Magnesium For incurable diseases

  • 2014

Although the presence of magnesium in the body is much less important than calcium and phosphorus (just 30 grams in an average adult), its functions are so paramount. Magnesium is key to the correct transmission of nerve impulses, the work of the muscles (especially the heart muscle), cell permeability, the production of muscle. More than 300 enzymes, DNA replication and neutralization of cellular excitation caused by stress hormones. Magnesium depends on the metabolism of macronutrients (fats, sugars and proteins), and the proper functioning of liver cells.

60% of body magnesium is found in the bones, from where it can be released if necessary. When we are subject to stressful situations, the body goes to its magnesium reserves (deposited in the bone structure), transporting them to the bloodstream. After fulfilling its function, calming the cellular excitation, the mineral is excreted from the body. Undoubtedly, this drainage is magnified by prolonged and daily exposure to stress.

Under normal conditions we can replace the loss of magnesium with a diet based on whole foods, but here we find serious deficiencies in industrially produced and then refined foods. It all begins with its absence in soils, due to depletion and being one of the minerals inhibited by chemical fertilization based on nitrogen. We have seen that proportionately lacking plants and seeds arise from impoverished soils. To this loss we must add the one generated by the refining processes. It is removed from wheat, by eliminating the germ and bran to give rise to white flour. It is also removed in salt, to prevent the formation of lumps, given its "annoying" ability to absorb moisture. For the same reason it is discarded in the refining of white sugar.

The lack of magnesium in the body (very common in our society) generates various nervous disorders, concentration difficulties, palpitations, evacuation problems, muscle, bone and cartilaginous weakness and renal and hepatic insufficiencies . By the way, it is advisable to replace its lack, through the consumption of well-endowed foods ( wheat germ, seeds, whole sea salt, mascabo sugar, seeds, algae, etc. ), avoiding those refined ( white flour, white sugar, refined salt, etc. ). But when we are in the presence of a chronic and old-fashioned lack, we can temporarily use a simple, economical and effective resource: magnesium chloride (the same that is discarded in the refining of table salt). Let us not forget that dietary forms of magnesium are always preferable to salts, although "something is better than nothing". To know details of the use of magnesium chloride, we turn to the text of Father Chor, a great diffuser of its therapeutic use.

The problems of the spine, sciatic nerve, decalcification, etc., now have the perfect cure, painless, easy and cheap, and at the same time solve diseases due to lack of magnesium in the diet, including arthritis.

I tell you my case: being almost paralyzed, 10 years before starting treatment (I was 61 years old), I felt sharp pangs in the lumbar region (in the spine). The doctors claimed that my evil was incurable; When I got out of bed, every morning I felt a severe pain in my spine. Doctors said it was caused by the sciatic nerve that pressed the third vertebra; This pain also felt when I was standing, which is why I had to work most of the time sitting.

There was a year when everything was sitting down, except the mass; everything was a torment and I had to suspend my travels because of the pain. After some time, almost half a year, I expected to find improvement. During a very dry summer, I got worse. Then I even began to say sitting mass. Then I returned to the city of Florianapolis, in Brazil, looking for a specialist to assist me, taking new radiographs. Now it was no longer a single vertebra, but there were several decalcified vertebrae.

Nothing was possible to do; The ten shortwave applications in the spine did not stop the pain. The pain was so intense that he could not even sleep in bed, sitting in bed until he almost fell asleep. So I discovered that I could sleep rolled up in bed in a fetal position, only this worked. Then, disappointed by the doctors, I appealed to GOD: “Are you seeing your creature? and it costs you nothing to give me a solution. ”

Coincidentally I went to a Jesuit meeting in Puerto Alegre and Father Juarez told me that it was easy to cure my problem: with magnesium chloride. He showed me written in a book by Father PUIG, a Spanish Jesuit, who had discovered him healing his mother, who was at that time in an advanced state of descaling. And jokingly he told me: "Taking this salt (magnesium chloride) you will only die if you take a shot in the head or by some other accident." I began to drink a glass in the morning and another at night; I also continued sleeping rolled up in bed. About 20 days I woke up stretched out in bed without feeling any pain, but if I felt pain when walking

40 days passed, when I finally got up all surprised: "Could it be that I am dreaming?" I no longer felt any pain and even managed to take a walk in the city, remembering the last 10 years carrying that tremendous pain. After another 10 days, I walked the whole day feeling a little discomfort; 60 days after taking the same dose, the sore leg was the same, or better, than the other. At 3 months I felt more flexibility and at 10 months I was able to double as an athlete

