May 2013 Delfin Deva through Robert Shapiro. Sedona Journal of Emergence.

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Dolphin Deva - this is a new one. welcome

Emigrating Dolphins are distributing Awakening Energy.

There is curiosity about the migratory patterns of so many dolphins. Let me see what is happening. This does not seem to be sensitive to people because, very often, a dolphin goes in this way, and I deposed in that way.

But what is happening is that these dolphins are distributing energy. It is not that they go somewhere, but I am calling it a “migratory pattern” because it is the way they are perceived, see it.

In order to contribute to the acceleration of your awakening, human beings towards their natural state of being, the emanation of energy to support it, is being sent in this way. They know that if you went out and ran around the block where you live, your energy could be coming out. Some people do it to feel better.

But in the case of fifty, eighty and one hundred thousand dolphins doing it, a tremendous amount of energy comes out since they are very energetic beings. This goes well beyond the area where this last video was filmed. * see video below. Therefore not only does this energy spread throughout southern California, but also in northern Mexico. Eventually it could migrate energetically to southern Arizona and to a lesser extent, to the north of the aforementioned areas. However, there have been other emanations from dolphins and sometimes whales, but the whales are no longer in large numbers to do this - higher than the coast in the California area. Partly because many dolphins feel welcome by people who live in California. And this also extends to Baja California.

There are many people there who love dolphins. Therefore the area is considered to be relatively safe for dolphins to do this. The impact of this, at least in those areas, will be that the people there will have an opportunity - if their soul agrees, as do their guiding angels, teachers - to reclaim natural spiritual abilities one and a half faster than the rest. of the world. There is hope that sending this energy will help bring normalization to the point of stress associated with the level of need of human beings to wake up spiritually. This level of need is very, very high, but the transformation process, although faster than before, is still very slow.

Human resources are limited, but some animals are helping.

There is a risk here: There are not so many human beings on the planet who can teach things. Even with your current communications, many of these things must be taught one by one so that the energy is compatible between teacher and student. For example, most of the time this happens through videos or writings is not enough. It must be done in person. Therefore, since teachers are few and far between to learn basic things, there must be a means to amplify it. Some of the human teachers are now working to amplify the energy they are capable of emitting, and this also helps.

There are other species of beings on the planet that are also helping to amplify this energy, however they have to deal with many risks, most of them having to do with humans not understanding what they are and who they are really helping the human population in many ways. I will name some of those species, but there are many more of those that I can name now: Dandelion (they can call them), ants (they can call them I am giving words they can use), bears and ant Loops Those are just a few of more than 10, 000 species that are involved in emitting energy of increased amplitude. I mention them because they are doing a lot, and other species cannot do it for several reasons. Some species are retreating from the planet. They will send that amplitude and then they will leave. Sometimes larger or smaller portions of a species will leave. Other times it will be the whole species, with the exception of those that remain on the ground or in the sea and that can be reconstituted or recreated by those who either have the techniques or acquire them to do so

The purpose of the apparent migration of dolphins is primarily to radiate, or emanate this energy.

Questions from Robert Shapiro:

How many dolphins are left on the planet?

Deva: I couldn't say it. I will only say less than a million.

Therefore, 100 thousand at a time is really phenomenal.

It takes a lot of I'm going to make a joke - it requires a lot of planning (laughs). Just like a date! Usually there are a lot of dolphins in several areas, but having every 100 thousand there requires a plan, therefore it took several weeks to have everything organized. Of course, it's not like when you send your communications; Our communications are unique, felt yodas.

Helped by beings like you?

No, they can do it themselves. We do not have to help; It is not our job.

The Work of a Deva

What is your job?

Our job is to help them live their lives better.

How many are there like you?

What do you mean?

You said it was a Dolphin Deva.

And so I am

It is? Always has been?

In the case of Human Deva, it is the same.

There is only one?

Yes, One - no more than one is needed.

What does a Deva do?

It is a spirit that helps maintain energy balance in such a way that the being can exist. It is not necessary on a benevolent planet, but for the polarized experience here on this planet, it is necessary that dolphins can sometimes exist in hostile situations.

Have you always been with these dolphins on this planet?

Yes always.

What will you do when they leave?

