Melchior, The galactic logos - Transformation of the plant kingdom to help your ascension

  • 2016

At this time of the Ascension there are numerous transformation opportunities available for Humanity and Mother Earth. Each transformation opportunity is born from the Inner Planes, from the Beings that inhabit them, with the purpose of creating the Divine on Earth. Gifts of evolution emanate from the Creator as exhalations of Light and Consciousness that are received by aspects of the Creator that exist in the Inner Planes. Each of the people on Earth has a Soul, an Essence that is connected to the Inner Planes and to the Creator, consequently each one receives each of the exhalations of Light and Consciousness from the Creator. On Earth the Soul has the purpose of bringing the Light, Love and Consciousness of the Creator to manifestation. This means that the purpose of your Soul at this time of Ascension is to bring to the manifestation the gifts of the Creator so that everyone can recognize your personal and collective Divinity. At this time all parts of the Ascension have to do with the incorporation of Divinity, which can be experienced by opening and expanding in you the Consciousness of the Divine.

To be present is to allow you to consciously know the Divine Love, the Light and the Consciousness of the Creator that pass through you and everyone. At the dawn of this consciousness you allow yourself to be willing to receive opportunities for transformation that transcend the Ascension process and obtain Illumination. You allow yourself to connect with the opportunities of synthesis and fusion with the Divine Creator, in order to bring to the manifestation the reality of the Creator, for you and for everyone. With the conscious focus on being aware of the Divine and incorporating it, you open yourself to the new waves of transformation that are given at this time to support Ascension, transcending its previous limitations.

At this time on Earth, many plants, whether wild or cultivated for food or other purposes, are ready and waiting for a discharge of energy, Light, DNA and Consciousness from the Creator, which will change their entire physical structure. They will be absorbed by the Light, which will allow them to incorporate the Divine, they will have new energy light codes, they may even appear more luminous and vibrant, as well as have new nutrients that will be prepared for the new physical bodies of Light that Humanity is absorbing and incorporating . In truth, the plants of the Earth are waiting to ascend to have a new level of Light, consciousness and nutrition that will serve Humanity and animals; as well as to offer Mother Earth improved light nutrition. Your DNA is also changing with the waves of supreme Light that are anchoring on Earth now, especially from the Venus Planet that is and will be pouring Love towards Earth throughout 2016. Your Chakras and your Aural Field, as well as your mind and your emotions, are evolving to create a new energetic and physical body that will allow your Soul to incorporate more into your physical body and your reality. The same is happening to the Vegetable Kingdom. The minerals and vitamins of plant foods will be transformed to sustain higher vibration human bodies that have higher volumes of Light. Plants that are not for consumption may emanate more light into the Earth's atmosphere and soil. This means that with the transformation of trees, the oxygen inhaled by Human Beings will be more appropriate for the life of higher vibration.

When as Alma you evolve and ascend in a Human body, you stimulate to do the same to everything around you.

Unfortunately there are circumstances that are hindering the Ascension of the Vegetable Realm so that it can sustain the new human bodies of higher vibration. Due to abuses inflicted on the Vegetable Kingdom, such as harmful chemicals, the elimination of large areas of nature, garbage, pollution; and even the lack of respect and understanding, the vibrations of the Vegetable Kingdom are being diminished. In order for the Vegetable Kingdom to receive the discharge from the Creator, the energy vibration of many areas of the Vegetable Kingdom must be high . The elimination of harmful chemicals, the planting of new plants and the removal of garbage, will help the Vegetable Kingdom to raise its energy vibration. However, respect, Love and the understanding of Humanity for the Vegetable Kingdom, is what will cause the most significant change and transformation, allowing the Vegetable Kingdom to be supported while raising its vibration and receiving the discharge of the Creator that will cause Divine evolution in the Essence of its species and its Beings.

