Meditation: Uniting Hearts

  • 2010

We will join in prayer, from each of their houses, from each of their hearts, to thank, to ask, to become ONE in LIGHT.

Let's open our heart and fill it with LOVE.

Let's attract that immense divine energy of the universe, to every heart and every corner of the planet.

Let's close our eyes and start asking for others:

Let us ask for the children, so that all of them are treated with love, so that the great ones understand that it is the children who can teach us so many things.

Let us ask for countries at war, to drop their weapons and open their hearts.

For all those who are sick of hatred, anger and fear, so that it is the violet light that helps them to let go.

Let us ask for those who have no work, for those who are desperate, sick and distressed, because they still do not know, that they themselves can create their wonderful world.

Let us ask for all the light workers, so that they do not turn off their love light, but turn it on every day. There is so much to ask for and create!

Let us ask for the restoration and healing of the poles, the forests, the ozone layer, the rivers and the entire planet.



For becoming what we are, CHILDREN OF GOD!

And together we can transform this world into a better world.

Let us unite in LOVE, in FAITH and in PRAYER decreeing the great invocation:


From the point of light, in the mind of God,

Let light flow, to the minds of men,

Let the light descend to the earth.

Direct light of the Father, come, purify our minds (3 times)

From the point of love, in the heart of God,

Let love flow to the hearts of men,

May Christ return to earth.

Direct light of Christ, come, and light our hearts (3 times)

From the center, where God's will is known,

That the purpose led, to the small wills of men,

The purpose, which teachers know and serve.

Direct light of the Holy Spirit, come and activate our Being (3 times)

From the center, which we call the race of men,

May the plan of love and light be realized,

And seal the door, where there is evil.

I am the light, waking up to the truth (3 times)

May light, love, and power restore the plan on earth.

So be it, so be it, SO BE IT!


Our Father, who lives within me, today I ask you to help me to reach you.

Help me to open my heart, and fill it with love, so that I can wrap myself in it, and transmit it to each of my brothers.

In the name of God, in the name of my beloved presence of God that I Am, I invoke you dear Lord Jesus Christ, beloved Messiah and teacher of all of us, help us To love others, to see us filled with love in every heart.

May our minds be purified with love, cleansed with love, and so let us see the truth with love.

In the name of God I Am, I ask that peace and harmony reign throughout the planet, que that peace be, .that peace be, . May peace be in every home, in every city, in every country and in every man.

I am love, I am true, I am peace, transmitting the light to each of my brothers, enveloping the entire planet, in the light of my beloved heavenly Father.

In the name of God, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, in the name of the Holy Spirit, I ask for the awakening of each Son of God, so that together we ascend in light and in Love, to form and occupy the new world, full of beings of light, full of angels, waiting for us with open arms.


I love you with all my heart

Always in the light

Bertha Alicia

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