Meditation - Connecting with MOTHER MARY AND ITS 12 STARS

  • 2013

MARIA: March 24, 2012

I am MARIA, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Beloved children, let's live together a moment of Grace and Beauty.

... I share the Gift of Grace ...

I come to you and in you, without an appointment as I had said. I come, on this day, in order to comfort you in what you live or will live. Some of you are already installed in this Blue Mantle of Grace, or live the symptoms that announce it and you who do not live at the moment, know that all that this period asks you is to respond. I have called some of you, at night, by your name. Then, of course, your brain may believe that this is illusion, your brain can tell you that it is not me who has spoken to you. All conditions are met, today, to live what has been announced since time immemorial. And you know it because there is something in you that you can only know. Even if your reason or your life drives them away, they cannot move away since we are there, getting closer and closer, more and more in you. In these privileged moments, which are yours (may that be during your dream, because it is easier, that it be in your moments where you are with yourself, in your Alignments, in your prayers), you know. They know why they are certain, even without going through a clear and direct perception. There is something in you that knows. There is a certainty in you. Then, of course, everything that the person does, everything that makes your commitments on this world sometimes watches over this Truth. The Blue Mantle of Grace (which perches on your backs) causes what is there to be born in you, or rather to reappear. The call of Light and the Call to live what They Are, is made for each of you in an increasingly urgent way, in your nights, in your days, in moments or permanently. What I want to tell you, is that they don't dream. Whichever form you can take, for you the Call to “yes” (that is in the form of a dream, travel, that this is the Wave of Life that runs through you, that this is still this interrogation and these doubts that they can emerge in you), all that is an invitation to Being. The Light calls you but the Wave of Life calls you, even more, to establish yourself, to be firm in your Eternity.

Of course, there are many voices that speak to them: the voice of reason, the voice of logic and then the voice that is mine and that is also your voice. She who does not simply obey reason and logic but who truly invites them to marry. Not to reject what they are doing in this world. Even if some of you (I am aware) can live this call of Light as a difficulty in maintaining certain activities, this is transitory. Grace will try in your life all that is necessary to finish what you have to finish. The call of Light is not for anything other than living it. The Call that is made day is not yet my Announcement for the whole of humanity but your Call, in you. If you live the Wave of Grace, then be sure that I will call you or that I have called you. If you feel the firstfruits, know also that I will come to call you. We, Stars, are getting closer and closer to your Dimension. Our Consciousness comes to touch them. The Absolute is the result of our Encounter, giving them to live, beyond the Encounter, what is named this Absolute, this All. The moment where they can say: "I and my Father are One", and there will be no more distance. Then for you, yes, everything will be fulfilled, even if this world is that it can provide resistance, difficulties and fears. But you, if you go beyond fear, difficulties, without giving up, you will discover more and more the spaces where, indeed, you are Beauty, where indeed in your nights as in your days, the Blue Mantle of Grace, the Wave of Grace, they walk through them and give them this fullness, giving them this certainty. Of course, there are several paths in you. And of course, you can ask yourself which way to go: the one that keeps you in the resistance, in the difficulties or the one that gives you the Liberation. One of those paths invites you to your Marriage, the other moves you away and you know it perfectly (even if you don't have the power to put the words). Intimately, they know it because there are moments where everything seems simple, where everything seems so obvious. And then the moments that, conversely, may seem absent from this plenitude. All that, while everything is definitely not installed in you. As you know, as I said, the Marial Channel (this Antakharana, this Heavenly Rope) takes place. In fact it is a bridge between the sun and the Earth, between the different insulating layers, giving them a new breath on this body. That you call it energy, Vibration, Consciousness, is the same thing. Denominations remain denominations. Then of course, at the mental level, it is possible to differentiate what is of the order of energy, you know, from the order of the Spirit, from the order of the Wave.

