Master Kuthumi - January 18, 2009 - First Initiation of the Light of Christ

January 18, 2009

When Master Kuthumi arrived with his entourage, I could feel the great Light, a great peace, and I knew that this was a very important channeling. Master Kuthumi had already told me about this meeting. He had told me about the content. Now while reading the channel I see its importance for humanity. Master Kuthumi spoke in his previous channeling, Open the Door of Inner Light, about humanity standing at a crossroads in our evolution. If that is the case, then this is the golden key of everything that is, of our way forward. The Light that shines on the way forward.

I am an Aquarian. My day of birth is January 24, half of this profound energy that the Masters speak here. I give this to those who see, to those who accept our true form of Light, to those who seek to be prepared to create a new Earth. I give this in Luz, in unconditional love for all that is.

Lynette (Chosen Channel)


I come this day in the Blue Crystal Ray, mixed with the Golden ray of God. It is a very Blessed day today, the day when I, Kuthumi, Maha Chohan, Sanat Kumara and Ra Mu choose to speak with you, to tell you about the greatness of the new energies - the Golden Vortex of Light - now available for you. Planetary energies have helped in its preparation. Now, in its time, it is the very beginning of the energies mixing, preparing for a monumental Solar Eclipse.

How we celebrate We welcome this time in its evolution. We have progressed you every step of the way, walking by your side, while you were on your path that was sometimes difficult for you. Some of you stumbled upon small stones, others chose to climb rocks. Sometimes his life seemed so severe. They felt emotional pain and some of you shouted, “God, have you abandoned me? Why should I endure this pain? Are you not a God of love? Why should I suffer? ”

My dear friends, it was because of the great love that your Father God has for you that he has allowed you to be and watch you learn, to experience what you needed, that you chose to learn to enrich your Soul. It is only in the greatest love that God can see through the ego that struggles to survive, while more and more of His great Light and love is poured into you from His Divine Consciousness. Some of you chose to climb hard stone rocks on your way, but you didn't need it, you chose this by your strong will. Such a strong will was only through the difficulty that they could truly overcome, let go and advance to great peace and love. You see, you chose this. Yes it is.

Often its biggest obstacle to overcome is acceptance. Your partner's acceptance, regardless of race, skin color, or what you choose to call "God." Acceptance of the ego of others. Ah, now they are surprised. "How can I do this?" They ask. When you see the ego of another portraying for you a story of anger, selfishness, greatness, control, recognize it as your ego emerging.

In the old behavior paradigms, your own ego would quickly be at the forefront - to react. Generally in an aggressive way. And then both egos would fight for supremacy, fighting, shouting, insulting. Your emotions, full of anger and revenge. What work they would create! Yes, a work. Well, isn't this what they participate in, a work in these situations? Then I tell you, accept. Recognize the work of the ego and accept. Tell yourself no, I choose not to enter this type of work. "In times of trouble I walk away." Then recognize when someone else's ego seeks to dominate you, accept this, see this, and choose to move away. Do not give him energy and the ego will be defeated!

Many are now seeing this. They are creating a peaceful energy around themselves and in their surroundings. Cosmic energies support this way of being, of living. Now is the time to have acceptance of the new energies, of a new path, of a new Earth. The old ways will no longer serve you. I tell you that if you return to the old ways, you will begin to feel sick, physically and emotionally. Your energy levels will quickly be spent. Also, if they continue in the old ways of behavior, their energy field will be vastly weakened. You see, three-dimensional energies cannot survive in the new waves of energy of the fifth dimension enveloping the Earth and all who live in it. And then I tell them to accept.

When you practice acceptance, also practice gratitude as you watch the new miracles unfold before you.

The miracle of your DNA changed within you, encouraging you to accept and move seeking only peace and love, opening your heart to others in support and help on many levels. The same is a great miracle if you look back in your story. A story full of anger, control, greed and war. This is the old way of living. In the previous nine years they have been prepared in his mind, as well as in his heart. We have talked about this - the combination of the left and right brain. This has also played its part in its evolutionary process. The need to live in the moment. To accept. To release control of your future time.

