Seas of cosmic light on the portals of 11-11-11

  • 2011

Master Serapis Bey By Mirtha Verde-Bouquet | Saint Germain Activity Foundation | Santiago of Chile | October 31, 2011

We enter into a greater influence of the Greater Cosmic Light, when the decisive Divine Order has been fulfilling, stage after stage, its pre-established course, arriving at the present at a point of vibratory influence, linking with the archetypes already designed with eons in advance. .

In response to those thresholds of high frequencies of light, Planetary consciousness, that is, of the Spirit of your Earth, has been preparing to qualify the reception of the highest and highest energies directed with uninterrupted profusion towards the heart of this evolutionary system., conforming to the SACRED ACCOUNT SPIRAL ON THE EDGE OF THE TERM OF HIS FIFTH RACE RACE, DEFINITELY ADVANCING TOWARDS THE SIXTH AND SEVENTH SIMULTANEOUSLY .

Each new Energy Portal, unique in its kind, is a repository of true "Seas of Cosmic Light", whose purpose is to advance in the reorientation and REAL purpose of life to each one, not being exempt from the rapid evolution of the Minor Realms.

To the extent that they are entering the conscious sighting of the Realms of Light, this same Light containing the three creative aspects, which are Power, Intelligence and Love, is resembling the same internal flow of each one It is a carrier. In simple words, I am referring to the Law that says the like attracts the like, and this is very important to be taken into account by all sincere seekers of truth, who they must remain very alert for the opportunities provided and for the attraction and polarization of these sublime energies.

THE LIGHT IS PERFECT! The Human Being will guarantee that same perfection when he removes from his personal being everything that does not contain anything! of the Seven Divine Rays, these being their true tim n and north.

The White Ray of Ascension is a Powerful attribute, capable of elevating Instantly! every aspect stuck in the error, therefore, can qualify as one hundred percent all undefined energy, vague and low in vibration. Remember that the root of absolutely everything is LIGHT!

For this new deployment of Luz to be taken into account on the date indicated as 11 of 11 of 11 (November 11, 2011), my direct participation occurs as you purify all your actions and each face their internal growth processes. They are well aware of personal effort, if many more are added in this outpost, Group Human consciousness will experience a new phase within group initiations, which will certainly raise the frequency of Planetary Light.

From the Luxor Retreats in the ethereal region we are training strongly! to all those life currents, which voluntarily agree to receive the adequate and tenacious training to go to the aid of the most rocking, which have their days counted., giving rise to the imperative wave of renewal and perfect Era.

With My most sublime Blessings to all those bold and secure Servants,



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