In any case, to prepare the period that opens, I would like to invite you today, to allow you to work in you. There is no other way to say si . They cannot accompany, for whatever reason, the wave of life. They cannot accompany, for whatever reason, Grace. Because it is your nature. Of course, as long as they do not hesitate, as long as they do not live it, even if there are these firstfruits, that is extremely difficult to perceive, to understand, to grasp, to try to want. Remember that there is no judgment to be issued, the elders have told you. But above all, beyond that, do not judge at any time. Be content to be present and clear in what develops as you cannot contribute more than your Presence to what is developed, and your Lucidity. Then Clarity and Precision will be done. You will see beyond all appearance. You will feel beyond everything to seem. It will be easier for them to penetrate this sanctuary: that of your Eternity. The Wave of Life that travels through you and that rises in you translates into the sometimes important modifications of your Consciousness and sometimes unconscious. The Absolute is there. You are this Beauty, this Love. Of course, this world is still what it is, with its own fears, with its own things that are established, despite the Celestial Weddings. But if you see beyond what is given to you to see, today, if you have a vision of what has been accomplished, that we have all done together for some years, I cannot Never give the slightest doubt or the slightest challenge or what it is. The Elders, like the Angels, have spoken to you of your gaze, of the place where it is placed. Based on this, of course, the same thing can be lived in many ways. Life, sometimes, can bring you something that seems difficult, that seems really difficult, but remember that even the really difficult thing is not, in short, that, the first wave of the Wave of Life . Even if that seems strange, even if it seems really distant, they are not, there too, more than illusions. The Wave of life calls you all without exception on Earth. Everything that resists, in you and outside of you, will deny, still and always, leading humanity not to see until the moment where they will not be able to avoid seeing. They have an invaluable opportunity to have the possibility of living it in advance. Today, they are simply asked to welcome, as some Elders have said, in the greatest of humility, in the greatest of simplicity. Today, as other Elders have said, try to get away from everything that is known to you, without therefore giving up doing what Life, this life, asks you to do. And on the other hand, the more they approach Grace (even if there are particular moments), at most it gives them the resources to do what they have to do and grow in this ecstasy.

The Stars have prepared them for a long time, describing their way of life, through Unity, through smallness, through this tension. Towards abandonment. They have shown you in some way, that there was a possible, and that this possible could not be inscribed in any discourse other than in experience, as has been said, it is you who they live it and nobody else. They cannot try to understand an experience that is lived, they cannot put it into words. Experience calls them to live it. Of course, after this call, I will always come to consciousness: who called me? In some of your experiences you have to remember that the purpose is not the experience but the Absolute, so that you simply overcome the stage of experience to establish yourself in this Beauty. We use this word, not in an aesthetic sense, because when you live the Wave of Life, when you are installed in Grace, when you have crossed the fear of fear (because it is the Wave of Life that passes through you) then, effectively, everything It's beauty No ugliness can come to alter Beauty. They are installed in your Essence, in your Nature and there, there is no need for speech, there is no need for anything other than Being, in permanence, this Ecstasy that runs through them, this state of unspeakable Union and of unspeakable Freedom, total, with the All, with each one of your Brothers and your Sisters. There are no enemies: they will finally capture that the only enemy is you who stand up against yourselves, that everything is nothing but games, that everything is nothing but the elements that have been presented in what you had to live: you They know they are not that.

The Wave of Grace gives you to live Ecstasy, giving you to live what is far beyond ordinary joy, far beyond the joy of being a mother or son in the arms of a mother. She restores yourselves, your authenticity, your Unity, and beyond, this Absolute. Approaching that, they realize that even the questions that might exist are swept away. From the moment they are not granted any weight, from the moment they are not given any credit, all the questions will move away. They can then do what they are going to do and do nothing. The light is there. Grace is there. She is there to fill up so that there are never lacks, shadow areas, questions, doubts and fears. All that, at the beginning of April, they will see it ten times in you. They will attend your Resurrection, if this is not already done. I would also like to tell you that during this period, it is necessary to say “yes”. Total abandonment is the only condition to live what they will live. Then of course, permanently, what is limited is going to tell you that it is necessary to be afraid, it is going to tell you that it is necessary to pay attention, that it is necessary to refuse, than to negotiate. But the Wave of Life is not negotiable. It is not divisible, it does not respond to any logic, to any reason that belongs to this world and therefore it is true for those who already live it. If they were able to listen to what these witnesses tell them (well beyond their person), if they have the ear to hear what they are told (without applying any filter, no correction, just being present), then the Wave of Life It will run instantly. But even, if at the moment, this seems very remote, they do not conceive any guilt. Even if you haven't heard me (which is the case for most of you), don't worry.

