Message Archangel Gabriel: The quality of love known as truth

  • 2019

Well loved

Let's talk about the quality of love known as the truth . A person who embodies the quality of truth in her, always appears to others exactly as she is, being completely honest in everything she says and does. He remains faithful to the integrity of his spiritual being and his divine essence. He is an open, transparent and unpretentious person.

Then understand that if you want to get the best results in a given situation, you must be completely honest . The highest quality of work in a person's life is the quality of truth. Applying the personal value of the truth not only has the magnificent power to ennoble and elevate life, but it can also attract beneficial responses to your life.

When you are sincere and honest with others and they with you, you embody a general belief in the practical values ​​of integrity, decency and virtue. The truth becomes your own knowledge base and you will feel it clearly within you without having to think or meditate on it.

Your inner voice is the infallible connection between your mind and the light of truth. You clearly perceive in each moment of your life what is in harmony or not with the natural laws of the Creator and therefore, what is best for your good.

The principle of truth is the light that guides consciousness in your search for reality and its manifestations. By choosing truth instead of lies and deception, you align yourself with divine reality and the spiritual flow of life . By being true to yourself and divine qualities, you radiate light so that everyone can see it. To be true to yourself is to remain in a focused and rooted place, honoring everything you do.

The truth is to have the courage to say what you want to say, to mean what you say, to do what you love and to love what you do, in all things. It is being true to your values ​​and to what others think. Being in the truth means practicing externally what you yourself intuitively know.

You also discover that the truth comes from love and the will to honor the importance of each relationship you have with others, and especially that you share with yourself.

The sincerity of one person favors the same in others

By empowering you give others permission to be honest with themselves. When people honestly share their feelings and needs with each other, everyone is more likely to see their needs met.

If you are a really happy person, you are committed to living a positive life . You strive to have a real knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses and to know what you really want in life. You aspire to authenticity and precise personal evaluation to live in a state of integrity with yourself.

Living honestly is a life-long process, since you can face face to face and make the decision to face things you may need to look at your behavior honestly and do what is good for you. As you experience liberation and the power to live honestly, you learn to make corrections immediately and with greater grace and ease and in doing so, you become happier and more complete.

You can take a leap and go to what nourishes you, shines and helps you bring it to your true power and vitality.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

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