Ascended Master Lanto, Chohan of Wisdom

  • 2016
Table of contents hide 1 Where is the ascended master Lanto? 2 If I fell it is because I was walking and walking is worth it, even if you fall. Eduardo Galeano 2.1 What is the Crown Chakra Technique? 3 The Way of Wisdom of Master Lanto. 4 Among the difficulties lies the opportunity. Albert Einstein.

The ascended master Lanto is the Chohan of wisdom and science, he represents understanding and good judgment.

Master Lanto, was a great Chinese teacher, who knows the different oriental cultures and Lord of the second Ray perfectly. He is a teacher of great sages and now as a teacher he works to take the Americans along the path he traveled in China to make it great.

The ascended master Lanto is the Chohan of wisdom

Where are you from the ascended master Lanto ?

The teacher is teaching at the Royal Teton Retreat, in Wyoming, a focus of light, where the seven Chohanes teach their paths.

If I fell it was because I was walking and walking is worth it, even if you fall. Eduardo Galeano

Lord Lanto teaches the path of wisdom through the power of precipitation, technique to extract light and cosmic substances from the Universal and concentrating this force on a chosen material. The teacher teaches the path of the result or achievement through the control of the crown chakra, this technique was learned from the Himalayan master.

The Third Chakra

What is the Crown Chakra Technique?

This technique uses the connection of consciousness, linking the upper part of the head with the brain, this chakra is connected with the feeling of unity or its separation, this chakra represents our connection with the Father who is in heaven. The ascended master Lanto worships the Holy Trinity and his life is dedicated to the love of science and study. The ascended master Lanto loved The Holy Trinity in his inner self was the Divine light that could be seen coming out of his chest like a Divine ray. This light kept seeing until the year 500 BC date on which it was his ascension.

The Way of Wisdom of Master Lanto .

Master Lanto begins his path of spiritual wisdom in a really sad way, he did not know his father or his mother, he was abandoned in a monastery when he was still very young. Luck accompanied him, since they gave him food, clothing and an education according to the type of life of the Anacoretas. His life was between walls and walls and thus he took the path of the spiritual world because there were no other options.

Among the difficulties lies the opportunity. Albert Einstein.

He saw his past life and did not like it , he saw his present life and he did not like it and thought about his future and he saw everything with great pain, all his existence for him was submerged in the shadows.

His whole life was a shadow, when his shadow grew he became the desire to want to escape, when he reached old age his shadow was the courage he did not have to change this sad life, I never see the truth, I only managed to see the bad And he didn't know how to see good.

When he died he went to the Spiritual plane and there he spoke with a superior being who showed him all his life, it was when he could realize the reality of his existence that he spent his life chasing his shadow, chewing his problems without chasing the Light, just suffering his own story, that is why the ascended master Lanto reminds them that we should not spend our lives trying to escape from our reality that we must learn to accept the life we ​​have to live. We must learn to reinforce the love that is present within us and the love we feel for others. This will lead you to leave your personal problems aside and so you can get them away from your life by putting on a balance what is really important.

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