Today, I also tell you, don't look for any date, because this is happening now. From the moment they live what is to live, in the instant of your present, without looking for anything further. The Wave of Grace is lived. From the moment they are no longer in projection of anything, or a better future, or an end of a world. Just be there. Simply, as the Elders told them, remain calm, at peace, without judgment. If they accept that (and I propose them as a game that is not one), then they will have no difficulty, no apprehension. Let the Wave of Life work as you have let the Light work. She is of course transformative and activating. She invites you to your Eternity. She invites you to this total Truth, which the ego and the person will resist, because for them, this is impossible. You are, as that has been said, Life. You are this Truth. You are, I mean, this magnificence. I am what is called your Mother, the Mother of this flesh in which you have traveled this world. Beyond this flesh, they are also this Absolute. The only reason for my Presence, the only reason for the presence of the Stars, the Elders, the Archangels and the entire Intergalactic Confederation, is to attend your birth. To attend, as a silent, audible and visible presence, in a short time. As that has been said, we cannot make the way in your place because it is definitely not the way. On the contrary, there are only you who can say "yes" to your own Eternity.

Some of you are traveled at the same time by the Wave of Life and by the descent of the Vibral Light. For you, rest humble, simply talk about what you live, without interpreting, without projecting, without imagining something. Rest as faithful as possible to what develops. If they rest true to what develops, without modifying, or altering anything, then this will become, in some way, increasingly palpable, increasingly tangible and will be imposed as the only evidence, as the only Truth. They cannot join because they are this Wave of Life. At that moment, you will become not insensitive, but impervious to the disorder of this world because what you will live is that you are not worried about the announcements of fear, about the announcements of the end, because what ends is already dead for you. This is illusions, all illusions. You will grow through this consciousness beyond consciousness, through the Wave of Life, the Wave of Grace. They will be established, indeed, without wanting it, without wanting it, in your Eternity. For you, everything will become easy.

Then, of course, there will still be some ups and downs, because the Absolute does not make a good match with the limited. Of course, there will be around you, the Brothers and Sisters who will be worried about you or them. Because everything that is not understood and lived can only be translated into rejection. There too, love unconditionally. Do not judge anyone. That is really very important because every judgment whatever it is, imprints in your Being a brand that is very difficult to make disappear. Grace, of course, will prevail, but (why move towards more resistance and suffering?) The mental, the person, will always be in permanent doubt, a suffering that alternates with periods of peace. To surpass and transcend all that, it is also to grasp that there is no savior, nor rescuer, that there is only Being. It is simply not giving body to the mental, to tomorrow, to the next instant and even less to the past instant.

If you respect these rules, (and forward them for that to what Sister GEMMA said) (Nde: Intervention of GEMA GALGANI of February 18, 2012), you will see that everything will be produced effortlessly. They will silence, without wanting to silence all doubts because they will vanish by themselves, without wanting to, there too. They will swim in the spaces of majesty, of bliss. The various experiences had will be natural. They have nothing to look for. In the Absolute, they will live the totality of what is Absolute, in the limited as beyond the limited, in the Sun as beyond the Sun, in the body of Êtreté, as beyond all body. The Consciousness, even, of being here will be profoundly different, because your life will settle into the evidence of the Absolute where it cannot be anything else. Because of course, the purpose of the Wave of Life is neither to doubt nor to experience fear but rather, precisely, to eliminate, for Eternity, all doubt, all fear, all interrogation. When we say they are Eternity, when we say they are Love, it is not to persuade them of anything. It is not to sell them anything, because we have nothing to persuade them or sell them that are not already, beyond the diffraction contributed by the person. Living the firstfruits of the Wave of Life or Wave of Life, a new day is born. They can never again be in suffering, in lack. They can never again be something that will disturb, even personality. This is transmuted and transcended totally at that time.