Respect and understand the Vegetable Kingdom consists in being aware of its Divinity. It is to be grateful for their presence, understand their needs and connect energetically and consciously with the Vegetable Beings. Sending Love and healing to the entire Vegetable Realm or aspects of the Vegetable Realm in your area will help to elevate your energy vibration. Take time to connect with all the Realms of Nature, or with an aspect of them, while you are willing to listen; This will allow you to have access to the voice of Nature. In this way you can feel the guide they share with you to encourage you to help raise your Light frequency. The Vegetable Kingdom has a voice, consciousness, knows how to ascend; what is needed is that humanity simply listens, accepts and acts according to what the consciousness of the Vegetable Kingdom shares. In many ways, the wish of the Vegetable Kingdom that you support their Ascension is not for their own benefit, it is predominantly to continue the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity, so that reach the Age of Love. The Ascension of the Vegetable Kingdom is not selfish, it works to help the evolution of all, even those who are in the Inner Planes.

How many more people realize the beauty of the Vegetable Kingdom and are willing to share with him their time, their energy, their Love and their consciousness, the plants will raise me. s its state of light vibration. Then the Creator will discharge more intensely into his Essence, creating powerful transformations that will have an effect on everyone on Earth. The result will be that when Humans feed on plants, or even when they are surrounded by plants, they will benefit from the new level of nutrients in plants, which will sustain them and improve the Light of their human bodies While Humans transformed all aspects of your physical bodies, the food and drinks that nourished you in the past will not have the same sustaining influence on your bodies; and could cause depletion of the human body. It can also be said that the vibration of water on Earth requires that its energy frequency be raised to continue supporting Human Beings as well as Nature and the Animal Kingdom . While animals are undergoing energy changes of Ascension, their Ascension is primarily for evolution and growth of their own, because the Human Bodies of the Age of Love do not require n meat or animal products to maintain health and vitality. It will be the light frequencies of the Vegetable Kingdom, of water and even of oxygen, which will permanently sustain the health and strength of the new Human Bodies.

To support the transformation of your physical body into the physical body of the Age of Love, it is necessary that you focus on receiving in all your Being the Love expressed at this time by the Planet Venus . Your body will transform naturally; all that is required is that you be alert, attentive; and that you listen to your body when it guides you. He will share with you all the wisdom you need to support his changes to the higher frequencies of Light and Love . He will share with you the healing he requires; and the help he needs to give up habits. Working with the Vegetable Kingdom, sending Light and listening to it, will also help the transformations of your physical body and the Earth.

It is important that you remember that Mother Earth is also experiencing transformations in her body that are bringing new Light to Earth that you call your life.

It is the Light of the Galactic Level that is helping the Vegetable Kingdom at this time of Ascension. I, Melchior, want to guide you to help the Vegetable Kingdom using the Silver-Gold Galactic Light.

I invite you to breathe deeply and allow your conscious knowledge to be in your Heart Chakra, which is a source of nutrition and deep Love.

Imagine that inside your heart is the most beautiful garden or the most beautiful natural territory. It is full of many different species of plants. Look at the garden or natural territory.

Activate your soul light; Imagine, feel or recognize that your Almic Light merges with the soil on which the plants are rooted. Your Light Almica acts for plants as a loving foundation, while also giving them nutrition.

Summon my energy, that of Melchior, to pour and anchor the silver-gold Galactic Light through your Crown Chakra and the Chakras that lead to your Heart Chakra. Feel or recognize that the Galactic Light is poured over and through your Heart Chakra, like raindrops on the garden or natural area that is in your Heart Chakra. Each drop of silver-golden Light contains new Light, new DNA and new consciousness, to transform plants into their new physical and energetic bodies of Light and high vibration. Imagine, feel or recognize that each plant is transformed and emanates Light and a new form of nutrition. You can also feel that your body reacts to the Light and the nutrition that plants in your heart are emanating. You may feel your body healthier, because the nutrition of these plants will be compatible with your body.

Then, simply send the energy from your heart to the entire Vegetable Realm of the Earth.

Root and center your Being as you re-enter your reality.

In your daily life, when you realize that an area of ​​nature is not thriving, you can perform this meditation by imagining the area within your Heart Chakra and beginning the transformation process.

With respect and love,

Melchior, Galactic Logos.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson


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