Magnesium plucks calcified calcium in the wrong places and places them solidly in the bones and even more, it manages to normalize the blood flow, stabilizing the pressure. The nervous system is totally calm, feeling more lucid. Frequent stitches in the liver disappeared; The prostate they had told doctors should be operated on at the first opportunity, it doesn't bother me anymore. But the most important effect is the mood, to the point that many people asked me: "What is going on with you, are you younger?" And I answer: "It's true, the joy of living returned to me." That is why I feel obliged to distribute this solution that came to me from God. Hundreds of people have been cured of these evils: spine, arthritis, nerves, etc. So send copies of this article to others who may need it.

How to prepare it: Dissolve in a glass jar 30 grams of magnesium chloride, in a liter of boiled, cold water. Mix well with wooden spoon. Do not use plastic or metal elements. It is important that magnesium chloride is purchased in pharmaceutical grade, with a brand that certifies its quality and never in a common bag and without a name, for the risks that this represents. It is preserved without special care in a glass bottle.

Recommended dosage: a glass of liquor, taking into account age and conditions:

From 40 to 55 years: Half dose

From 56 to 70 years: One dose in the morning

From 71 onwards: One dose in the morning and one at night.

Important : For people living in the city, with low quality food, canned products and abundant in chemicals, they should consume a little more (double dose); For people in the countryside, the dose is lower.

Importance of magnesium chloride: Magnesium produces mineral balance, revives the organs of vital functions (glands), activates the kidneys to eliminate uric acid; in arthritis, it decalcifies the membrane of the joints; attacks calcified sclerosis, preventing heart attacks; purifying the blood, vitalizes the brain; returns and retains youth until advanced age.

Magnesium is, of all minerals, the most indispensable, especially after 40 years, when the body begins to absorb less and less magnesium from food, causing old age and diseases. That is why it must be taken according to age.

Magnesium does not create habit. A person will not be able to escape from all evils simply by taking magnesium, but by consuming it it will make everything healthier.

Magnesium is not a remedy, it is a food without any contraindication and compatible with any medication simultaneously. Taking it for a certain disease is equivalent to rearranging the whole organism, thus obtaining an integral cure.

Main applications: Nourishes, reduces intellectual exhaustion, elasticizes arteries, cures osteoarthritis, eliminates muscular atrophy, remedies mineral imbalance, moderates digestive and intestinal disorders, relieves fatigue, prevents prostate problems, is laxative and toning.

Indications: Column, sciatic nerve, calcification, deafness due to calcification. Dose: three doses (morning, afternoon, night). Once the cure is obtained, abandon its intake to prevent, in a preventive way, the return of the disease.

Arthritis: Uric acid is deposited in the joints of the body, especially in the fingers, which swell; This is because the kidneys are failing due to lack of magnesium (check the kidneys, just in case there are major problems). Dose: one dose in the morning; If in 20 days you do not feel improvement, then take one dose in the morning and another at night. After curing, continue with the preventive dose (one dose in the morning).

Prostate: An old man could no longer urinate; on the eve of the operation he was given 3 glasses and immediately began the improvement; After a week I was fully cured without surgery. There are cases in which the prostate returns to normal. Dose: two cups in the morning, two in the afternoon and two at night. When getting better, take only the preventive dose.

Achaques of old age: Stiffness, cramps, tremors, hard arteries, memory loss and lack of mental activity. Dose: one dose in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night

Cancer: We all have cancer in a moderate degree; It consists of some malformed cells because of some substances or because of the presence of toxic particles. These cells are not compatible with healthy cells. Magnesium manages to fight cancer cells, vitalizing healthy cells. When the cancer begins to spread slowly, it does not cause pain to alert us until the tumor appears. When the disease is very advanced, magnesium can barely slow down the progression of cancer, but can no longer cure. Magnesium is an effective preventive against breast and matrix cancer, as well as in the prostate.

Article by Father J. Chor, Professor of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Additional scientific information provided by Eng. Urbano Aguilar Miranda, master's degree in chemical sciences, synthesis and natural products, appointed National Researcher by the Government of Mexico in 1987 and pioneer of the knowledge and dissemination of the benefits of magnesium chloride in Mexico.


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