Well, when they leave, they will go to a benevolent place. They probably won't need me, so I'll do something else.

But you don't know now?

I am not making plans until this happens.

All right. I like your sense of humor. Could we talk about Human Deva at some point?

I think it would be a good idea.

Well, I haven't heard that phrase before.

The Human Deva Being, I think, is a bit more complex, since it is necessary to try harder to maintain energy to keep human beings on the planet. But you can ask the Human Deva about this.

Question: I will. What did you do before taking this job?

I have no memory of that. I've always been this only. Ah, do you mean before this planet?

Yes, I'm sorry

I've always only been this. Generally that can mean on other planets and star systems, supporting individuals here and there, but nothing like constant support for all individuals in large numbers here. Therefore I could say that in my previous work I had more free time.

Helping Matter Transform.

Have you had emergencies here?

No, because it's not like that, right? What I try is to help you understand what it is. Imagine the matter. And Imagine that matter is transformed into a dolphin inside the mother Dolphin. In order for that matter to be able to become a dolphin - that's what I do.

Then are you connected with the soul of the baby dolphin?

Nerd. I knew you were going to say this. It has to do with matter becoming. Point.

Before the soul gets involved?

Point. Not before, not after - the material is transformed. That means "in the moment, " "present, " "matter transforming and being stabilized to be that." Beings like me exist for all life forms on this planet and beyond, I am sure. I don't know how to explain it better.

So it's like when the particles are called to form that baby, and you work with those particles to transform them into meat?

No. I don't know how to explain it. It is much simpler than that. I understand that they are living in a world of beings, in addition science also has this perception, but what I do is a complete thing - not individual - that is why it is difficult to explain myself using individual things as I did with the baby dolphin, because it is ... no I know how I could explain it. They will have to trust what I say it is, and they may not be able to understand it.

But love is supposed to hold everything together, therefore I assume that you use a lot of love.

I'm love.

You are love - Ah, then this explains it. Love is the cohesive element. It is not true? What holds everything together?

What do I do? I don't think it's possible that they understand. Because it is much simpler than they understand. It's not complicated.

It's okay. What is the largest number of dolphins that were here at one time?

Oh, before humans we were in large numbers, millions and millions. Do you want to know exactly how many?

No. But was it easier then? Did it get harder when the negativity entered?

It became more difficult when the human population grew, as you understand yourself now, you are the Explorer Race. They are trying to do something for others, but they have become more polarized. Then it is harder for everyone. Polarization is the problem.

Negativity and Violence on Earth are not native to Human Nature.

In what they are, in their nature, they are not violent - none of that. They are not negative, as you say - none of that. You are totally positive, benevolent, loving beings. That is its nature. Some of you are completely disconnected from that. Babies are like that; Sometimes very old people are like that, again. And there are moments in your life that you are like that, but life here does not support or sustain your natural way of being, therefore you have to go inside and hide, see? But the point is to try to release this well-being for you, as it is called by others.

I will speak plainly: Violence and harm and pain, that is not its natural state. This is completely alien to you as human beings. And when they arrive here as souls ... babies often cry, they are usually crying because of the violence that exists somewhere. Maybe at home, someone shouting. Maybe someone in the house together received a slap. Maybe someone fifty miles was hit. The baby could feel all this. When the baby arrives, it is in its natural spirit. They could feel that something is happening on the other side of the planet. And it is the reason that human babies cry for no apparent reason. There is nothing wrong with them physically, but they are spiritually injured. And when they cry to some degree, those cries transform the pain they feel from somewhere else. Therefore they - and all babies everywhere who are crying at that time - are transforming that pain in the best way they can. Crying is a way of doing it.

This also works for the individual. When a person cries ... when he has pain or something, he cries. Sometimes it feels better. They don't feel better when they are crying but just when they stop crying, they don't necessarily feel better, but they release a lot. Eventually they feel better because they cried, therefore it would be good to cry another little.

Holding the Dolphin Shape

Therefore, in addition to the work you said about holding the stuff of dolphin babies, are there other things you do? Or is that the approach?

This question was distorted. I can't answer a distorted question.

Ok, please expose it again.