And now we come, my brothers, Ra Mu, Maha Chohan, and Sanat Kumara as we call you, to share with you, to celebrate with you. For they have crossed a great path to the Light. You have been led and guided, know that you have been truly loved every step of the way. And now, in these most powerful days, we come to guide you through this important step before you. I tell each of you, prepare and open to accept, to move forward and accept the new abundance of the Light. Now I step aside and ask Maha Chohan to speak.

In waves of joy and happiness I, Maha Chohan stand before you. Rainbows of color expand in your consciousness by polishing your body of Light. This is necessary while preparing for the influx of energy during and after the Solar Eclipse. This is a powerful time - a magnificent event. The Great, this great energy of Divine Consciousness, will send you through atoms of Light known as Light Discs. While these Disks of Light are absorbed into your body, they will activate your Upper Heart chakra, expand your DNA, thus elevating them to the energy levels of the fifth dimension. This is necessary at this point in your evolutionary process. It is the first step to become a Being of Light. Where so much Light will emanate, that they will begin to shine. Many of you are familiar with this. Some call it halo. (Laughter) Well, they are giving birth to a halo, dear friends. The Upper Heart must be charged by the Discs of Light because the Upper Heart cannot be activated with three-dimensional energies.

It is your Higher Heart that will open the door to your new path. Some of you will see rainbow colors and some of you will also see new shades of color that will be evident. Soft inks mixed with silver, gold and copper. These are the colors of the upper field. It is these farm points with which they will work on their new path while creating a new Earth.

The Light Disks will bring you new levels of abundance of illuminators. They have previously thought of abundance as material toys of their creation house, car, coins. Do you see that these things are from your old way? The old abundance, old wishes. The new abundance is contained in the Disks of Light, and its Higher Heart through the Great Central Sun the heart of God. The mass of God. It is a superior vibrational abundance, and as Kuthumi has said, an acceptance. They must accept before they can walk a new path in the creation of the New Earth. Then I come today while I supervise humanity. to see this great step, helped by the vortex of power created in eclipsed energies. We come together here, now, to guide you. To walk to his lake as servants of God.

I, Sanat Kumara, now arrived. Realize that we all work together, as servants in unconditional love. His planetary brothers arrive and observe. Legions of Angels and Angels are above you while what you call God sends new Disks of Light, part of it, to activate them completely from within. To empower them with Light. This step has been taken to prepare them for this year's events. To allow their physical bodies to resist and maintain a more powerful Light energy. New cycles inside and outside the Earth are beginning. Now you are ready and you will begin to experience the emergence of your Heaven with the Earth.

The time about you is great. Listen to Kuthumi's words because he has prepared them well. Those who have heard will be ready. What is not true in your world will soon be revealed. At least expect it. Those who held these lies of power will also be revealed. Remember that what is not true, deceits and lies cannot enter their new path. For these are of the dark energies, maintained in the old ways. When you accept the new energies upon you, more dark energies, events and words will be revealed to you. Advance


Light is its food, its essence, it is its future. That's it.

Ra Mu, will you help these souls now with your guide to the Golden Vertex of Light?

I will gladly do it. Gladly I, Ra Mu, will guide you and give you this gift of emergence. I will guide you on your rocky path to a path of liquid Gold, to lift and sustain you in the new energies of your emergence into the Light. Sit with us here now while our energies and bodies of Light blend in Cosmic Consciousness.

Be still, close your eyes so that you can receive the greatest benefits of this emergence.

Breathe deeply. Free. Breathe deeply.

Release all lower energies, events and thoughts. Breathe Relax the physical body, slowly from member to member.

Relax your muscles slowly.

While they let go of the heavy vehicle of their physical body, they begin to feel a release, a ease. They begin to feel lighter, no longer heavier. Breathe

Now release any final remnant of three-dimensional energy, any inferior thought. Free. Release

Begin to see the Light, breathe the Light. See her Feel it. They feel much lighter, like a feather. Breathe more light.