Enjoy the moments where Silence is installed, because it is in Silence and the recollection that the Wave of Life transports you in Ecstasy. In the moments where the mental stops, in the moments where the body is at rest, in the moments where they are calm, they can feel my Presence, they can hear me, they can see me. In some days, if this is no longer the case because we see and know that many already live it. The Wave ascends according to the particularities (that the Archangel ANAEL has told you recently) (Nde: ANAEL intervention of March 14, 2012). She comes to resolve definitively, any conflict with life, with death, with sex. She comes to free them. To be liberated is not to flee from life. To be liberated is not to lock yourself up anywhere but rather to be there simply in totality. Rather be simply present. Welcome everything that gives them life because they are not already separated. Even he who is afraid of you can only be loved with an unspeakable Love. Can not it be a different way. And the more you love, the more Love spreads. And the more they give, the more they will be given. And the more they welcome, the more they will be welcomed. The evidence becomes, I would say, your true nature. In those moments, they live (without condemning, without judging) that everything they have joined, participated, has no reason to exist but they also know that there is nothing to reject far from you. Just being there, just being present, beyond all Presence. There is no question: there is only evidence. Whatever the symptoms that this body is experiencing (and that will be numerous, more and more: that it burns them, that this Ecstasy gives them, that this Interior exaltation unleashes them, where the senses are magnified and transcended in turn), when The evidence is installed, indeed, everything will become evident. So, of course, for those who do not have this evidence, that can be terrible because for them, indeed, this is a total Illusion. Then be even more humble, be still (and that will install itself) tolerant, but not the tolerance that lets you act, lets do, lets say, but the tolerance of Love. The evidence is evidence. The Absolute is the Absolute. There is nothing to justify, nothing to prove, only to testify by a glance, by silence, by a word . You will discover all that fluently because, remember, it is your nature, for all of us and for all of you. Only the person is going to get away from this. But this is an illusion: they cannot get away from what they are. You are invited to the heavenly Banquet. You are invited to what is after Joy, to this bliss and to this ecstasy that, here a long time ago, very few beings have been able to live now. n, not permanently. Remember that it is enough once this Wave is traversed in ecstasy so that nothing more is never as before. Remember also that there is nothing to look for because that is totally natural.

Make your way, in peace, more and more. Do what you have to do. If the Light calls you, then answer the Call. If the Wave of Life is there, shivering under your feet or tracing along your legs, or already present everywhere, you will find out for yourself that each day you are different. They can no longer doubt that this is your nature. They cannot question what this is because they have all the answers. This is not a pun or an outside description but will be the result of this si . As the Elders tell you: Reflect, what can happen to you? What harmful element may be involved in this state? The disastrous does not exist. It is only an altered consciousness that has been installed for so long, in the fear principle. Everything will become for you (beyond what has been called the Fluency of Unity or synchronicities), everything will become Majesty, everything will be the same ecstasy. They cannot look at each other with animosity, with the least desire to change the other, to protect him from anything. Because more and more they will recognize each other in your eyes. More and more they will be recognized in your common experience, ahead of all description. They will recognize each other, of course in this ecstasy that emanates from your eyes. One towards the other, in your contacts whatever they may be, surpassing any sphere of personal relationship that may be.

They will be present, every minute, fully present, here as elsewhere. There will not be a time to be in the action and a time to be in another action. They will perform at that time, all of this extremely lightly and easily. Because ecstasy is easy. It does not ask of you any effort, only the renunciation of the effort. Then, of course, the ego is going to tell you that it is not necessary to do anything, that everything will happen. This is not exactly what I say because, precisely, what is left to abandon, it is all claim of the ego that will make these words the opposite of what they mean. The Wave of Life cannot accommodate any action of the ego, no interaction even. That they will live if they do not live. Love and the Absolute, which are your nature, will run effortlessly, without desire. That could not be otherwise. They will be in the gift and will donate permanently, without even thinking about what they give. Everything will become so simple because everything is simple. Since that becomes complicated, difficult, of course, this is not the Absolute. That is just the resistance that is experienced. Remember that whatever you live or not, you don't have to judge yourself. Because nothing judges them. The Absolute does not know the judgment. The Absolute beyond the Unit knows neither good nor bad. He knows no more than Life. He knows no more than ecstasy.