What I hold the matter of Dolphins babies You said this just because that is the example I gave you. I do not do it. I hold the constitution, the ability of matter to become a dolphin. And continuous: this does not begin when they are born and proceed during their lifetime. This is not linear. I maintain, as you might understand, the shape of the dolphin as a being, the way it looks, is matter. Like you, dolphins eat, and release, and the body or cell structure or structure transfers, changes, just as your structure does. I hold their forms in such a way that dolphins can exist. Don't try to put it another way. Therefore do not try to say The work you do, and after an example. I know he is doing it to clarify. Just say, The work I do, and leave it that way. This is what I recommend if you are going to ask me.

Well, I think he responded brilliantly. I didn't understand, but you made it clear. This is millions and millions of dolphins.

And if it were only one, there would be no difference. The energy that I emit to sustain this is no different for one, than for the amount you count. It is exactly the same. Understand it, because this is the key. There is a key to explain all the mysteries on your planet about everything. I don't expect you to have questions about this. I'm talking to the reader, to the scientists who are looking for those things. There are. It is important for them to understand simplicity and much, much less important to understand complexity.

Could it be as if you created a design or template?

No. You may ask, but unless you find out, you will have to say no. Because his words mean something different from what I do. Your meaning might be the same, but your words mean something different, and the words are how people will understand what has been spoken here.

The Difference Between Waking Up and Remembering

Is there a time frame like a hundred years or five years or thousands of years when all the dolphins are gone? Approximately?

Yes, but this is not based on years. And now we return to the full circle because the dolphins are emanating this energy because the energy is for you human beings to wake up and remember who they are not who they had to become to live on this planet, but they are when they arrived physically from their mother on this planet. They were completely pure. It was totally you. All the things they could do as a spirit, they could do as a baby at least during the first days of their life, even if they did not live longer, which happens sometimes.

After that, there is a very slow recovery, so that when they are six months old, they are more immersed in what they are not, because they have had to adapt to living on Earth in the way it is and in the way that cultures are, opposite to their natural state. But I say this not to blame anyone - of course they have to. I am simply saying that the procedure of awakening is not associated with who they are as spirit. I know it has been said, and I could even say it, but in fact, the process of awakening has to do with what they were in those first hours when they were a physical being on the planet.

From that point, they slowly and gradually went to sleep in spirit. The spirit goes to sleep except when they are at the deepest levels of their sleep and several times throughout their life. It's okay? But the awakening is associated with who have already been physically on this planet. This is not as difficult as waking from the spirit. This is why babies are incredible beings. And you can see it sometimes when you look at them. If they are totally present in their eyes, it is as if they look in ponds - ponds of wisdom and love. But you have to have at least love in your eyes to see it. This is a very important thing to know.

There is a big difference between waking up ... only if they had to wake up as human beings to who they are in spirit, would it take 1000 years. But if they can wake up who they are or who they have been physically on the planet today, there is hope that it will take them as little time as possible. Meaning, I can't say five years, I can't say three years, and I can't say ten years. It will take the necessary time. But the advantage is that they have already done so. They have already been. Therefore it will not take long. Or it will take as long as it takes. It will not take as much as 1000 years.

So the dolphin's departure time is based on our awakening the physical being we once were?

What they are doing, yes. And what other species are also doing. Dolphins are able to swim very fast and far away. In the case of ants, they don't travel, but there are many around the world. And they have also taken this project. This is why they sometimes walk around them even though they don't have a place to go or anything to do for themselves or their families - because they are just emitting that energy to help wake them up. Therefore try to observe where they put their feet, yes? They could be helping. If there were a number of them going somewhere, then they are doing something for themselves or their families, but if they only see one or two ants walking around them, they are undoubtedly doing this. They are willing to take that opportunity. Willing to die to help them, because this is what it is - walk around where people walk from one place to another without looking where they put their feet. This is very special.


Vulnerability and Benevolent Magic.

What do you recommend that human beings do to help facilitate the process of this awakening?

Ask, Pray for this. Ask for something like this - and they are using that technique. I think I put it in the form of that technique. They could say ... (Pause) I need a shaman to say it, but I will do my best. They could say, "I ask ..." I am giving you the basics, so you can ask someone to put it in the proper way, yes? "Asking to be the complete spirit being of my childhood as I am now" - all those words but in the proper way.

