Message from Mother Mary: Many wounds need to be healed now. Channeled on July 30, 2017

  • 2017

Channeled by Ann Dahlberg

In English in the Original.

I AM Mother Mary and I have come this day to put some salt on your wounds. Many wounds need to be healed now. Those wounds crack when we put salt on them, but they heal faster. Yes, this is what could apply to you, dear children of the Earth. There are many wounds that need healing, both mental and emotional. This is the time to part with everything old, to let it heal and disappear. Some of you felt very fragile and vulnerable right now. Others are strengthening yourselves and deepening within yourself. However, now we are all on the same path and we are moving towards the same goal.

The Light that has descended and strengthened on Earth, opens for your true Self. One has to dare to look in the dark to see the light. Both can be two sides of the same coin. On one side there is darkness and on the other side there is light. You are on both sides and you can live with light and dark at the same time. Darkness does not have to be evil just because it is dark. It can also be relaxing. Light is the energy we live in and that gives us the life we ​​experience right now. It is your creation and you have to know that you are creating all the time consciously or unconsciously. The new energy returns consciousness to the body. It opens to all the bodies of which you are formed, and which are more than one. Now you begin to interact more consciously with your entire spiritual being. Many secrets are hidden in your body. Those secrets will be revealed to you one after another. It can be a big and demanding task, but many of you have reached the end of this work and your “new I” is at the door. Others may have just begun, but will get the support of those who have done so before them. As you know, the work of the predecessors is already in the collective field and can be shared by all, consciously or unconsciously.

It is a wonderful opportunity that now presents itself to all people on Earth - to become one with yourself and thus become one with the whole. I, Mother Mary, am with you and will help you solve the problems that may arise along the way. I know all your bodies and I can help you heal them when necessary. Call me if you need my help. Enter your inner place and call me. It is your honest desire to get help and move forward with your development, which is giving you results now.

You have the light with you. Shine and radiate around you. Invite her inside, and she will gladly help you solve the remaining knots. It might feel a bit like putting salt on your wounds, but the relief it will give you later is worth all that you are going through. The joy and harmony that is created when the light has found its right place deserves every effort on your part. The love and joy that then shine is beyond your words. Light is the strength and energy that you have deserved and needed so far.

There is a great awakening and there is a great force and great energy that today spreads its wings on the Earth and its beings. It is a force that carries everything in its path and transforms it into its true element, the origin to which it once belonged. It is a wonderful time to enjoy your time on Earth and enjoy yourself and the wonderful essence of which you are composed.

We love you very much and we are with you in every step you are taking now. I plant the pink pedals in your heart, so you can more easily find your way home.

Love you very much".

Mother mary

ENGLISH-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Eva Villa, editor in the big family of


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