Remember that the Wave of Life, when it crosses them, does not ask for any response or any action from you. In those moments, try, in the first place, to be the one who observes what develops in this body. Remember the elements that have been given to you by Sister GEMA (Nde: Intervention of GEMA GALGANI of February 18, 2012) concerning what may favor that in you. There will come a time, according to the linear time of the world, where that cannot be disguised. The only way they have right now is to love even more. It is the only way to annihilate fear.

Remember that fear is inscribed in the history of humanity itself, from the moment she lived the fact and the feeling of being disconnected from everything. We have told you that you are not responsible for anything and even less guilty. So why do you want to look for guilt today, a responsibility? The only thing they are effectively responsible for is your "yes" or "no." And in this too, they are totally free. Only the ego will make them believe that they are not Free, always and tirelessly. So you want to hear my voice or do you want to hear the voice of reason, the voice of your ego? There will come a time where they will not be able to agree the least credit to the voice of the ego. At that moment, Grace will become evidence for you, because what you live (in your nights, in your days) will appear to you as the only safe-conduct and the only true thing. You will realize at that moment that everything our Brothers and Sisters, particularly Orientals, have told you about the notion of Illusion, of matrix, of alteration, of forgery, is totally true. On the other hand it is the only Truth. You are this Eternity. You are the Children of Love, of the Law of ONE. They do not belong to anyone. You belong to yourself, from the moment you say "yes" to the Wave of Life. They don't have to be accountable to anyone, only society has instituted that. Only the very conditions of this life have installed this. But you, in Truth, you are the Children of Love. Love is what Truth is. That that is in the Yes, that that is already integrated and lived in the Absolute or that they are still in the phases of resistance, of doubt, of fear, of interrogation, do not deal with it. Stay away from these problems that are created by your own mental. They just have to listen. They just have to live.

The time of your Eternity is not tomorrow, nor in the future, nor on some date. They have worked so that this mechanism is carried out in the greatest of sweetnesses. And indeed, this sweetness is in you, from the moment they are placed (and have said "yes") on the Wave of Life. Of course, the opposite elements, around you (in your family, in this society, in your place, your business, your action), will try to take action but you will see more and more clearly. They will be, on the other hand, increasingly clear and increasingly transparent. Transparency will become such that you will become permeable to what others want to capture from you. He will only see the Absolute. The more he approaches, the more he can commune with you in this Communion of Grace where Love and Ecstasy are shared, here as elsewhere. Because there are no other places and there is not here, there is only Grace, and Grace is sharing and gift. The look of the personality will tend to make you doubt but, living it they will not be able to doubt.

The Wave of Life is Ecstasy. She is the Mystical Marriage with your double, with all doubles, with all Beings. Presences in the Unified Worlds will appear more and more easily, beyond all verbal communication, because they will communicate beyond communication, by a Communion, by a state, by this "yes." Then, my Sisters Stars and myself, we ask you for an Action of Grace, during this week that goes from your April 2 to 8. In each breath, in each contact that you establish, in you as with your Brothers, as with the one you consider or still consider as an enemy and an obstacle, during this week remember my words: “Love one another as the he loves them". Beyond every appearance, every role, everything you believe, put Love ahead and you will see that Grace will flow in you continuously flowing. Don't ask the question, be the answer.

As the well-loved SRI AUROBINDO said, very soon a being will come to express himself. He will come to knock on the door because his Love is absolute, and knows no limit. He will come to tell them and show them. But that, they already have it in you. The Blue Mantle of Grace will continue on Thursday at 10 pm (see the “protocols to practice” section of our site), but it will be more and more present even at the Moments (and also at that time, that will be even more evident) where they are in something other than that, snatching them in Ecstasy, without common measure with what they imagine, what they were about to do or latent. Your Essence reveals yourself. There too, let this Ecstasy work. The Wave of Life releases them and possesses them in totality, because they are that.

