Master Christ: The Consciousness of Now

  • 2018

Channeled by Jahn J. Kassl, February 5, 2018

The waiting time is over, because more and more people enter the consciousness of now .

I am the Master Christ

Beloved humans,

The consciousness of the now is described as the clear awareness of everything that is in the now . A human being who is capable of this lives here and now and never gets overwhelmed with impatience.

Impatience arises when a person only focuses on a specific part of their life or life in general.

This limited awareness leads to false concepts and false conclusions. This means that the highest goal of all spiritual development is to see and be aware of the overall picture and recover the full perspective not only of a part of life but of all life.

End the "Ascension Frustration" and See Clearly

Today many people experience a kind of "frustration with ascension." D-day seems not to arrive, and a more enlightened human society seems more distant than ever. It seems that God has moved away from this earth, instead of approaching, as it has been transmitted in many messages of light. It seems that everything is wrong, vice versa, the incorrect is declared correct and the evil is declared good. And it seems that more and more people succumb to this deception. Beloved humans: It's not how it seems!

The Reality Is The Following:

  • The awakening continues . And what is happening is that - under the surface and behind the visible - more and more people are recovering their original power . This process has been carried out during the last decades and continues now, silently and without being noticed by the "public eye". This discretion is the best protection against negative influences. Therefore, these people are well advised to complete their own transformation in secret until they wake up completely before "revealing themselves to the public."
  • Planet Earth is being rebuilt . This means that the galactic forces of light and God Himself gathered the lost pieces of Mother Earth and restored the original order of creation. This is a cosmic healing process to which much attention is devoted.
  • The dark rulers of this land are losing their influence . It is this fact that tempts them to take large and often frightening actions. Because the closer it is to the day of its replacement, the stronger its willingness to leave behind a "burned land." Therefore, it seems to many people that everything remains the same or worse. This causes them to surrender and abandon the path of transformation. For the time to come, each individual is called to expand their consciousness beyond visible events, to spacetime.

Dissatisfaction, discord and impatience must disappear from their hearts to make life possible here and now.

The eternal being is reality, not the corset of the time in which you feel bound in this plane. This corset can be loosened by expanding your consciousness and can be removed by gaining a holistic perspective on the nature of things.

That is why increasing knowledge and expanding awareness is of the utmost importance - this has to be pointed out again and again.

  • Crucial is what happens within you, not what happens in the outside world.
  • Important is what you can give humanity, not what you expect from this world for yourself.
  • And it is essential that with your conscience you see through the illusion that spacetime creates in your mind and interpret in the right way.

The Liberation of Christ Consciousness

And while you're promoting your own awakening the best you can, a new quality of time has arrived . Anyone who feels worried about impatience and whose expectations are disappointed can now straighten up. This quality of time unleashes new energy for lighting, and some obstacles that were once too high can now be overcome.

The unleashing of the energy of the Christ Consciousness is the greatest support now to take the necessary steps to awaken. Human hearts are being open to unconditional love, and consciousness gets a clear and unobstructed view of life in the here and now.

So I invite you, sitting there, tired, on the side of the road, without wanting to put on your walking shoes, because you are tired of the road and of life, to call the divine light once more.

New and powerful qualities of light - life energy fields that correspond directly to human DNA - have been and continue to be woven into the Earth's magnetic network . This creates a perfect environment for all subsequent transformational processes and is appropriate for all healing of the human heart.

The time has come when time loses its importance. Human beings wake up in a way that until now has been almost impossible.

They are no longer governed by time, but time is governed by their conscience.

While time on earth seems to be happening as before, your inner clock provides a new rhythm: an endless and timeless reality on earth.

I am the Master Christ

I am human and spirit, light and love

I am you.

TRANSLATOR: From English to Spanish, Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood.

SOURCE: Jahn J Kassl (2018) The consciousness of Now. 02/02 / 2018.Sananda Website.

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