Lanto Master on the Energies of the September Equinox: You Are the Power of the Universe

  • 2014

Channeled by Fran Zepeda on September 20, 2014

Master Lanto:

Regards. The purity of energies is entering their beings at an increased rate, elevating them in gigantic waves of ascension. And in this Elevation you have the opportunity and the duty for yourself to rise above the diminishing low energies that remain attached to you.

I come to support you in this elevation, in this refinement of your energies. The purity of the energies are matching the purity of your being, and although it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between this purity and the remaining energies of the past that are emerging, it is worth trying to rise above this difference.

I am going to take you now on a path of your pure being, one in which you are allowed to mix with all your highest aspects. The energies of Now fully support this. This Elevation, this revelation of the purity and radiance of your being and your connection with the Creator is now leading the way in your ascension path.

There is no return. Allow yourself to rise higher, allow yourself to focus on the purity of your being, on the pure connection with the Creator. Welcome your spiritual family. Welcome your Higher Self and the highest aspects in this trajectory. That is what is real in you. All the disturbing 'pessimistic' whispers and unloving thoughts are in their conscience now only to be recognized and let them go as something of the past.

Choose now to welcome the loving waves of your Pure Being that is now leading you in your ascension. Choose now to welcome the loving guidance of your Higher Self, your I Am Presence, and your Spiritual Family and the Creator as your only path and focus.

Now is the time to complete your career in peace, knowing that you have chosen pure energies as your guide and that the disturbing and persistent whispers of yesterday's thought are merely remnants of what you are ready to let go.

Hug yourself now. Embrace your pure being now. Let him accompany you in each of your thoughts and works. This is real. This is your destiny. Discover the knowledge and truths of your being now; He is mixing with all his consciousness and being aware, becoming his only consciousness, the potential consciousness of the masses that we are all a pure aspect of the Creator. Embrace this Knowledge. Embrace this Truth.

Dear ones, I am speaking to you through your heart. I am assisting you to welcome these pure energies from the September equinox portal. They have the power of a great transformation. I lead them to them as they let themselves go and enter them with total abandonment and trusting that they are being permanently elevated to a place from where they can now observe reality in its pure form.

Perhaps you are noticing that there are many conflicting 'realities' knocking on the door of your conscience lately, and you may feel confused about what is true and what is illusion. Do not doubt that your inner self knows the way, your Higher Self, your heart knows the way. He knows the way out of this "jungle" of conflicting realities that seem to struggle to attract his attention.

Observe them (negative distractions) and let them pass; They are merely debris in the path of your ascension coming and going from you, but you are not destined to hold on to them if you recognize that you are passing simply and elevating and clearing energies of your past, the parts of you that require a clearing and integration.

Be at peace with yourself now, my dear ones. Capture its true essence and welcome it. She is strong, radiant, pure. He has the power to overcome everything that seems to distract them from the sweet essence of their pure being, which is leading the way now, trying to be their guiding force now.

And Love is the elemental essence of all of you. He completes them, urges them to comply, drives them. Allow Love to be the interpreter of everything you experience in this trajectory. Let him be the driving force behind everything they find and remember. And this will purify your experience as adverse or negative thoughts or obstacles enter your consciousness.

You are the Power of the Universe because you are made of Love, and that power has the ability to transform anything to purity, harmony and abundance instantly with your intention, so that anything that enters your consciousness is colored by Love, defined by Love, created by Love.

And so be it, my dear ones. I commend you for choosing Love as your guide in all your experiences and I am ready to guide you in this glorious elevation path of which you are so well versed. You are taking the energies and allowing them to transform them easily. You are magnificent energy transformers; they bring everything through the filter of Love, and what remains are merely remnants of their old selves that no longer serve them. You are transforming yourself back to the pure essence of your being, leaving behind the illusions of yesterday more and more as the days go by.

What remains is the pure reflection of who you really are, my dear ones, the lightness and purity of your Presence I Am, capable of differentiating what you saw as yourself once, but that was really only the illusion of Experiment your path away from the Source.

I leave you now with a prayer / invocation that you can use in your sweet path back to the Source:

"I embrace my pure being, my pure essence, my connection with the Source as she illuminates everything around me with the pure Truth of my existence."

"I leave behind all the remnants of what I used to define as only experiments and distortions of my true self."

"I welcome my pure essence to enlighten everything around me with Love. And I embrace my pure being for whom I AM."

“I welcome the transformation that is allowing my true essence to shine through more and more, while embracing the energies coming through the portal of the equinox as I refine my growing energy permanently, showing me the way to connect fully with the Source.

I welcome my true essence, my I AM Presence, as my only Reality, illuminating the purity of my Being as my guiding force.

I welcome the purity of these energies arriving without resisting and I thank you for your assistance guiding me Home.

Am n

Now feel the difference in your vibration, while allowing yourself to ride these powerful waves of energy that you are getting used to with a growing presence within your energy field NOW.


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Translated by Gloria M hlebach

Master Lanto About The Energies of the September Equinox: You Are The Power of the Universe

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