Message Archangel Michael: You know how to improve the individual divine essence, just do it

  • 2018

Dear brothers, the Archangel Michael speaks to you, this time I am addressing you to give you the following message and it is necessary that you understand that the Creator's breath is the essential fuel for existence and that each of you is part of The great flame, fueled by that fuel, is why by allowing its individual light to emerge, it will be a direct reflection of its divine essence.

It is necessary that the process of intellectual thinking of human beings evolve to exceed the limits imposed by language. There is extensive information for humanity, which awaits you, beings of light , evolve spiritually and can reach it through your inspiration.

But to achieve this, they must first awaken and develop those intuitive abilities that will allow them to receive all the wisdom that corresponds to the Basic Divine Plan during the Age of Aquarius, which emanates from God the Father / Mother through the Twelve Galactic Rays that make up the Cosmic Consciousness .

Those skills will not reach you from the outside, but will resurface within your Sacred Minds and Hearts, that is why it is essential that you reach a certain level first and get maintained in it in order to access that information. Remember that she will not descend from the higher planes to Earth to look for them; You are the ones who should look for her.

They must reach the highest level of spirituality

Reaching the highest level of spirituality is not about something that occurs unconsciously; in fact and to reach that point they have to develop an autonomous Deity through which they will keep breathing the powerful breath of life and the diamond particles that flow from the essence of the creator, that way they can access the spiritual food that offers them the river of life through the eighth chakra, which is in the center of their souls.

This breath of life that gives them their power will help them to open those paths that will allow them to reach the multidimensional levels of the Creator's Consciousness . They must expand their internal perspective while changing not only the way they think, but also the perception they have about everything around them, since it is impossible to isolate the Spirit of the Creator because it is present in each of the existing things both in his world and in others, allowing the mind to seep into these creations in one degree or another.

That's why they have to expand their physical and spiritual awareness

Are you prepared to accept that the Heart of God Father / Mother that really consists of the basis and focal point of each of the religions you know? The ability to create and enjoy worlds where balance, beauty and harmony reign lies not in beliefs, norms, superstitions and limitations, but in Love, perfection and spiritual power. Therefore, at the moment when the sacred heart and mind of God are manifested through you, it becomes a part of the so-called Collective Messiah, which is about the creative fulfillment of the destiny that They have in this world that they know as Earth.

Each of you is part of the spark that springs from the Creator, you are a manifested part of the Divine Consciousness and an Indispensable Presence in the great project that is the Creation. However, it is up to you and your free will to enrich the world where you live or help desecrate it, so I ask you what is really the warmth and brightness of the Sacred Fire that you carry inside? Do they start thousands of fires to warm the hearts of their earthly brothers or, is it a weak flame that cannot even warm their own hearts?

The term Dry Heart is not about one that can refer to an authentic being that carries the Divine Light, so they must decide between traveling around the countries They are somber with those beings whom they helped for their creation, to walk fully and enjoying the radiance of the Light of God.

After receiving the messages that we have been sending you during the last times, you should know what are the Twelve Rays emanating from the Consciousness of God, which are now trying to integrate with you to affirm that they are bearers of the Divine Light.

However, there is an important facet of the Creation which, until now, has been kept hidden from the masses, but they must know that each of the manifestations that take place within the Omniverse are shaped by the Organized Energy that arises directly from the Core that exists in the Supreme Heart of the Creator.

Each of the gods around the Universe are endowed with a certain part of the virtues, attributes and qualities of the Great Creator, since they represent the main source of Divine Consciousness in this universe, being those who allow everything to reach its Adequate balance and harmony.

Long before the Twelve Rays of the Creator were sent to emptiness, there was an incalculable amount of very powerful Rays that came from the Supreme Creator and were sent into the cosmic void; those Rays then transformed into huge regions in space which have both different densities of Light and memory cells associated with the Consciousness of Time, within which there is an infinite number of Divine patterns about the possibilities that material worlds have . Similarly, there are membranes of Light which act as barriers creating a firm limitation between the different sub-universes.

It is impossible to cross these barriers of Light if there is no special divine license, which is fundamental at least until the Song of their individual Souls manages to resonate at frequencies of Light as refined as those found in harmony with the specific level of Divine Consciousness that exists in these sub-universes.

Beloved ones, there are not many of you who are really aware of the creative and spiritual gifts that begin to appear within your lives and although some of you have a desire and interest to learn or improve some gifts, the truth is that to achieve this you must experience numerous facets and trials of life, through which you can gradually find your Divine Essence and finally you can reach the Spiritual Wisdom that has been waiting for you from the moment you decided to incarnate within the Earth.

When you achieve all this, your gifts will begin to be presented progressively as you seek greater harmony and balance between the many facets of your Being. Several of the facets of the Higher Self that exist in each of you are waiting to connect with you and settle in their hearts, so as they wish, and seek more that level of Spiritual Essence where they can access spiritual information, a greater amount of gifts and wisdom will be available.

Now I say goodbye, blessing you with Love.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Blossom Goodchild

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