Na, so your disciplined effort is required in this change.

I am Metatron. We are always with you and you are deeply loved.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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