Yes, I will do it. When we finish, I will ask someone to re-expose his words as benevolent magic.

See, it has to be that you want your full spirit, but also that you want to be yourself. They do not want to simply return to being a fifty-six year old baby - this is not good. You want to be yourselves, but you also want to be your spirit self. But it is necessary that they ask in a certain way for this to happen, a good form ... what is their word?

"In a benevolent way."

They have to ask for it in "a benevolent way" in such a way that it happens at the right time, because they are living in a hostile society. I mean, not always, but often hostile. And it is more hostile than they realize. Sometimes people say things that are uncomfortable, but as a baby, or as a child, it is not only uncomfortable - but painful. As an adult, you get used to it, and you have built a shield. The shield protects them from feeling all the pain, but also protects them from waking up. The shield may fall, come, but you have to ask for it to happen. Therefore they say "in the most benevolent way, " as you said, then it will happen in the most benevolent way. Otherwise, they may indeed feel very vulnerable. Of course, they could be highly sensitive, and they might be able to do things they might not have imagined being able to do as human beings. Because you will be highly sensitive and small things will have an impact on you. You could say now "oh, this is a small thing - don't think like that about this" Since it is your shield working for you. If the shield falls, the small thing will be a big thing.

And we will be very vulnerable. True?

Yes. This is why people who have been trained to do these things and who are very sensitive, live in a protected environment. There are places like that. Not as many as there were, I think, but there still are.

Not just another beautiful mystery

This is wonderful! What other advice could you give us?

Well, I'm not here to advise you. I am here to do what I did - to say what this 100 thousand dolphin meeting is for - so that it does not fall under the title of being another beautiful mystery. It is important that you know that you have a purpose and the purpose is to help you. And that is why it is important for various types of beings to be on the planet. Some of them have resisted a great deal of suffering for their species to be on the planet and do what they are doing now.

To help us. Yes.

Yes, to help them, yes, yes. Not one of the most important ants. The Bears are almost eliminated, and I am not saying that they could be among you, but of course if you were in your full spirit as your everyday self, the bears might not be violent; They could be friends. You could walk in the woods with bears friends - like that. There would be no discomfort if there were bees around them, they would never sting them. They wouldn't even need stingers anymore.

Is there anything we can do to attract some of this energy to us - those who do not live in the precise area where dolphins are radiating this energy?

Yes. It might be useful to imagine dolphins. Imagine being in the water swimming with dolphins. This works much better than looking at photos, but if you need a photo - or a video, as they say - then look at it before. But imagine being in the water with dolphins. This will help a lot. Use your imagination.

Some of you do not use your imagination. If so, then look at the photos and videos and say words of benevolent magic that I gave you. When they say what I gave them, when they do it correctly, it should only be said once. I understand that some of you do regular and ritual prayers, which is fine, but that kind of thing for this specific request should only be said once. And they should only say it to themselves. If you want to share it with someone else, write it or tell it as it is said, but you say it only once for you.

Well, let's print this and it goes online, we hope many people see it.

Yes. Now you are going to need to talk to someone else so they can translate what I said.

Yes, but before you have nothing else you want to say?

No. I had nothing I meant; I'm here in response.

(Laughs) It's fine, but it was wonderful. It has helped us a lot!

I am happy to do it.

I will talk to the Human Deva and use what you said as a way of understanding and going deeper with humans.

That is very good. Appreciate it. And live happily.

Good life to you and thanks. Maybe we will talk again when you find out what you will do in your next job.

Maybe I'll see you there.

(Laughter) It's fine. Thank you so much!

Sedona Journal of Emergency

The cover photo shows a photo of a set of dolphins in the waters off the coast of Dana Point, CA. USES. Part of a group of 100, 000 dolphins along the coast of California. It comes from a video recorded by the Captain of the Dave Dolphin and Whale Safari, which offers dolphin and whale glimpses from the Dana Point Pier. Visit Visit watch? V = OlmDVuxerQ0 & to watch this video, and to learn more about the services of Captain Dave.

Dolphins are Distributing Awakening Energy

Dolphin Deva through Robert Shapiro

May 2013 Sedona Journal of Emergence.

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