Master Kuthumi: Changes in the state of consciousness of man

I greet you in Divine Light and Blessings of God as we unite once more in Oneness.

Many struggle with their conscious minds in their time of planetary change. For some of you, the egoic self is at the center of the scene, drawing feelings of insecurity and fear from within. Others go from one extreme to another starting from fear and thoughts of a lack of greater understanding of the Light through meditation and encounter with their soul. And there are others who cannot accept the transformations that are taking place, they cannot accept the change in their own DNA, they stubbornly cling to their old concepts and beliefs, and through their thoughts they age their physical body prematurely, recharging it from sickness and death - and as they believe it should be, so it will be.

There is confusion in the auric body of the planet. The energy wastes of billions of thoughts that rock back and forth. However, its scientists now recognize changes in DNA strands, changes in the tectonic plates of the earth. Now they recognize that all thoughts carry a wave of energy - a vibration. And what's more, all living things on earth hold an energy field - even a drop of water. Many of their doctors also now recognize the effect that the emotional body has on the physical and mental bodies. They understand how an unbalanced emotional body, fed by the nervous system, can cause devastation in the physical body, destroying the cellular structure and sometimes imprisoning the soul with imaginations and low-vibration thinking originating in the mind. However, through their experience and studies, they now see that they must examine the emotional, mental and physical bodies when they treat a patient. So you will begin to see the great transformation process that you are experiencing and experiencing.

In the same center, in the same core, is your conscious mind. Your thoughts, which in turn feed your emotions and your feelings. They all carry a vibrating energy that radiates out towards their companions, their friends, the community, the country, the planet. The vibratory energy that you emit in this process, millions of times each day, radiates out and joins trillions of others. In the 70s and 80s, we began to increase your knowledge about this energy field that you all create by talking about the great mass of dark energy in the atmosphere surrounding the planet. We talk about the need to cover it in the Light, to transform the energy, to dissipate the mass.

This began a new understanding of how each of you has the ability to work with energy, to transform energy. There was great power in this new knowledge that was given to them.

These were the first steps. Through them you came to understand the energy of the Light. You understood that it was good and that I could transform many things, even your emotions. You understood that when you felt down, or upset or angry, by surrounding yourself with the energy of Light, and by inhaling it into your being, you could transform those feelings of anger and depression into feelings of happiness and peace - still joy. And so his state of consciousness expanded and therefore his Soul was enriched.

You discovered how wonderful the energy of Light is, how it can heal at all levels. Souls woke up among many. You were tired of the game of work, and the pain and destruction it created. As you experienced inner peace, you felt the urge to receive more. You decided that the experience you wanted to create and that you wanted to live was peace and harmony. However, others did not share this point of view and instead decided to stay within the old paradigms of war, destruction, pain and control.

As time passed, more souls awoke to a greater understanding of energy and its Soul. We sent energy to their planet, a little first because their auric bodies were weak. Your planet now enters the energy of the Photon Belt. Many of us are collaborating in the process and deepening these energies that you absorb. Now, for those who are conscious and strong enough, you absorb an even brighter Light, through the Solar Disks of the Central Sun. Particles of an even greater vibration. And so they begin on another level of consciousness. I will talk more about this for the benefit of your growing conscious understanding.

Now you understand more of the times of transformation in which you live. Time as they know it has accelerated. The days seem to fly. You try to work harder to complete all your work and the tasks that must be done on a particular day. It's getting harder to achieve, isn't it? I can tell you that it will continue to get harder and harder for you to achieve everything you want in one day. This is because their time will continue to increase, going faster and faster. Why is this? My friends, as they have been told, there is no time here in our kingdoms. You also have the understanding that We exist at a very high vibratory level. It is due to this high vibratory level that we do not have what you experience as time . Time can exist only at low dimensional levels. However it has been a great experience for you, isn't it? How else would they experience time if they didn't live it.

Now this experience of time comes to an end. The energies of man and earth are rising considerably. The energies of your state of consciousness are also transforming.

I have said understanding releases fear . This is true. Because when you understand, you don't need to fear. To understand a process is to conquer fear.

So, what is the transformation of the state of consciousness? It is to gain in understanding, experience and knowledge of the Light. It is understanding and experiencing your own Light of the Soul. Understand through your Soul Light that you are part of the Great Divine Light the state of mass consciousness of God. An energy so bright that it is called The Great Central Sun . You are part of this great energy that you call God.

To transform your state of consciousness is to understand this, to feel this, to live this in your daily life through peace and goodwill with everything. Live now this new experience of harmony and new abundance. My friends to this understanding is what I have been trying to bring you through My teachings. You call it a New Earth. It is a new experience, a new adventure. It is a step to return home. You have heard this, because in fact I said those words. What are they coming back to - what home am I talking about?

You are returning to the Divinity of your Soul Light. To the state of mass consciousness of God, because you are part of the State of Consciousness of God. I do not speak of a God that is spoken of and that has been created by lower minds, full of greed and power. No, I speak of the true God that has always been. A part of which you carry with you, even throughout your darkest times. This part of the true God of which I have spoken many times is contained in his Higher Heart. I called him his "Diamond Light" because I know you value diamonds a lot. You will see, as this Diamond Light activates your Soul Light through your conscious mind, this state of consciousness will disappear. You will begin to function from your higher conscious mind with all the glorious love and joy that you still have to experience, to live.

See why we celebrate this great and wonderful time in its evolution? You are now experiencing a great challenge in your reality, while I speak. A great challenge of transformation in your outside world. However I tell you, look at your reality. What is your reality? My friends, it is what you create through your thoughts, your emotions followed by your actions. His thoughts themselves are the core of his creation.

They see him? Do not have thoughts of fear, lack, battle. No, it is time to create a new experience, a new adventure. Look at your thoughts. Focus Focus your thoughts on those who want it to happen.

I have told you that this will be a Master Year. I have explained the transformation process. Now you have a renewed understanding. It is time to change your conscious thinking, to create your new reality. Resist all thoughts of fear at any level or subject. Focus I urge you to focus on a new life, a new way forward on your way home.

My unconditional love for each of you in Luz.

Master Kuthumi

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Master Kuthumi speaks.

“It is time for man to receive the sacred ancient truths that he forgot long ago. It just won't reach enlightenment. However, with superior learning, deep cleansing and healing, he will reconnect the internal matrix of his own cellular structure, re-awaken his higher centers and obtain ascension. The time is now. Through knowledge comes understanding, and understanding releases fear. ”

Master Kuthumi: Changes in the state of consciousness of man

Channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark

January 31, 2009

Translation: Fara González

Edition: Anita Manasse

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