Master Jesus: You are the Builders of the New Earth

  • 2014

Jesus: You are entering a time when you will be amazed by the greatness with which you can work with Divine Power, Divine Love, Divine Light. You are entering a time when beings are magnetized with love and embrace each other - love has lifted them and shows them their wonders, and it is not surprising that the true meaning of love is revealed in all its majesty, and this This is what comes to Mother Earth, this is the destiny of the earth, and we are building it like the masons who built the old cathedrals, brick by brick, frequency by frequency, vibration by vibration.

It took years to build those magnificent cathedrals. Therefore, he has sometimes taken his entire life, building the magnificent cathedrals of the earth. However, they were made. Now we are building the New Earth. You are becoming more and more qualified. Your consciences are more refined, your focus, your attention, your love are more refined. They are becoming teachers, work masters. Thank you.

The Easter celebration of the resurrection is a reminder of what we are doing . It is a reminder that Divine Light, Love, Truth and Grace cannot be killed, ever. They cannot be broken. They cannot be humiliated. Love conquers all. Love allowed the crucifixion to happen to see what could be achieved with the resurrection. Love allowed ascension. Love allows the Grace of God to appear - appears and reappears.

I am the Christ. I bring you to Christ. I build the Christ in you, and you build it in others. You are the builders of the New Earth. You have your tools: It is transcendence, what allows, softening, letting go, focusing on attention, awareness, the intention of creating a new life, a great life on this earth. You have turned your attention to her obediently. Many times life has moved towards this goal. You have used your intention focused on consistent transcendence, perfecting yourself in the learning of growth and its refining; as masons, builders, rectors, leaders. They are rising, and ascending. This is our job. This is our life.

We are giving birth to a new world. We are the midwives who attend this birth. We are awakening consciousness, the awareness of Christ that is love. It has never been, but it is something that comes. The vibration Christ comes strong. It is the coming of the Divine to planet Earth, and therefore, you have to do greater things than I did, when I was in my body like Jesus. You must do great things in your current incarnation. I am in you; filling them with my life We are one, and we are all Christs. I contemplate the Christ in you. I am Jesus, the Christ. I come in the name of Christ. Everything is good.

Question: I saw a program about Maria Magdalena recently. In the Bible she has been portrayed as a prostitute and in the show they were saying that she was the wife of Jesus. What is the truth about Mary Magdalene?

Jesus: Thank you for your question. Divine love is the truth of Mary Magdalene. She is pure in her heart. She was during my pure physical life in her heart, very complete in her conscience, embraced the union with God, even backwards, then even with me when we lived together and I was teaching, she was very clear, and very divine.

She and I were united in every way, due to the union we both experienced with God. So what happened between us was in the subtle levels, not on the surface, but in the subtle. That has been misunderstood, and I am not going to clarify it now, because you have to have a subtle perspective to appreciate the divine union, and I will even call it the marriage union of two people serving together as one. This cannot be understood except through the experience of oneself. So there is not much else for you to experience and grow.

Obviously she was not a prostitute. He had knowledge of the divine feminine that the people who wrote the dogma did not understand. I would like to say that this dogma was written centuries after his life on earth. So you are reading in dogma something that was not the truth, something that was created by the need for power perceived by those of that time. So there were mistakes, many of them. That is why I ask you to experience inside your heart. The experience of María Magdalena. And you will know the truth.
I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of love. I come in the name of God, the creative God. I come in the name of myself, as the Mother-God, midwife of the universe. Let go and fall in my heart.

We are all healing together. All beings who are known for the establishment of different religions on Mother Earth, are healing together with you. We are bringing back the balance. Everyone is working together to bring back the health of this planet.

Hold your breath in your heart. You are the one who has to love each other. I am giving you the way to cure your problems. The first step is to love yourself. It is probably the most difficult step.

There is a powerful driving force in you to open people's hearts, so stay with me in your heart. Stay with me, I need my army of love, and that is what you are.

I am using their material resources to transform their lives and show them how to access the peace and prosperity they need to be in alignment with the universe. So, when you feel you have a problem in your finances, talk to me. Talk to me. Let me help you

The Mother of the universe is here to serve you. Let it serve you. Get a relationship with me and receive my Grace.

Love is awakened here on Earth, being right here, as a divine being, who has spent a lot of time in the divine kingdoms, where life is easier and more fluid. But you have come here to bring the Divine Energies to Earth, so you need your creative power, your attention to light and love. These are your transformation skills. Trust

I am going to give you an experience of yourself, the deepest of yourself, the Unity of yourself, and the wisdom of yourself. Because then this becomes real, it becomes something that you are being, not just something that you are thinking or talking about.

Once again, I want to remind you to say every day: Teach me Divine Mother, guide me, teach me the way. Ask for Divine access; Ask to be released from fear. I want you to find me and let me help you in every way. When you have confidence and faith, nothing bad can overcome them. You know that the answer will come. They know that the address will be given to them. They know that the divine guide will be delivered. I love them. I love them. My love is raising its vibration. My love is changing them. I love them. I love them.

The heart has the answers they are looking for. I am in your heart. I am opening the depths of your heart. I will help you see deeply in the bottom of your heart. This will give them great joy and great peace.

The messenger is Conie Hueber
The transcript is from Susannah

Published on July 14, 2014 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Master Jesus: You are the Builders of the New Earth

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