Maestro Saint Germain: "The Heart Center and The Ego" May 2013

  • 2013

Maestro Saint Germain channeled by M line Lafont the transcript is from Susannah

May 27-2013

Dear ones, I impart to all my best wishes and my Love during these changes and intense manifestations that are occurring on your Earth. There will be a lot of clarity and lucidity in Humanity and in each of their hearts, because a great deal of energy is laying the foundations for the renewal and manifestation of their personal lives and of his I, as well as of the World and of the collective Being.

Today it remains of paramount importance that they remain centered in the heart; and when everyone knows it properly through the countless messages that point to that fact, it cannot be emphasized enough, since it is of paramount importance to be able to handle the energies and times that come, with as few difficulties and emotional upheavals as possible.

What I want to mean by saying that they are centered in their hearts, is to achieve the roots (of these new energies) as much as possible and to feel and see themselves through their hearts. Having only kind thoughts and responding lovingly to themselves and others. A single negative thought, a negative or critical word, a single judgment, is enough to get them out of their heart center, catapulting them under their egos.

Frequently the Lightworkers intend to remain in the heart; with good will towards everyone, but sometimes they forget that negative comments or thoughts such as judgments (whether they refer to a personal opinion or not), are not part of their Light but belong to their egos. Do not deviate in such thoughts or situations. Instead, respect everyone's work and energy, respect what they manifest. Judging has a negative connotation. Instead it is better to free everyone in their essence; and show respect for every heart.

This attitude is an intrinsic part of the whole process of staying centered in the heart, operating only from the heart. There are countless attempts to try to keep them in their egos; consequently their tasks and their responsibilities; it is to manage and avoid them, to go through them without responding at all; and only remain who you are, in your Essence, which is Love.

When a heart remains only in Love and service, it cannot be influenced, for it will essentially only attract Love and repel anything of a negative nature. Dear ones, you can only attract what you are in Essence. Sometimes there are exceptions to the disguise of Souls who are still stuck in being manipulative, who continue to send negativity to loving Souls. Even that is fine, as it contains lessons for both parties involved; And ultimately, everyone has to do with it. The negativity that has been expressed will simply return and fall upon who sent it; and the result will be that the only thing that one desires and is desired, will always be achieved in a loving context and in a loving way. Let us transmute the last negativity of this beautiful Gaia and turn it into Love only.

The time of the change of the tide is now; and that is why you are present here, to contribute your part and anchor your Light. The more loving Souls there are, the more joy will prevail; and the more joy prevails, the more intense the Light and Love will become. In these days keep your focus on thinking in loving terms of someone with whom you have problems, or who you have to forgive, or from whom you have to receive forgiveness, act like this It will have a lot of effect due to current energies. Apply this principle also to the dark facets of your interior, as well as to others who have treated you without Love for lives.

The time to transmute all this and turn it into Light, is here and now! Leave everything behind you and forgive everyone and everything, including yourself, for all actions, words and thoughts that have not been loving.

The energies that come will continue to intensify; and only those who have achieved the Master's on themselves will go through this and become stronger for this cause. On the other hand, those who have not yet reached this state will be severely tested, but they will still have the opportunity to attain Mastery; and for them the only ingredients of success are love and respect from the heart.

Now is the time to leave behind duality and its polarity and all that they imply, as well as negativity and ego. The time of Illumination and Unconditional Love has come from the heart, the time of Truth and liberation; and most important of all, the time for their own discernment and their liberation from illusion.

With the greatest respect and Love, I reside in their hearts by lighting the Triple Flame located there; and I keep it burning with my powerful Violet Flame and the Essence of my Being.

I AM WHO I AM, Master Saint Germain, your friend and Master of Light.


Maestro Saint Germain: "The Heart Center and The Ego" May 2013

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