Walking Meditation

  • 2013

It is said that someone asked the Buddha
What do you and your disciples practice?
He replied:
"We sit, walk and eat."
Then he questioned again: "But anyone can sit, walk and eat."
Which the Buddha replied: "We, when sitting, are aware of sitting, when walking, we are aware of walking and eating, we are aware of eating."

How to perform walking meditation:

1. No purpose.
When walking do not focus on any particular purpose.
Just enjoy walking.
Give yourself permission to enjoy and observe intensely if no judgment ... at every step you take.

2. Detachment.
Get rid of your worries and anxieties while walking.
When entering this dynamic of consciously walking, there is no place for any thought other than to be aware of the present.
Give yourself permission to simply walk for a few minutes ... simply by walking.

3. Smile like the Buddha.
If you draw a slight smile on your face as the Buddha did while walking, you will begin to experience a deep sense of peace, serenity and total well-being.
“By smiling your whole being is renewed and your practice is strengthened.
Don't be afraid to smile. ”

4. Breathe consciously.
This is one of the most important ingredients of this practice.
Breathing consciously means being present at each inhalation and each exhalation.
Pay attention to your breathing while you walk.

5. Count your steps.
A good help at the beginning is, count the steps, when you inhale and exhale.
If at the time of taking air you already take 4 steps, mentally count from 1 to 4.
If you only take 3 steps when exhaling, count from 1 to 3 without trying to control or accompany.
Just become an observer of your breathing.

6. Gathas.
Also, instead of numbers, you can pronounce words with the rhythm of your breathing.
You can keep up the pace for example with the word Here / Now.
If you take four steps, with the inhalation, you can say with each step “here”, “here”, “here”, “here”
and on the exhalation: "now", "now", "now", "now".
You can use any word or phrase that makes sense to you.
Also the words… Arriving / Home.
Feel free to use your creativity and use words that resonate within you.

7. Walk like an emperor.
Give yourself permission to walk safely as if you were the ruler of this planet.
That every step you take, be a statement or a real mandate, towards Peace and happiness on earth.

8. Lotus flower steps.
Visualize that with each step you take on earth, a beautiful and radiant lotus flower or the flower of your choice sprouts from it.
This particular technique will seem strange to you, but believe me it is worth a try.
The feeling of roots and fullness of this practice is beyond the descriptions you can make.

9. Walk when you're angry.
Sometimes when we need these tools most is when we put more excuses.
"I'm not in the mood for that, " "when I get angry I will."
However, it is in those moments that we need it most.
This is why the more you practice these techniques, the easier it will make you use them when you need them the most.

10. Seize the moment.
The perfect time to walk consciously does not exist.
Do not just program “a space” to meditate walking.
Although the ideal would be to walk on an inspiring path taking the time each day to realize it, your reality can be very different.
Take advantage of every moment of the day to walk consciously.
When you station your car, walk to your destination consciously.
When you're on the street, on the way to the stop, at the mall, just remember to smile and take advantage of the moment.

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Walking Meditation

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