The Blue Mantle of Grace will sculpt them, somehow, beyond any role, in your Eternity. If a problem reaches your consciousness, whatever it is, beyond sending it to the Light, beyond asking for a solution, consider that the solution is already there, because it is there. There is nothing more than the appearance of a search for a solution that the solution moves away, freeing the intellectual, mental mechanisms, the reflexes (in some way conditioned to your past experiences), moving them further away from the present moment. Grace, she doesn't ask for anything. She is not tomorrow. She is not yesterday. She is there, immediately. To live it, to update it, in totality, is to renounce everything that is not She. It is giving up on yourself. Not in denial, not in the act of refusing to live, but renouncing all struggles. It is surrendering weapons. There is nothing to fight. There is no one to fight. As long as there is a fight in you, whatever it is, you are doing it against yourself. There is no path. There is only one Truth. There is only one experience. Try to make the experience and you will see that there is nothing I can against it. All resistance will falter on itself, in you as in this world. They don't have to run away. They have nothing to leave, as my Sisters and the Elders have told them. You just have to get away from what is limited. They just have to be listening, without questioning, of what is developing in this body. Remember also what the Stars, the Elders, have said: The Wave of Life is a gift of Grace to itself. She does not respond to any priority. She does not respond to any request because there is nothing to ask that you no longer be.

Vendré una vez más, en el momento oportuno pero recuerden que estoy de aquí en adelante allí, a través mismo de este Manto Azul de la Gracia, a través de la Onda de Vida que se despierta. Mis palabras han sido muy simples. Ellas no llaman hoy, ni a preguntas ni comentarios. Como muchas conciencias que han llegado entre vosotros, nosotros estamos instalados mas allá de nuestra conciencia incluso de Ser, para permitir a la Onda de Vida alcanzarlos. A continuación, después de mi partida en algunos minutos, vendrá la que estará allí para intercambiar con vosotros (Nde: GEMA GALGANI) que a menudo les ha dado, los términos y condiciones de su camino, su acceso a la Unidad. Hoy, ella estará con vosotros, totalmente, hasta vuestra Alineación. Esta Alineación, que no es una más para muchos de ustedes porque han dejado atrás, para bien la fecha del 2 de abril que hemos dado, lo que nos regocija y nos encanta (Nde: ver “Protocolos Prioritarios” en la rúbrica Protocolos a practicar de nuestro sitio).

Entiendan que no existe problema, no existe cuestión, no existen más que soluciones y las evidencias desde el instante donde cesen de jugar el juego de la personalidad y que se instalen en el “si” de la Gracia. Muy pronto los llamaremos, a cada minuto de este tiempo terrestre, a decir “si”. En ese momento, cuando hayan dicho “si” podrán reír mas allá de toda Alegría. No de la risa sardónica del que duda. Sino que reirán porque el Éxtasis es risa. ¿Que pueden desear más bello, mas verdadero, más auténtico que vivir la Gracia y el Amor? Porque lo que Son, lo que nosotros somos, son ustedes. Atrévanse. Atrévanse a vivir. Detengo aquí mis palabras. Detengo aquí el discurso para establecer con vosotros este momento de Comunión a la Gracia, que les es ofrecido a cada minuto, desde el instante donde digan “si”. Les digo: hasta una próxima vez. A continuación les digo:

Acójanme cada uno entre vosotros como yo los acojo. CRISTO dijo: “Dejad a los niños que vengan a mi”. Hoy yo les digo: “Todos ustedes son mis Hijos y están todos Libres”. No hay ningún sentido de pertenencia cuando digo esto. No hay ninguna reivindicación. Hay solo la Gracia. Entonces, comulguemos juntos a esta Gracia, algunos minutos de vuestro tiempo, para la Eternidad sin tiempo.

…Comparto del Don de la Gracia…

Hasta una próxima vez. Yo soy MARIA., Reina de los Cielos y de la Tierra. Yo soy el Amor que Son.

Meditación – Conectando con MADRE MARÍA Y SUS 12 ESTRELLAS

Original in French

Channeled: Jean Luc Ayoun

Transcription: Véronique Loriot

Traducción: Odilia Rivera

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