A great peace surrounds them, penetrating through every cell of their being. This great peace is only felt while connecting to the higher realms. Breathe

Now you see Golden Light, pale at the beginning, getting brighter and brighter.

The Golden Light begins to move, surrounding them, turning gently around it.

Now they are in the center while the Golden Light continues to move around, forming a vortex of magnificent Golden Light.

They see me, Ra Mu, Kuthumi, Maha Chohan, Sanat Kumara at the outer edges.

You are seen standing in the center at the top of the Golden Light moving. They are not afraid because there is nothing to fear. My friends of Luz are perfectly safe.

In the depth of the vortex they feel the great power of God. So powerful that it can release and transmute lower energies into liquid Golden Light - the essence of God.

They have experienced a lot of duality, of thought. Some of whom have not been able to let go completely and release. Now they can, their deepest dark thoughts can now be released. The depth of your pains can now be released.

Look at us Feel our love.

See our Light while your Upper Heart is activated. The place where the essence of God resides within you.

Feel the great expansion of unconditional love surrounding you. Know that we have also walked on your Earth.

Know that we have experienced this. We have grown in our essence to become servants of the Light, we have become Light.

Now we are here before you, to help you move forward on your path of Light.

Take a hand - let us help while letting go of your deepest pain. We can do this together. Breathe

Now it is time to release your deepest and darkest pain, let it go to the depths of the Golden Light vortex, allow the Golden Light to transform, transmute, to heal your deepest pain.

Now fill up with the Liquid Golden Light. Do this as many times as you wish.

Clean your being with Light as Jesus was cleansed with Light. Now cleanse yourself in the baptism of Golden Light - Light of God.

Breathe the Golden Light - the essence of God. Wake up the Light of Christ within you. Now accept and open to become a new Being of Light. Breathe, rest.

Listen to the choir of angels sing and the call of the Celestial trumpets. Breathe, feel the joy, the luminosity. Now they become enlightened with Light.

They mix with a mass consciousness - everything that is. They feel light because they are Light right now. They are Light of the Soul, mixed with everything, mixed with God.

Now come why we prepare them, why we celebrate. Join us in celebration of joy and happiness as you have never experienced before.

Be at peace, feel this deep peace that you are, in the Light of God, of Oneness.

Open your true heart now, to fill your whole being with Light, with love for all. Spread your love, like a sheet, cover the Earth and all who reside in and within it with this sheet of love. Breathe

Now, see a circle of Light as it turns towards you gently, shining with a Golden Light. So bright that they want to get away from their brilliance, but they can't.

See the Disc of Light stand before you, then mix in your heart center. Mixing your heart and the Upper Heart in one.

Now see the Golden Light of another Disc as it begins to radiate upon you, surrounding you in a new Light, new abundance, energy of God.

Feel it. Breathe it Become the Golden Light - One.

Breathe They absorb. Rest

Now they are baptized in the New Light, initiated into the new energies. The Light of Christ now resides within you.

This is the first initiation.

Now gently, let your being descend into your physical vehicle.

Gently, slowly, mix again with the physical. Combine in your transformed essence. Breathe

I, Ra Mu, now retire.

It's me, Kuthumi, who comes once more. Now they will charge our energies with you for a few days. The Light of Christ will remain within you from this day forward. It has been integrated into you.

You are the Christ to come from whom you have been told. You now prepare the new path. You now create the new path, the new Earth through these integrated energies and the Light of Christ within you.

The old is now behind you. They are free to create their new path, their new reality, their new life. The coming days and the Solar Eclipse carry powerful energies. If you feel you need to release more darkness of thoughts or pain, do them because the energies will help you during these four days.

The Lighting Light Codes are being downloaded to the channel. They are pure and powerful visual symbols of the new abundance now available to you. Through each of these codes, you will be guided by the Light Disks by connecting to your own Light of the Soul, to integrate the new energies of Light. When you absorb more Light, it is an additional preparation for you in this Master Year.

We bless you. We keep you in the love of Oneness and great Light.

Master Kuthumi

Lord Maha Chohan

Master Sanat Kumara

Lord Ra Mu

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