Reflective meditation to attract money for hierarchical purposes, by Master Djwhal Khul

Unless the money they manage individually is dedicated to the correct purposes, to the fulfillment of their due obligations and to cover their dermal responsibilities, plus the constant recognition of the relationship of all money with the spiritual future of the race, and the requirements of the Hierarchical plan. In your conscience there must always be a recognition of the needs of all men, and this is applicable to spiritually oriented people, true esotericists and men of religious tendency, whose heart and understanding are more divinely inclusive than hearts. of the common followers of any religious doctrine, enunciated by theologians of any creed.

It should be understood that money is the energy that can set in motion and make possible the activities of the new group of servers in the world, whatever their color, caste or creed. Money is not yet in your hands, Your need for money is very large. Many millions are needed to disseminate the knowledge required by the Hierarchical Plan to carry out the work of men of good will; millions are needed to educate the masses about the reality that they are on their way to return so that everyone can see Him whom Whom all men expect. The billions currently spent on sumptuous, expensive and unnecessary items (the billions and, my brothers, that is, as world statistics show) in goodies, spirits, tobacco, jewelry, valuable skins and what is wasted on the search for violent emotions or incessant night pleasures and, finally, the billions invested in armed conflicts by all nations, must be invested in expenses that will make possible the plans of the Hierarchy and will help humanity in its search for the new and free spiritual path and will, therefore, bring into existence, the new civilization. It takes hundreds of billions to overcome the materialism that has dominated the human race for countless eons; billions are also necessary for the reconstruction of human affairs and thus purify and beautify our modern world to such an extent that Christ can thus “see the work of His soul and be satisfied.” Therefore I suggest you practice Reflective Meditation to Attract Money for Hierarchical Purposes.

Master Djwhal Khul

After achieving a positive personality stillness, formulate yourself and your own words, the answers to the following questions:

1.- If money is one of the most important and necessary things for spiritual work, what is the factor that currently diverts it from the work of the Hierarchy?

2.- What is my own attitude towards money? Do I consider it as a great spiritual asset, or as something material?

3.- What is my personal responsibility regarding the money that passes through my hands? Do I handle it as a disciple of the Masters should handle it?

5 minute break

Stage II

1.- Reflect on the redemption of humanity through the correct use of money and visualize money today as:

a) A concretized energy that is used mostly for essentially material purposes, and with regard to the individual, to satisfy only his personal desires.

b) A large stream of golden substance that departs from the control of the forces of Materialism and becomes controlled by the Forces of Light.

2.- Pronounce with focused mental concentration, after wishing wholeheartedly to satisfy the spiritual demands, the following invocation prayer:

“Oh You, in Whom we live, we move and have our being, the Power that renews all things, directs the money of the world towards spiritual ends. It touches the hearts of men to give the work of the Hierarchy what they have hitherto given to material satisfactions. The New Group of World Servers needs large amounts of money. I ask that large sums be available. What is your powerful energy, be in the hands of the Forces of Light ”.

3.- Visualize the work that the groups to which it belongs must perform. Through the creative imagination and by an act of will, see countless and unlimited sums of money that come to the hands of those who try to carry out the work of the Master.

4.- With conviction and emphasis say out loud:

"He to Whom the world waits, has said that everything that is requested in faith and in His name will be granted."

Remember at the same time that faith is the substance of expected things and evidence of unseen things. Then say: “I ask for the money necessary for… and I demand it because.

"From the Center we call the Race of men, May the Plan of Love and Light be realized, and seal the door where evil lies."

5.-Finally, carefully consider your responsibility to the Plan, and every week project your financial cooperation for the Hierarchy. Be practical and realistic and know that if you don't give you can't ask, because you don't have the right to evoke what you don't share.


1.- This meditation is so simple that some will consider it ineffective and even useless. If many use it simultaneously, they can eliminate the obstacles that currently prevent the arrival of the necessary funds for the work that the Hierarchy wants to perform.

2.- Practice this meditation every Sunday morning. Take what was saved during the week and dedicate it to work and during meditation present it to Christ and His Hierarchy. Be it the large or small sum, it will become an attractive and magnetic unit in the Master's Plans.

3.- Understand the hidden Law that “those who give will be given” so that they can give again.

4.-Try to feel the influx of true love through you and try intensely to express this love to all beings with whom you come into contact. This great attractive and selfless agent will help in world affairs.

Djwhal Khul Master

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