Message Archangel Anael: Here we are to protect your planet and every living being that lives in it

  • 2018

Beloved terrestrial beings, we are here to tell you about some events that will take place within your planet, which could worry many of you. When listening to their various media, they may hear that a certain country wishes to project nuclear missiles to another country.

This is undoubtedly a struggle for power

Power causes several of you to feel extreme desires, which are not always consistent with the sense of Peace. However, as we have often said, both the Earth and the human beings inside, are going through a really important moment of evolution . And as we mentioned earlier, this evolution of energy has accentuated in recent years, becoming stronger over time and even in certain cases, it destabilizes the brains of several beings who are not aware of the place where they are and / or what they are capable of achieving.

Then, we say it again, we are here with you with the purpose of protecting your planet and every living being that inhabits it, from any attempt at destruction that could stir up a disturbed spirit in some people. The desire for power that these men have, since these are men and not women who generally seek peace, will be totally destroyed through the powerful energies we radiate, so that the planet Earth does not end up suffering The same fate as Atlantis.

Men who possess a level of destructive power will progressively lose their influence on the masses and begin to feel lost because of some special situations that will help them. These men will feel vulnerable to the loss of their power and little by little those destructive appetites they have will disappear.

However, these men will slowly lose their sense of life and in certain cases, they will lose it permanently

It is important, beloved brothers and sisters, that you understand that the evolution that is currently going through your planet, is no longer aware of such acts. Both the Earth and human beings are currently in a new phase of spiritual consciousness, which will destroy everything that somehow can affect the life not only of the inhabitants of the Earth, but also of the planet itself.

Beloved children of the Earth, we ask you not to fear, since the more confident you are, the faster those men who possess such harmful power become destabilized. Don't forget that feeling fear only increases and supports your energies by promoting that destructive power .

So, earthly brothers, have confidence. Everything that is happening between the United States and Korea is nothing more than a power struggle not only between two major countries, but between two men. However, those desires of destructive power that these men now have, have remained present for many years within their planet.

There were ups and downs of this type a long time ago and today certain difficulties are emerging again, but we ask you from the heart that you do not fear. Remember that we are always around you and that we have the necessary means to prevent serious problems from occurring on Earth.

We ask you to trust us; you must be aware that although we protect you, we cannot do anything yet, since you must understand that the peace within the earth comes, mainly, from the peace that you feel within your hearts .

Beloved beings of light, do not forget that we accompany you with love at all times.

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